ISSUED:   May  2019

Replaces the issue dated May 2018

Includes any amendments made up to and including the

Annual General Meeting held 21 May 2019

Fines agreed at the 08/05/18 AGM were  : non-arrival at a fixture - £12(7.4) :

late arrival of a result card - £3(8.8) :        non-attendance at AGM or SGM - £10(3.1 and 4.2)


1.             CONSTITUTION:

1.1           The League shall be called the Chiltern Table Tennis League.


1.2           The League shall be affiliated to the ETTA and BCTTA. Affiliation to other relevant organisations to be as decided by the Committee.


1.3           The objects shall be to promote annual leagues, individual championships and other table tennis events.


1.4           The officers of the League shall comprise a President, Vice-Presidents, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary, Tournament Secretary, County Representative, Development Officer, Minutes Secretary and Coaching Officer.



2.             ADMINISTRATION:

2.1           The affairs of the League shall be managed by a committee (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Committee’) comprising the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary, Tournament Secretary, Minutes Secretary and as many other members needed to make a full Committee of nine. There shall be no voting by proxy.

                The Committee shall have the power to co-opt members as required but who will not participate in voting. The Chairman of any committee meeting shall only vote when a deciding vote is required.


2.2           The Committee may appoint any other Sub-Committee as they may consider necessary and may delegate all or any of their powers to such committees. The decisions of all such Sub-Committees shall be reported to the full administrative committee.


2.3           All monies pertaining to the League shall be paid into suitable banking accounts in the name of the Chiltern Table Tennis League. The signatures of the Treasurer and either the Chairman, Vice-Chairman or General Secretary shall be necessary before a withdrawal is effected. An audited Balance Sheet shall be submitted at the Annual General Meeting.


2.4           All officers and elected members, except the President and Vice-Presidents, shall retire annually, but shall be eligible for re-election. The President shall serve for a term of three years, and then be eligible for re-election annually. Officers and other elected members shall be elected at the AGM and nominations for each officer should be made in writing to the General Secretary by the 31st March preceding the AGM. Nominations will only be accepted at the AGM for a particular officer if no other nominations have been received for that post.


2.5           If neither a Chairman nor Vice-Chairman is elected at the AGM then the President (or a Vice-President nominated by the President) will, at the close of the AGM, assume the position of ‘Acting Chairman’ and will immediately convene a meeting of the Committee to establish if either a Chairman, or Vice-Chairman, or both, can be elected from members of the Committee. If neither a Chairman nor Vice-Chairman is elected at this meeting then a SGM will be convened with the sole purpose of electing a Chairman or Vice-Chairman. If at this SGM no Chairman or Vice-Chairman is elected then the League shall be dissolved.


2.6           When, following resignations or other causes, there remain four or less members of the Committee then the affairs of the League shall be suspended and a SGM convened to elect persons to the vacant positions. If at the close of this SGM there is no Chairman or Vice-Chairman then the League shall be dissolved.


2.7           The Committee shall have the right to deal with any point not covered by the rules, and to settle all claims and appeals brought to their attention. All claims and appeals must be lodged with the League Secretary within 14 days of the alleged infringement.


2.8           The Committee shall have the right to refuse membership to clubs or individuals or expel from the league during the course of the season. Reasons for applying sanctions to an individual include breach of League Rules, objectionable conduct and the use of foul or abusive language.


2.9           Appeals against League decisions:

2.9.1        Any individual or club aggrieved by a decision or action of this League or a Committee, Officer or official of this League, may appeal against such decision or action to the Buckinghamshire County Table Tennis Association whose decision shall be final and binding on all parties.

2.9.2        Any such appeal shall be made in writing to the General Secretary of the Buckinghamshire County Table Tennis Association within 21 days of notification of the decision or action appealed against, and shall be accompanied by the currently required fee which shall be returned if the adjudicating body consider the making of the appeal to have been justified (whatever the result).

2.9.3        Either party to the appeal shall be entitled to a Hearing before the adjudicating body. Any party may be represented at a hearing provided that the County Association is notified in advance in writing of the intention to be represented.

                Note: It is preferable to settle the dispute within the League and it is requested that any person or club considering an appeal to the County should first approach the League Committee who will, if requested, arrange a hearing at which the subject of the dispute will be reconsidered.


2.10         If any member of the management is connected with any club concerned in a dispute or protest, they will not sit on the management committee while such a dispute or protest is being considered.


2.11         All fines shall be paid within 14 days of the date of notification of imposition (unless otherwise decided). Any club, official or individual in arrears after 28 days of the date of notification will be suspended from the League and the lifting of suspension will not be considered until the whole fine has been paid in full. Any League matches not played due to the suspension of a club, official or individual shall be forfeited and points awarded to the opponents.



3.1           The AGM shall be held by 30th June each year and shall consist of players from each fully paid up team that has played in the current season. Each player shall be allowed one vote. All member teams shall send a member of their team to the AGM and if not represented shall be fined a figure as decided at the previous AGM.


3.2           The notice convening the Annual General Meeting together with a copy of the Agenda shall be forwarded to all affiliated clubs at least fourteen days before the date of the meeting.


3.3           Amendments or alterations to the League Rules or changes to the annual team subscription and players’ registration fees shall only be made at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting convened for that purpose. Any such proposed amendments or alterations for submission to the Annual General Meeting must reach the General Secretary, in writing, not later than 31st March preceding the Annual General Meeting. Notification of all such proposals shall be sent to all affiliated clubs, together with the Agenda for the Annual General Meeting.


3.4           The Agenda for the AGM shall include the following items:


3.4.1        Minutes of the previous AGM.


3.4.2        Minutes of any Special General Meeting held since the last AGM.


3.4.3        Reports of the Officers of the League, including the Treasurers report, Auditors report and the statement of Accounts.


3.4.4        Amendments to the Constitution and Rules.


3.4.5        Establishment of Subscriptions, Fees and Fines for the succeeding season.


3.4.6        Election of President, Officers and other members of the Committee.


3.4.7        Election of Auditors.


3.4.8        Election of Vice-Presidents (if any nominated by the Committee).


3.5           Retiring Officers and elected members of the Committee shall remain in office until the close of the meeting.

3.6           The Chairman shall act as returning officer for all elections except for that of Chairman when the President (or a person nominated by the President) shall act as returning officer.




4.1           A Special General Meeting may be convened by the Committee should it be considered necessary, or upon receipt by the General Secretary of a written request defining the object of the meeting signed by at least one third of the affiliated clubs.


4.2           Attendance at a Special General Meeting shall be open to all players from each fully paid up team. Each player shall be allowed one vote. All member clubs shall send a representative to the SGM and if not represented shall be fined a figure as decided at the previous AGM.


4.3           The notice convening the SGM together with a copy of the Agenda shall be forwarded to all affiliated clubs at least fourteen days before the date of the meeting.


4.4           A SGM shall transact only such business as detailed on the Agenda.


4.5           The Chairman shall act as returning officer for all elections except for that of Chairman when the President (or person nominated by the President) shall act as returning officer.



5.             DISSOLUTION:

5.1           In the event of the winding up or dissolution of the League, any surplus assets remaining after discharge of liabilities shall automatically vest in the Buckinghamshire County Table Tennis Association (or if there be none, the English Table Tennis Association) who shall hold them for a period of six years in trust to pay them to any organisation set up with identical or similar objectives to those of the League (the BCTTA or ETTA as the case may be during such period making every endeavour to promote and encourage the formation of such an organisation) and thereafter for the general purposes of the BCTTA or the ETTA as the case may be.




6.1           The League shall be open to all clubs in the radius of 10 miles of Old Amersham Town Hall.


6.2           All applications for affiliation to the League shall be made in writing by the 30th August as instructed on the affiliation form. All players must register using the official registration form before being eligible to play.

                Each club shall appoint a Team Captain for each team they enter into the league. The league committee can elect not to accept the nominated person as a team captain or club secretary. The team captain shall provide details enabling her/him to be accountable for matters regarding her/his team.

                Where a club enters more than one team, the allocation of players to each team must be stated indicating which are Juniors or Cadets for the ensuing season and stating their dates of birth. A Junior is a person under 18 years of age on the 31st December during the current Administrative Year. Should the Committee refuse the affiliation of any club, or the Match Secretary the registration of any player, the decision must be notified by EM or in writing.


6.3           Prior to acceptance of an application for membership the facilities of the applicant may be inspected by a person(s) appointed by the Committee and a report submitted.


6.4           On acceptance of affiliation the clubs shall pay an annual subscription, player registration fee and team fine deposit as agreed at the Annual General Meeting. This shall include ETTA and BCTTA fees, Handicap Knock Out Cup fees and result cards. All registered players must also be player or licenced members of the ETTA before playing their first matches each season.

                The subscription for a team consisting solely of players under the age of 18 on 31st December during the current Administrative Year shall be as agreed at the Annual General Meeting, as shall a team with only one adult player – in such a team only ONE ADULT player may play at any one time.

                The Committee may, at their discretion, restrict the playing age for one or more divisions to   under 21, or a lesser age as is seen desirable. Any division with such a restriction shall be known as a Youth Division.


6.5           No player is eligible to represent a team unless registered before commencement of the match except as provided for under Rule 6.6. Games won by an unregistered player (including the doubles game if he or she played) will be forfeited to the opponents and the result adjusted accordingly.


6.6           Allocation of players to teams:

6.6.1        Any player may play in a higher division up to a total of three times in a season. After playing four times in a higher division a player will be considered automatically registered for the higher team with immediate effect.

6.6.2        A player may play for more than one team in the same division. When registering two or more teams in the same division, clubs must nominate their three strongest players (in this division), based on current form to specific teams in this division.

The League Committee shall require clubs to change their nominated players if it is considered that their playing ability has not been correctly recognised.

If a club subsequently registers a player who the Committee considers to be of a higher standard than those initially nominated, he/she will be restricted to playing for the team in that division, for which he/she is registered.

The number of times a ‘Non-nominated’ player may play for another team in the same division is three. After playing a fourth match ‘up’ for a particular team, the player in question would be automatically registered for that team with immediate effect.


6.7           Any player may be re-registered in a team in a higher division upon notification to the General Secretary. Players may only be re-registered in another team in the same division or a lower division with the permission of the Committee.


6.8           A registered player wishing to transfer to another club may do so only with the permission of the Committee after consultation with the interested parties.


6.9           No player shall be registered, re-registered or transferred after the last day of December in each season except by special permission of the Committee.


6.10         All affiliation fees must be paid to the League by the date nominated on the membership application form. The Committee is empowered to use discretion in this respect, particularly with regard to schools based Junior teams.



7.             LEAGUE FIXTURES:

7.1           League fixtures shall be arranged by the Committee and distributed at least 14 days prior to commencement of the Season.


7.2           All matches must be played within the dates as laid down in the official fixture list. At least fourteen days notice must be given to opponents if a home match night is not as shown on the official League fixture list. It is in order for the venue to be reversed, by mutual agreement. A league game may only be postponed in the following circumstances:


7.2.1        Inclement weather – fog or snow.

7.2.2        Loss of venue – Team captain/secretary must advise the Match Secretary and Opposition captain 48 hours before the official match date.

7.2.3        If any player of a team is selected to represent the League on the same day as the match is due to be played.

7.2.4        By mutual agreement of both teams, providing a new date for the fixture is agreed and clearly indicated on both score cards/ems when returned under Rule 7.3.

7.2.5        Where both parties have agreed that a match has been conceded, the Playing Secretary (or Match Secretary) can award the requisite points without reference to the Committee.

7.2.6        Rearranged matches may not  be postponed for a second time. In the event of a rearranged match not taking place on the new date as indicated on both score cards (Rule 7.2.4), the team willing to fulfil the fixture will receive maximum points.

7.3           The Match Secretary must be notified of all postponed matches by the captains of both teams involved with the reason stated on the official card or by em. The card/em must be sent in accordance with Rule 8.8 as for matches played.


7.4           With the exception of a postponement made in accordance with Rule 7.2 or where a match has been conceded and the opposing Captain notified at least 48 hours before the official fixture date, and that notification must be acknowledged by the opposing team, any team failing to arrive on the official fixture time and date will be fined as agreed at the previous Annual General Meeting, and the committee can then award this amount to the opposing team in lieu of “deprived match fees”, if so claimed.

                When a match is conceded by the Away team and the Home team still incurs a venue hire charge, the Home Team may claim a sum equal to that charge from the Away team. The procedure for making such a claim shall be decided by the League Committee.


7.5           The League programme will be automatically closed 3 weeks after the last scheduled League fixture week, and no result cards will be accepted later than 48 hours after the completion of this extension. Points may be allocated at the discretion of the Committee.


7.6           Each team must indicate on the official club affiliation form the day of the week on which home matches are to be played.




8.1           Games shall be played in accordance with the Laws of Table Tennis as approved by the English Table Tennis Association.


8.2           The balls shall be provided by the home team and must be those currently approved for play by the ETTA and by the Committee as listed on the fixture sheet for the season.


8.3           Teams shall consist of three players. Each player shall play each player of the opposing team one set, the best of five games. If agreed by the committee prior to the commencement of the season, there shall be one doubles set. The order shall be as indicated on the official score card, unless mutually agreed otherwise by the Captains.


8.4           Matches shall commence at 7.30pm, except where both teams agree to an alternative time. Unless mutually agreed by the captains, a team not represented at 7.30pm shall forfeit set number 1. A team not represented at 7.45pm, shall forfeit set numbers 1 and 2. A team not represented at 8.00pm, shall forfeit the whole match. Unless both teams agree to an alternative order, if a player is not ready to play a set as shown on the score card he or she shall forfeit that set.

                If for any reason outside of the players control a match is stopped before completion, any unfinished sets shall be treated as postponed and the interim match result notified to the Match Secretary in accordance with Rule 7.3. The date for completing the match must be notified to the Match Secretary within one week of the original match date. Unless agreed otherwise by both team captains the match shall be completed at the original venue, with the same players, re-starting as though any set interrupted had not started.


8.5           Before commencement of the match the Home Captain must decide on the order of his players and write their names on the score card. The visiting Captain must then do likewise. Before commencement of the doubles the Home Captain must announce his doubles pair followed by the Visiting Captain announcing his doubles pair.     


8.6           A match point will be awarded for each set won. (Not more than a total of 10 points will be awarded for any match).


8.7           Each participating team shall provide alternate umpires whose decisions are final.


8.8           The result of each match must be sent on an official score card either by email or post by the home team secretary to the Match Secretary. The score card must be in the possession of the Match Secretary not later than Wednesday of the week following that in which the match should have been played. If sent by post it must be posted by Monday of the week following that in which the match should have been played, the postmark being considered for the purpose of this time limit. In the case of late notification the club shall be fined a sum agreed at the AGM for each week, or part of a week, the notification and/or fine remain outstanding.

The official match score card must be signed by a representative from both teams.



9.             LEAGUE POSITIONS:

9.1           Positions in the League shall be decided by the number of points obtained. In the case of two or more teams having an equal number of points, position shall be decided by games difference, i.e. the number of games won less the number of games lost.


9.2           Automatic promotion and relegation shall be applied for the first two and last two teams in each division except as provided under:

9.2.1        Should two or more teams withdraw from any one division after the fixtures have commenced and the vacancies not filled during the season, no team in that division shall be automatically relegated.

9.2.2        The Committee shall have the power to promote additional teams to a higher division should vacancies be caused in that division by withdrawals.

9.2.3        The Committee may decide that the playing strength of any team submitted, including those promoted or relegated, is not appropriate to the division applied for and reposition into a division they think is more suitable.


9.3           In the event of a team withdrawing from the League after the season has commenced, all records of any matches played shall be expunged from the League Table.



10.           GENERAL:

10.1         All trophies are the property of the League and may not be won outright. Winning clubs and players shall sign a guarantee drafted by the Committee, when trophies are received. All trophies must be returned to the Treasurer of the League before the 1st March of each year.


10.2         League Representation badges are awarded to players who have represented the League in two matches as a Junior or three matches as a Senior or Veteran, with effect from season 1983-1984. An appearance as a Junior will count towards future qualifications.




11.1         This competition shall be open to all clubs in the Chiltern Table Tennis League, who will automatically be entered for the same competition. Each club will have the same number of teams in the competition as it has in the League. Weeks are left free from League fixtures to permit the required matches to be played.


11.2         All registered players who have played in at least three league matches during the current season, before commencement of the competition are eligible to play in the team handicap tournament.

                No player can play for more than one team in the competition and will be considered as representing the team for which he or she normally plays in the League. Any games played by a player not registered for that team will be forfeited to the opponents.

                No player is eligible to represent a team unless registered before commencement of the match. Points won by an unregistered player (including the doubles if he or she played) will be forfeited to the opponents. Rule 6.9 also applies.


11.3         The draw for the competition will be made by the Committee prior to the start of the competition and duly circularised to all teams.

11.3.1      The procedure for arranging all matches except the final is as follows:

11.3.1.i    The first name team (Team A) in any pair in the draw is entitled to play at home and is responsible for contacting the second name team (Team B) and arranging a mutually agreeable date and venue.

11.3.1.ii   If a mutually agreeable date of 14 days prior notice to the match cannot be found Team A can EITHER: insist on playing the match on their home night as specified in the league fixture list (or amendment thereto) within the specified week, OR: offer the choice of two other dates within the specified week.

11.3.2      For the final the first named team (the team from the top half of the draw) will be considered to be the home team for the purpose of completing the scorecard according to Rule 8.5. Finals night and venue will be decided by the Committee.


11.4         Before commencement of play, each Captain shall hand over to the opposing Captain his team order, and no alteration to the same is then permissible.


11.5         No postponements can be allowed under any circumstances and a defaulting team will forfeit the match points, or match, as appropriate.


11.6         Home teams are responsible for sending in the score card, which should be posted or emailed immediately after the match is finished. The winning team captain must communicate to the Tournament Secretary within 24 hours of the completion of the match, with the result. Failure to comply with this rule will be dealt with by the Committee as under Rule 8.8.


11.7         The winning team of each tie will be duly advised by the Tournament Secretary of their opponents for the next round of the competition.


11.8         Except as stated in the foregoing the general rules of the League will apply.


11.9         Each team will consist of three players.


11.10       Nine singles matches and where agreed to by the committee prior to the commencement of the competition one doubles match which will be played as per the sequence on the current league score card.


11.11       Only four games will be played in each ‘set’. In the event of the score reaching ’10 all’ in a game, two clear points are needed to decide the outcome, but the game will be scored as 11-10 to the winner.


11.12       The Handicap Committee will forward the handicap allowance awarded to one of the teams to both Captains, prior to the match. At the end of the match, this will be added to the actual points scored to decide the eventual winners.


11.13       The handicap for each match will be determined by a Handicap Committee of not less than three members who shall have no say or knowledge of the handicap allotted for any team in which he or she plays. Individual handicaps issued for the Annual Championships will be used for guidance when setting the handicap for a current team match.


11.14       In the event of the scores being level at the end of the match, a further 4 games will be played between nominated players from each side, and 1/9th (1/10th if doubles played  as per 11.10 above)of the handicap allowance shall be used to determine the final result. In the event of the overall scores still remaining level the next two nominated players will play, on the same basis and so on until the actual winner is determined.




12.1         The control of all competitions shall be in the hands of the Committee whose decision on any point shall be final and binding.


12.2         Individual championships shall be organised annually. All registered players who have played in at least three matches by the closing date for entries and who are eligible to represent the Chiltern Table Tennis League in the Inter-League competitions are eligible to play. For players not eligible to represent the League this qualification shall be increased to five matches.


12.3         All entries must be made on the official forms provided. Closing date for entries as defined by the Committee.


12.4         Entry forms must be accompanied by entry fees, otherwise they shall not be valid.


12.5         The Closed Championships shall consist of Singles, Doubles, Veteran Singles, Junior Singles, Cadet Singles, Ladies Singles, Individual Handicap Singles and Restricted Singles events. The entry fees for all events will be decided by the Committee who will have power to cancel any of the events at their discretion.


12.6         Dates and venues and starting times shall be declared at the earliest possible occasion. It is at the discretion of the venue organiser whether competitors who have not reported at the stated time of play shall be allowed to compete.


12.7         Entry for the Junior and Cadet Singles events will be confined to players who were under the age of 18 &15 respectively on 31st December during the current Administrative Year; entries for the Veteran Singles must have been age forty or over on 1st January during the current Administrative Year.


12.8         All matches shall be the best of five games.


12.9         Seeding can be applied to any event at the discretion of the Committee.



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