Postponed Fixtures - Premier Division
This page will list all matches that have been postponed and which team made the request. As a new date is set this will be shown. Team Captains are reminded that a new date should be agreed and advised to the Match Records Secretary within 14 days of the scheduled date of the match.
Match Team Requesting Original Date New Date
Rowhedge B v Tollgate B Tollgate B 12th Sep 2014 Fri 10th Oct 2014
St James A v Tollgate B St James A* (Polling Day) 9th Oct 2014 Wed 10th Dec 2014
Tollgate A v Rowhedge B Rowhedge B 22nd Oct 2014 Wed 1st Apr 2015
Rowhedge A v St James A Rowhedge A 26th Feb 2014 Thu 19th Mar 2015

Rowhedge B v Rowhedge A

Rowhedge ?

30th Jan 2015

Tollgate B v University of Essex University of Essex 12th Nov 2014Conceded
Rowhedge C v St James ASt James A 15th Jan 201


University of Essex v Tollgate A             University of Essex                            3th Jan 2015                Conceded

Rowhedge A v St James A                        St James A                                          25th Feb 2015             16th Apr 2015

Tollgate B v Rowhedge C                        Tollgate B                                            25th Feb 2015            25th Mar 2015

Pegasus A v Rowhedge C                        Rowhedge C                                       10th Feb 2015            24th Feb 2015

Gt Horkesley B v Pegasus A                       ?                                                        16th Jan 2015             25th Mar 2015
Rowhedge A v Pegasus A                         Pegasus A                                          26th Mar 2015           14th Apr 2015

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