Leamington Div. Two Champions 2011/2012 , left to right , John Chandler , John Taylor and Vikas Bakhshi.

Leamington O'60's Champion 2012 - John Taylor.

 Summer League 2

Div. 2 champions . left to right ; Mike Evetts , Dean Hicks , Lee Holtham.

 Colebridge - Leamington Champions 2008. left to right , Sasha Grokhotov , Ian Ferguson , Eddie Lynn.

 Colebridge -Leamington Champions 2009/2010. left to right ; Sarra Wang , Eddie Lynn , Ian Ferguson and Michael Browne.

Leamington Champions 2010-2011.Our top athletes re-hydrate after another title success.

Left to right , Michael Browne , Ian Ferguson , Eddie Lynn. 

Fergie illustrating the size of the spider he has just seen in the Mens shower area, oh OK , he tells me that it's the number of Mens Titles he's won at The Birmingham Closed. 

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