Since 1992, "neutral" umpires have officiated at
the Handicapped Knock-Out Cup Final.
Previously, each finalist had provided an umpire for the Final.
1991/92Mike HillierPeter White
1992/93Jean Horwood Jim Laxton
1993/94Frank BurbidgeBarry Howe
1994/95Phil BuxtonBrian Thiel
1995/96Paul BellingerJim Laxton
1996/97Dave Higgins (W)Jenny Higgins
1997/98John BartonJim Gutteridge
1998/99Barry HowePeter White
1999/00Dave DeavesRobert Stannard
2000/01John HobsonJohn Owen
2001/02Charlie CreightonJohn Holt
2002/03Dave JohnsJohn Long
2003/04Gary CattermolePhil Smith
2004/05John WakelinPaul Woolnough
2005/06Tony HooperGrant Sharpe
2006/07Mark GaleFerdy Rodriguez
2007/08Chris PetrouRowan Ward
2008/09Rodney BettsChris Petrou
2009/10Neil CrookChris Petrou
2010/11Tony HooperChris Petrou
2011/12Mike HillierFerdy Rodriguez
2012/13Tony HooperDavid Wilkin
2013/14Tony HooperGraham Parkes
2014/15Mike HillierTony Rayner
2015/16Tony HooperGraham Parkes
2016/17Tony HooperGraham Parkes
2017/18Isabel BartonJohn Barton
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