SeasonWinners*Winners' teamScoreRunners-Up*Runners-up' team
1958/59RafaDon Field, Roger Payne, Dave Sibley NalgoDennis Arr, Ron Covell, John Richardson
1960/61RafaDon Field, Roger Payne, Dave Sibley NalgoDennis Arr, Ron Covell, John Richardson
1962/63CYC Nomads
1964/65CYC OptimistsDave Barnes, Graham Ellis, Dave Martin, Rod Parmenter
1965/66CYC Nomads
1966/67Police A
1968/69 GPO A 
1969/70CYC UnpredictablesDave Binns, Ron Fosker, Dave Martin
1970/71GPO D 
1971/72 CYC Romans 
1972/73CYC Unpredictables 
1973/74Brotherhood A 
1974/75CYC Romans15 = 3  Nico A1
1975/76Brotherhood A1Barry Lloyd, Brian Rowlen, Gordon Smith 5 = 1Nico A1Ken Beach, Ken Gladwell, Brian Thiel
1976/77Nico A15 = 4Nico C1
1977/78Nico A15 = 1 Rafa A1
1978/79Wivenhoe15 = 2Brotherhood B 2
1979/80 Windsor A15 = 2Jaywick A1
1980/81Windsor A15 = 4Walton B1
1981/82Great Holland A1Ian Graham, Keith Potter, Alan Tye 5 = 4Windsor A1
1982/83Walton B1John Holt, John Long, Brian Rowlen 5 = 3Windsor A1Dave Binns, Barry Burns, John Owen
1983/84Great Holland A15 = 3CCHS A3
1984/85Great Holland A 1Dave Binns, Martin Edwards, Derek Wood5 = 2CCHS A 2Martin Hogg, Karl Prior, Andy Schooler
1985/86Great Holland A 1Dave Binns, Keith Potter, Derek Wood5 = 2Brotherhood B1Mike Baldwin, Gordon Smith, Mike Stickland
1986/87Thorpe C4Anne Faber, Stephen Faber, Kevin Hogg5 = 0Great Holland B1John Pavitt, Brian Thiel, Alan Tye
1987/88Brotherhood F4Jackie Rothery, Terry Walsh, Peter Young 5 = 3CCHS C4Andy Adams, Paul Bellinger, Graham Mayhew
1988/89Thorpe A2Dave Austin, John Barton Ken Gladwell 5 = 2Great Holland C1Colin Dearman, Robert Green, Colin Stallwood
1989/90Windsor A1Steven Higgins, John Hobson, Jim Pallett 5 = 4Great Holland A1Dave Binns, Brian Cartwright, Darren Jones
1990/91Windsor Eagles1Steven Higgins, John Hobson, Jim Pallett 5 = 3Thorpe B2Perry Beale, Graham Buxton, Phil Buxton 
1991/92Silver Dawn A3Graham Farmer, Neil Horwood, Robert Stannard 5 = 2Green Lodge C4Trevor Cartwright, Gary Coe, Simon Duncan
1992/93Walton B1John Holt, John Long, Claude Snell 5 = 4St Andrews A1Martin Hogg, Colin Stallwood, Iain Vine
1993/94St Andrews B1Colin Dearman, John Owen, Brian Thiel 5 = 3Post Office A2Terry Howse, Gary Stallwood, Terry Walker
1994/95Brotherhood J1Jenny Binns, Tony Hooper, Dave Martin 5 = 2Brotherhood B1Paul Adams, Brian Rowlen, Pete White
1995/96Windsor Condors1Ron Dunn, Jenny Higgins, Jim Pallett 5 = 3Walton B1John Holt, John Rice, Claude Snell
1996/97Walton C 1Graham Buxton, Martin Hogg, Gavin Price5 = 1Walton B1John Long, John Rice, Claude Snell
1997/98Brotherhood F3Gerry Geraghty, Nathan Lancaster, Steve Warner 5 = 3Mistley3Andrew Jones, Peter Sear, Ian Sherwood
1998/99Brotherhood J4Andrew Deaves, Keiran Lally, Lee Partridge 5 = 4Windsor Phoenix3Isabel Barton, Matthew Byford, Chris Petrou
1999/00Walton A1Martin Hogg, John Rice, Claude Snell 5 = 2Windsor Condors2Ron Dunn, Cris Edwards, Jenny Higgins
2000/01Thorpe2Paul Bellinger, Robin Rush, Robert Stannard 5 = 2Brotherhood C2Tony Bull, Dave Deaves, Kevin Hogg
2001/02Windsor Hawks1Dave Austin, John Barton, Andy Vincent 5 = 2Walton C1Colin Dearman, John Owen, Brian Thiel
2002/03Windsor Eagles1Paul Adams, Martin East, John Hobson 5 = 2Brotherhood F1Martin Edwards, Stewart Murray, Lee Partridge
2003/04Walton D1Matthew Bacon, John Rice, Matthew Watson 5 = 4Walton B1Colin Dearman, John Owen, Brian Thiel
2004/05Mistley2Andrew Jones, Peter Sear, Ian Sherwood5 = 3 Thorpe 2Robin Rush, Grant Sharpe, Robert Stannard
2005/06St Johns 1Fred Button, Gary Cattermole, Phil Smith5 = 2Brotherhood A 1John Andrews, Alan Burgess, John Stubbings
2006/07Brotherhood A 1John Andrews, Dave Binns, Alan Burgess5 = 2Thorpe A1Ken Lewis, Mark Lewis, Robert Stannard
2007/08Windsor Roosters 3Lewis McKenny, Daniel Prior, Mark Smith5 = 0Brotherhood F2Carl Fenner, Ian Fielder, Russell Hillier
2008/09Nomads Jaguars 1Kevin James, Gary Stallwood, Paul Woolnough5 = 1Walton B1Neil Crook, Colin Dearman, Matthew Watson
2009/10Windsor Roosters 1James Denyer, Daniel Prior, Mark Smith5= 4Walton B1Paul Newbould, Gavin Price, Claude Snell
2010/11Windsor Condors1John Pattrick, Colin Stallwood, Gary Young5 = 3Red Triangle B 1Graham Buxton, Martin Hogg, Claude Snell
2011/12Windsor Roosters 1Gary Cattermole, James Denyer, Mark Smith5 = 1Nomads Jaguars 1Colin Beaumont, Tony Beezer, Terry Kirby
2012/13Nomads Cougars 2Adam Cuthbert, Paul Hume, Sam Hume5 = 1Nomads Jaguars 1Colin Beaumont, Tony Beezer, Simon Smith-Daye (r)
2013/14Windsor Hawks 1Ian Fielder, Felipe Rodriguez, Andy Vincent5 = 2Walton B1Paul Newbould, Gavin Price, John Rankin
2014/15Brotherhood B 1Gracie Edwards, Martin Edwards, David North5 = 0Walton C 1Jason Gale, Paul Meikle, Derek Willis
2015/16Windsor Eagles 1Gary Cattermole, Mark Smith, Phil Smith5 = 4Nomads Lions 1John Hockley, Brian Parish, Adam Wilkin
2016/17Windsor Condors 1Greg Green, Annabelle Rodriguez, Colin Stallwood5 = 3 Nomads Panthers 1James Denyer, John Hatley, Sam Hume
*  indicates the Division in the League in which the team played. 
The handicap system (19 grades) was amended from the 1987/88 season
 in order to provide more opportunity for lower Division teams. 
The handicap system (10 grades) was amended from the 2003/04 season
 in order to take account of the new 11-up scoring system. 
The handicap system (16 grades) was revised from the 2004/05 season 
and (17 grades) from the 2012/13 season
Records for seasons 1967/68 to 1973/74 are not certain.
Detailed records for many of the seasons before 1984/85 are not available.
The League would be pleased to hear from anyone 
who can provide additional information.


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