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1. The above Trophy is to be awarded by the Colchester & District Table Tennis League annually at the end of the season to the Junior Boy or Girl adjudged to be the winner. The Trophy to be held by the winner for 12 months whereupon it will be returned into the custody of the Colchester & District Table Tennis League. The winner of the Trophy to have his/her name along with the year won engraved thereon. The award also includes the presentation of a Table Tennis Bat, and a Plaque for the winners permanent possession:-

a. The Bat will be to the value of £60 and to the winners specification.

b. The plaque in the form of a silver plate (approximately 110mm diameter) will be engraved with the following:-


plus the winners name and year won.

2. To be eligible for this Award the following prerequisites are required:-

a. He or She must be a Junior in accordance with the rules of the Essex County Table Tennis Association.

b. He or She must be committed to representing the Colchester & District Table Tennis League in representative games if selected.

3. Having complied with 2. above the following criteria should form the basis for the assessment by the "Award Committee" to enable them to arrive at the winner of this Award:-

a. Achievement in the Colchester & District Table Tennis League and associated Tournaments.

b. Achievement in representative matches (if applicable) for the Colchester & District Table Tennis League.

c. General attitude. eg conduct, reliability, co-operation, appearance, dress.

4. The Award Committee shall consist of:- League President, League Chairman, Junior, Coaching, and Tournament secretaries.

5. During the month of February in each year, nominations for the Award may be submitted to the League by any affiliated club.

6. Nominations made in-accordance with 5 above shall be submitted to the Secretary of the League giving reasons in support of the nomination. In addition, the Award Committee shall be entitled to consider nominations from the prior season.

7. The Award Committee shall not be bound to make the Award of necessity to a person nominated to them in accordance with the preceding articles, as the Award is solely at the discretion of the Award Committee.

8. These Regulations can only be amended by joint agreement of Maureen Barton and the League. 

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