The League shall be known as the Chester & Ellesmere Port Table Tennis League and be affiliated to the Table Tennis England (TTE) and to the Cheshire Table Tennis Association (CTTA).



The object of the League shall be to organise and run a league for the benefit and enjoyment of its members and promote and develop table tennis in all its aspects.



a.     Application for membership must state full particulars of the club’s HQ and playing conditions must be up to League standards.

b.     Details of secretary, including contact number(s) and email and home night must be provided.

c.     Saturday and Sunday must be excluded.

d.     Clubs outside the area, but within a reasonable distance, will be considered, subject to the consent of the League Management Committee (to be abbreviated to LMC).



Members of the League, who have rendered exceptional service to the League, either on or off the table, shall, on the recommendation of the LMC, be eligible for election to the Life Membership of the League



a.     All applications for registration of teams and players shall be made on the official registration form to be submitted before the beginning of each season.

b.     Only these players shall be eligible to take part in League and Cup competitions, subject to their League fees having been paid by the agreed date.

c.     Additional players may be signed during the season but the LMC must be informed before they play in any match. No player to be signed after Jan 31st unless approved by the LMC.



All registered players shall be issued with a current League handbook and if possible a copy of the current League rules.



Players shall only be transferred from one club to another by mutual consent. A written application must be submitted to the LMC at least 7 days prior to the player’s first match for his/her new club. No player shall play for 2 clubs in 1 week and no transfer shall be allowed after January 31st each season unless approved by the LMC.



a.     Each team shall pay an annual fee advised at the AGM prior to the start of the season.

b.     Team subscriptions should reach the Treasurer by 31st October otherwise a fine may be incurred or teams suspended, at the discretion of the LMC.

c.     In addition, all players must be paid up members of TTE before playing their first game in the League. Paid up members of Table Tennis Wales can apply to TTE to play in the League as a paid up member.



a.     A club entering more than one team in the league must rank their players in strict order of merit (see rule 10) and must also clearly indicate which players are in which team squad.

b.     Once a player has been allocated to a particular squad they are not allowed to play down unless approved by the LMC. This approval will only be given in exceptional circumstances, e.g. a player returning from injury.

c.     A registered player is allowed to play for higher ranked teams in the same club. Once they have played five matches for a higher ranked team(s) they may no longer play for their original team.



In exceptional cases, agreed by the LMC, players may be ranked higher/lower than their potential for social reasons, lack of transport etc. These players will be classed as “STARRED” * and will only be eligible for the one team designated. A list of these players should be circulated to all club and divisional secretaries. “STARRING” will generally only be accepted if it does not affect the division the “STARRED” player plays in. If it is permitted when the player would play in a higher division if not “STARRED” then the player will not be eligible for the division individual merit competition.



Teams shall consist of:

a.     3 singles players and one doubles pair

b.     Matches shall consist of 10 sets of the best of 5 games to 11 points. The home singles players shall play each of the visiting singles players and there shall be one doubles set; the players being either from the singles players or any other eligible registered players.

c.     Rules of the game as authorised by TTE shall be enforced and only authorised balls shall be used.

d.     Only rubbers authorised by TTE on 1st September immediately prior to the League season commencing or which are approved during the League season may be used for play during the season. A current list of these rubbers should be obtained by each team captain at the beginning of the season from the TTE website and checked periodically. Any player proven during the season to have used, deliberately or otherwise, a banned rubber may be liable to have all singles victories gained to that point deducted and the points possibly awarded to the opposition. Any dispute arising over the question of rubbers shall be decided by the LMC.

e.     Official score cards must be used and posted, or sent via e-mail, to the Divisional Secretary within 48 hours of the match being completed. The LMC will decide on the type and level of penalty to impose for breach of this rule.

f.       Matches should start at the stipulated time laid down in the handbook for each particular venue and any player absent when all sets playable by the players present have been completed shall forfeit his or her sets unless a reserve be played in which case he or she shall play throughout the match.

g.     Uncompleted matches – a team or teams failing to complete their sets for whatever reason shall be reported to the LMC who may make one of the following decisions:

·        Order the match to be replayed

·        Award the points to either of the teams

·        Rule that the incomplete match score stands



a.     Except for the provision under Rule 13 all matches should be played on the date stated in the Handbook.

b.     If a team desires to postpone a fixture it must first obtain consent from their opponents at least 48 hours prior to the match before advising the Divisional Secretary of the reason and, if possible, the rearranged date.

c.     Any expenses incurred may be passed on to the team requesting the postponement. It is acceptable for a team to play a fixture with only two players.

d.     All postponements will be closely monitored by the LMC and action may be taken against individual teams or clubs if it is felt the rule is being abused.

e.     Free weeks before Christmas and at the end of the league fixtures shall be included in the league schedule for the specific purpose of getting any outstanding postponed matches played. Matches after this period will not be recognised by the league.   


13. PLAYER REPRESENTATION - Any team having a player(s) chosen to represent his or her county or league representation side on the date of a scheduled cup or league match shall be entitled to postpone providing the opponents and the Divisional Secretary have been advised at least 48 hours prior to the match.



In the case of a team failing to fulfil a fixture without adequate notice the LMC may impose any or all of the following penalties:

·        Instruct the offending team to reimburse their opponents for any loss incurred, such as travelling expenses and/or the cost of hiring the hall etc.

·        Award the points to the team offended against.

·        Teams repeatedly failing to turn up without due notice shall be liable to suspension for the remainder of the season.



a.     An individual merit competition shall be held within each division, the winner being the player having won the most singles matches when playing only for their own team.

b.     A win shall be awarded if an opponent fails to turn up for a scheduled match.

c.     The merit should be on win percentage if there is a tie.



a.     A team finishing first or second has the right to be promoted.

b.     Normally a team finishing first or second will be promoted and the teams finishing bottom or next to bottom will be relegated.

c.     Subject to a) and taking into consideration of b) the LMC will make a final decision on the League formation after registration meeting, when all teams are known, with the aim of having equal numbers of teams in each division.



In any division the championship shall be decided by sets won. In the event of a tie a play off shall be arranged by the Fixture Secretary.



a.     Entry to the championship(s) will be restricted to regular players only i.e. ones who have played in 6 League or cup matches or more.

b.     Exception may be made for bonafide members of the League at the discretion of the LMC.

c.     LMC to have the final say on any disputed entries.



a.     All trophies must be signed for by the recipient and returned to the General Secretary 7 days prior to the following AGM.

b.     The recipient shall be liable to any loss/damage whilst the trophy is in their possession.



a.     The responsibility for the orderly running of the League shall be vested in the LMC which shall consist of: President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Fixture Secretary, Town Match Secretary, Divisional Secretaries plus other members as deemed appropriate by the LMC.

b.     A quorum shall consist of 5 members.

c.     Any member of the League may attend a meeting as an observer. Anyone wishing to raise a point should first put it in writing at least 14 days prior to the meeting unless prior invitation is given by a LMC member.



a.     The AGM should be held before July 31st  in each year.

b.     Officers shall be elected at the AGM

c.     Officers shall be eligible for re-election.

d.     To call the AGM the General Secretary shall give at least 21 days notice in writing to all members of the Committee and the Secretary of each member club.

e.     All members have the right to attend the meeting.

f.       All members at the meeting shall be entitled to one vote.

g.     No club or player shall be entitled to vote if fines/subscription are unpaid or a suspension is in force.

h.     Any matters for inclusion on the agenda should be submitted to the General Secretary in writing no later than 7 days after notice of the meeting is issued.

i.       Special Majority. No resolution altering the rules of the League shall be declared or carried unless at least two thirds of the vote cast are in favour of the resolution.



a.     League rules may be changed (whether by addition, alteration or deletion) only by decision of an AGM or Special General Meeting convened for that purpose.

b.     Any proposal for additions or amendments to the rules shall be sent in writing to the General Secretary at least 21 days prior to the AGM. Such proposals shall be circulated to all clubs at least 14 days prior to the AGM.



A Special General Meeting shall be convened on a resolution of the Committee or within 28 days of receipt by the General Secretary of a requisition submitted by 50% of the clubs in membership, stating the business to be transacted.



a.     The funds of the League shall be kept at a Bank or Building Society approved by the LMC.

b.     The accounts of the League shall be audited each season by an auditor elected by the AGM.

c.     All income and property of the League shall be applied only for the furtherance of table tennis within the Chester and Ellesmere Port area.


In the event of the winding up or dissolution of the League any surplus assets remaining after the discharge of liabilities shall automatically rest in the TTE who shall hold them for a period of 6 years in trust to pay them to any organisation set up with identical or similar objects of the league.



Any player or team displaying unsporting or un-gentlemanly conduct whilst taking part in events within the jurisdiction of the League shall be reported to the LMC and may be liable to a penalty under rule 27.


27. The LMC shall decide all questions not provided for in the rules and their decision shall be final. In the event of rules or rulings being broken the LMC may impose any or all of the following penalties:

a.     Fine

b.     Instruct one team to reimburse their opponents for any loss incurred

c.     Order match to be replayed

d.     Award match or points to team offended against

e.     Deduct points from offending team

f.       Suspend or ban a player for such time as deemed appropriate.



If a dispute arises between two teams regarding a league match then both teams are required to put their case in writing to the committee Chairman. Copies should be exchanged between the opposing teams in order to allow for any responses to be made to the committee before they make a decision on the dispute. This would demonstrate fairness and openness.

a.     If either team fails to answer the allegation then judgement shall be ruled against them.

b.     Committee members connected in any way to a club in dispute may not be included in any decision making or voting regarding the dispute.



Any individual or club aggrieved by a decision of the League may appeal against such decision or action to the Council of the CTTA.


If you spot any errors please contact the League Secretary.  If you would like to propose any amendments please contact the League Secretary as these need to be put to an AGM.

Rules in PDF Format : League Rules 15.06.17.pdf















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