Ups and downs still undecided in last week in D1

The first match report in D1 back in September concluded that ‘ It looks like a very competitive division with some good contests in prospect.’ At the start of the last week of scheduled matches, that summary has proved accurate, as only 2 of the 11 teams know for sure which division they will be in next season. 4 teams can still be promoted, with the champions still unknown, and 5 could, in theory at least, still drop down to division 2. Promotion candidates are the A teams from Walton, University of Essex , Pegasus  and Dedham and this week’s  bumper set of fixtures will prove crucial. Walton A face Uni A, now ahead by just 2 points after the latter’s win over Tollgate C,  Ker Wei combining with regulars Pink and Horrocks to seal an 8-2 victory. This 2nd v 3rd clash happens on Thursday, 2 days after Uni have a rescheduled visit from ‘safe’ Rowhedge D.  4th placed Dedham also have 2 matches this week, taking on Horkesley C and Tollgate C and needing more big wins to follow up their 9-1 victory over Lawford B, where only Pete Freeborough could resist the Tracey/Rampton tidal wave. The top 2 met last week but a  second 5-5 Pegasus A/ Walton A stalemate, this time with no player unbeaten,ensured the drama will continue for another week.  

At the other end of the table, Walton B called up Derek Willis and Gavin Price for the seaside team’s last match of the season and together with Paul Woolnough they notched up a fine 8-2 scoreline against the division’s busiest side, Rowhedge D. The result lifts them to 7th place for now but they must sit and watch to see if they are safe as others finish their schedules. Lawford ‘s 2 teams look most threatened  and currently occupy the last 2 positions but the fat lady has yet to clear her throat…

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