Colchester & District Table League
St Peters Handicap Doubles Cup
Quarter Final
To be played W/C 28th March
To be played W/C 11th Apr

To be played 20th Apr

Tollgate TTC

Mtch 1 St James A (5)
St James D (4)
Mtch 5 St James A (6)
Gt Horkesley F (0)
Mtch 2 Gt Horkesley F (W/O)
Rowhedge H
Mtch 7 St James A (5)
Gt Horkesley B (2)
Mtch 3 Pegasus B (2)
Gt Horkesley B (7)
Mtch 6 Gt Horkesley B (6)
Tollgate A (1)
Mtch 4 Rowhedge D (2)
Tollgate A (7)
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