Team Handicap Cup (Odex, Rob Moreton & Sarl Williams)

1.     9 singles and 1 doubles game consisting of 2 sets to 21 points. Service lasts for 5 points.

2.     Both players start from scratch and play stops when 21 points is reached (i.e. 20 – 21 is a legitimate score). An exception to this is when a player(s) have a minus handicap, in which case the player(s) score start at their minus handicap, e.g. -4, 0.

3.     For each game, the aggregate score for each player is calculated by adding the total points scored plus twice their handicap (i.e. once per set).

4.     For the doubles game, add each player’s handicap once only.

5.     The team with the highest aggregate score wins.


Player A with a handicap of 2 plays Player B with a handicap of 7

Scores for A v B are:   21/20, 21/15

A total score = 21+21+4 = 46

B total score = 20+15+14 = 49   


Individual Handicap Cup (Joe Farrington)

1.     Best of 3 sets of at least 21 points. Service for up to 5 points.

2.     The player with the highest handicap starts each set with points made up of the difference between their handicaps.

3.     At least 11 points must be played by the higher handicapped player in order to win the set. If this is not possible in a game up to 21 points, match point must be increased in steps of 5 (i.e. to 26, 31, 36 etc.) until this is achieved.

4.     A player must win by 2 clear points, i.e. deuce rules apply. 

Example a:

Player A handicap 1, player B handicap 9.

Play starts at 8-0 in favour of player B, playing up to 21. Service changes after 2 points, then changes every 5 points. 

Example b:

Player A handicap -2, player B handicap 18.

Play starts at 20-0 in favour of player B, playing up to 31. Service changes every 5 points.

(note that difference between -2 and 18 is 20)







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