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Tuesday 13th June, 2017



Present: Keith Bartlett (Vice President), Bryan Fitzpatrick (Chairman), Veronica Nicholas (General Secretary), Daniel Cooper (Treasurer), Steve Sung (365 Manager,) Rob Wylie (Town Team Secretary), Tony Collard (Division 2 Secretary).

Forty-one members of the league attended the AGM this year.


1. Apologies were received from:

Dave Terry. Lola Roberts. Alan Rigby. Andy Moulton.

 2. Chairman – Bryan Fitzpatrick

2.1. Minutes of the 2016 AGM - Were proposed as being a correct record by Martin Jones and seconded by Alf Perry.

2.2. Matters Arising - There were none.

2.3. Bryan’s report can be seen under Appendix 1.

 3. Treasurer’s Report – Daniel Cooper

Danny explained the league’s financial accounts which are attached separately as Appendix 2. They were proposed as a correct record by Russell Benstead and seconded by Martin Jones.

4. General Secretary – Veronica Nicholas 

4.1. Review – Veronica shared the concern of Bryan and Dave in respect of the declining number of venues in our league which in turn has an effect on the number of teams that are able to play in the league. Everyone was asked to help find additional venues.

Danny suggested that he could investigate the possibility of hiring the facilities at Whitby school.

Aaron suggested the potential for having league matches played at EPSV on Friday evenings

4.2. League Rules – The committee has produced an updated version of the league rules which include for example ETTA now TTE and Steve presented the draft of them (Appendix 3A).

 Prior to the AGM Veronica received a number of proposals for changes/amendments to the rules, which were sent out to all players prior to AGM. These were debated at length with proposals and voting taking place with the following results:

 ·       Steve’s updated rules dated 04/04/17 were accepted

·       Keith Roper's proposal to dock points and Steve’s amendment were both rejected

·       Martin Sellars' counter proposal to Keith's, to add an extra week before Christmas and at the end of the league fixtures to allow slots to play postponed matches was accepted

·       Darryl Pickering's proposal to have all games re-arranged within one month was not accepted

·       Darryl's proposal that no games be played after the end date of the fixtures was accepted (to include the extra week proposed by Martin)

·       Darryl's proposal to limit squad sizes was rejected

·       Darryl's proposal to limit playing up to playing for a team in a higher division was rejected

·       Alan Rigby's proposed amendment to Rule 2 of the cup competitions was accepted

 These will be incorporated in the handbook for next season. (Appendix 3)

 4.3. Fees

TTE are proposing to increase membership fees from £12 - £14 for next season.

Cheshire TTA approved an increase in affiliation fees at their May AGM. This will mean the league will have to pay £7.75 per team of three, £9 per team of four; an increase of 25p per team.

 5. Tournament Organiser – Aaron Beech

Aaron’s report can be seen in Appendix 1.

 6. 365 Manager’s Report – Steve Sung

Steve’s report can be seen in Appendix 1.

 7. Fixtures & Press Secretary’s Report - Dave Terry

Dave’s report was read out, on his behalf, to the AGM and can be seen under Appendix 1.

 8. Town Team Secretary’s Report – Rob Wylie

Rob’s report s can be seen under Appendix 1.

 9. Divisional Secretaries’ Reports - can be seen under Appendix 1.

9.1. Premier - Dave Terry

9.2. Division 1- Bryan Fitzpatrick

9.3. Division 2 - Tony Collard

9.4. Division 3 - Lola Roberts

 10. Election of Officials for 2017/2018


Bryan Fitzpatrick is stepping down after seven seasons in the role because as he put it “It is time for a fresh face in the chair”. (Appendix 1)

As there has been no one willing to take on the role it remains vacant.


Due to ill health, Ivor Jones will be unable to continue as chairman and sadly, he will no longer be able to continue playing table tennis.

 10.3. The remaining members of the committee were all willing to continue and were re-elected en block by a majority vote.

 11. Any Other Business – There was none

 The AGM was followed by a short break.

After the untimely loss of Jenny Blain it was our privilege to have her husband Mike to present the cups and trophies

 Veronica Nicholas: 06.08.2017

Minutes in PDF Format : 2017 AGM Minutes.pdf 

Appendices : APPENDIX 1 REPORTS 2017.pdf  APPENDIX 2 Audited Account 2017.pdf

                        APPENDIX 3 League Rules 15 06 17 (1).pdf   APPENDIX 3A DRAFT League Rules 04 04 17.pdf

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