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 1.  NAME.


The Association shall be called Cornwall County Table Tennis Association.        




  1. The Association recognises the English Table Tennis Association Ltd ('E.T.T.A.') as the National Governing Body for table tennis in England.

  2. The Association shall be the County Association for the E.T.T.A. County of Cornwall as defined in E.T.T.A. Articles and Regulations.

  3. The Association shall comply with E.T.T.A. Articles and Regulations and, in the event of any conflict arising, E.T.T.A. Articles and Regulations shall prevail.

  4. The objects of the Association shall be to fulfil the functions of an E.T.T.A. County Table Tennis Association and to further the objects of E.T.T.A. in the County. In particular the Association shall act as the controlling and governing body for the sport in the county subject to any overriding decisions of the Board of the E.T.T.A., assist and encourage the formation of table tennis leagues and clubs in the County and promote the sport in every possible way.

  5. In this Constitution and any Regulations made hereunder words and phrases defined by the E.T.T.A. Articles and Regulations and not otherwise defined in this Constitution shall have the meaning assigned to them by the E.T.T.A. Articles and Regulations unless the context precludes such an interpretation.

  6.  No alteration to this Constitution shall take effect until approved by the Board of the E.T.T.A.

  7. In the event of the dissolution of the Association, any surplus assets remaining after discharge of liabilities shall automatically vest in E.T.T.A. (See Rule 15)


    3.  DEFINITIONS.                                                                                                                              


  1. In these rules and any regulations made hereunder the following words and phrases shall have the meaning assigned by this rule:-

  • The Association: The Cornwall County Table Tennis Association.

  • Committee: The Executive Committee of the Cornwall County Table Tennis Association.

  •  Member: Any person or organisation defined in Rule 5 as a constituent part of the Association, or any person on bona fide membership with such an organisation.

  • National Council: The National Council of the E.T.T.A..




  1. President, Honorary Vice-Presidents, Honorary Life Members, duly elected officers, and duly appointed officials.

  2. All local leagues, directly affiliated clubs and directly affiliated individuals affiliated to the E.T.T.A., which are within the jurisdiction of the Association as prescribed by the National Council (except such as shall be granted exemption by the E.T.T.A.).




  1. Every organisation affiliated to E.T.T.A. and defined by E.T.T.A. as within the jurisdiction of the Association shall affiliate to the Association unless exempted by the Board.

  2. An organisation or individual not directly affiliated to E.T.T.A. may apply to be directly affiliated to the Association if affiliated to E.T.T.A. through another organisation.

  3. No individual or organisation may affiliate to the Association unless affiliated to E.T.T.A.

  4. Every applicant for affiliation shall complete the current affiliation form which shall be signed by or on behalf of the applicant.

  5. Every organisation affiliated to the Association shall send to the General Secretary of the Association not later than 31 October a copy of its current Rules.




  1. The Affiliation fees payable by each local league, directly affiliated club and directly affiliated individual shall be decided by the Annual General Meeting of the Association each year except that a local league shall pay an Affiliation fee on the basis of the number of teams it has in membership.

  2. All Affiliation fees shall be paid to the Hon. Treasurer of the Association not later than the 31 October each year.

  3. Any local league, directly affiliated club or directly affiliated individual in respect of which any Affiliation fees are unpaid after the date stipulated shall not be entitled to participate in any of the business or other activities of the Association.

  4. Unless specifically decided otherwise by a General Meeting the fee payable shall be determined by multiplying the fee unit for the preceding Administrative year by the Retail Prices Index figure for November of that preceding year. The figure obtained will be rounded up to the nearest five pence. 


    7.    GOOD STANDING.


  1. The Association shall without payment of fee accept into Good Standing the following, but no other, organisations.

  2. Any organisation within the jurisdiction of the Association as defined by E.T.T.A. which is in Good Standing with the E.T.T.A.

  3. Any County or Regional Association or organisation covering all or part of the E.T.T.A. County which is part of or affiliated to a national organisation in Good Standing with E.T.T.A.

  4. Any County Schools Table Tennis Association, Schools League or School Club which is within the jurisdiction of the Association as defined by E.T.T.A. and is not affiliated. 


    8.   OFFICERS.


  1. The Officers of the Association shall be: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary(ies), Umpires Secretary, Coaching Officer, Development Officer, Press Officer and Competitions Officer.

  2. The Officers shall be elected by the Annual General Meeting and shall serve from the end of the meeting at which they are elected until the end of the Annual General Meeting following; they shall be eligible for re-election.




  1. In accordance with E.T.T.A. Articles and Regulations, between 1 May and 15 June each year, the Management Committee shall elect a National Councillor and may elect a Deputy National Councillor to represent the County from the following E.T.T.A.  AGM to the following one, after considering all nominations submitted to them by Members of the Association.

  2. The General Secretary of the Association shall send a copy of the E.T.T.A. official appointment form certified by the General Secretary and by a second person who must be the Chairman, Vice-Chairman or Treasurer to reach E.T.T.A. by 20 June.


    10.   MANAGEMENT.


  1. The affairs of the Association shall be managed, subject to the control of the Annual General Meeting, by a Management Committee consisting of the Officers, National Councillor and one representative appointed by each Local League.

  2. The Committee may co-opt not more than three other members of the Association. Co-opted members shall have the right to vote.

  3. The Committee may fill a Casual Vacancy in any office or on the Management Committee until the next Annual General Meeting and to invite, at its sole discretion, any person to attend any of its meetings. Persons so attending or filling casual vacancies shall not be entitled to vote at Committee meetings.

  4. The Committee shall meet at least quarterly.

  5. At least seven days notice in writing of the place, date and time of every meeting shall be sent to every Committee member.

  6. For any Committee  business to be carried out a Quorum shall consist of not less than one third of of the members, which must include two Officers.

  7. In the absence of both Chairman and Vice-Chairman the Committee shall elect one of its members to chair the meeting.

  8. Every question at a meeting of the Committee shall be determined by a majority of the members present and voting, each member having one vote. In the case of an equality of votes the chairman of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.

  9. The Committee may make Regulations to cover such matters not dealt with in this Constitution as it thinks fit.

  10. The Committee may appoint such sub committees as it thinks fit and may delegate any of its duties and power to them.


    11.   TRUSTEES. 


  1. The Association shall have the power, at an Annual General Meeting or General Meeting of the Association to appoint a minimum of three Trustees. Subject to appropriate decisions being made by the Associations Executive Committee, the Trustees to have the authority to act and/or execute any legal documents on behalf of the Association in connection with:

    i) The purchase, leasing, renting or otherwise holding land,buildings and any other property,and to hold the property on behalf of the Association.

    ii) Subject to such consents as are required by law, to sell or lease or otherwise dispose of buildings or land or any estate or interest therein.

    iii) To buy or otherwise acquire equipment and furniture for use in connection with such buildings or land and to sell, lease or otherwise dispose of any such equipment or furniture.

  2. An Emergency Committee consisting of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer shall be empowered to act on behalf of the  Committee in the event of a decision being required between Committee meetings- reporting back to the Committee at its next meeting.




  1. Each season the Association shall hold an Annual General Meeting which shall be held on a date to be decided by the Committee except that date shall not be before 14 June or later than 25 August.

  2. The General Secretary shall give at least 14 days notice of the Meeting ,specifying the place , the date and the hour shall be given to the Secretary of each local league and each of their constituent clubs, and to each directly affiliated club and directly affiliated individual.

  3. Each Local League shall appoint an Accredited Representative to attend each General Meeting and cast its votes.

  4. The Officers,National Councillor and Accredited Representatives of Local Leagues may attend ,speak and vote. All other Members may attend and, with the permission of the Chairman, speak but may not vote.

  5. The following items shall be included in the AGM agenda: (1) Minutes of the previous AGM (2) Minutes of any EGM held since the previous AGM (3) To consider any matters arising (4) Annual Report of the Management Committee (5) Statement of accounts (6) Propositions (if any)to alter the Constitution (7) motions of which the General Secretary has received notice in writing not later than 28 days before the meeting (8) Election of Officers (9) Election of Management Committee Members (10) To decide the  Annual Affiliation Fees payable as in Rule 6. (11) To decide the Annual Subscription payable as in Rule 6.4 (12) Appointment of a suitable person to check the accounts in accordance with Section 14.4. (13) To consider any other competent business. Motions not included in the Agenda shall not be voted upon except with permission of the Chairman.

  6. Voting may be by show of hands of those entitled to vote but before or immediately after a show of hands vote any person entitled to vote may require voting to be by poll instead.

  7. When voting is by poll each person entitled to vote shall have one vote.




  1. An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) shall be convened on a resolution of the Management Committee or within 28 days after receipt by the General Secretary of a requisition signed by two Local Leagues stating the business to be transacted at the meeting.

  2. Rule 12, except sub rules 9.1, 9.2 and 9.5 shall apply to an EGM.

  3. An EGM shall transact only such business as is specified in the resolution or requisition convening it.


    14.  FINANCE.


  1. The funds of the Association shall be kept at a Bank or invested in a Building Society or other security approved by the  Association.

  2. The Management Committee shall appoint the persons authorised to sign cheques etc. drawn on Bank, Building Society and other accounts and they shall be signed by at least two such persons.

  3. The Financial Year of the Association shall end on 31 May and a statement of accounts up to and including this date, examined in accordance with the Charity Commissioners, shall be presented annually.

  4. All income and property of the Association from whatever source derived shall be applied solely to the promotion of the objects of the Association.




  1. The E.T.T.A. shall hold any remaining assets for a period of 6 years in trust to pay them to any organisation set up with objects identical or similar to those of the Association (The E.T.T.A. during such period making every endeavour to promote and encourage the formation of such an organisation) and thereafter for the general purposes of the E.T.T.A. ( As defined in Rule 2.7)






  1. Any individual or club aggrieved by a decision or action of a local League, or a Committee or Officer of such League, may appeal against such a decision or action to this Association whose decision shall be binding on all parties.

  2. Any such appeal shall be made in writing to the General Secretary within 21 days of the decision or action appealed against, and shall be accompanied by a fee of £2.00 in the case of an individual or £10.00 in the case of an organisation which shall be returned if the adjudicating body consider the making of an appeal to have been justified (whatever the result). Either party to the appeal shall be entitled to be heard by the adjudicating body, both in person, and, if so desired additionally by a representative who shall have been nominated in writing.


    17.  DISCIPLINE.


  1. Any local League, club, player or official, may be suspended from the privileges of membership of this Association under the power created by the E.T.T.A. Rules, subject to the right of appeal provided by such Rules. The E.T.T.A. Head of Operations will be notified of any suspension under this Rule.

  2. No member shall without good and sufficient cause absent themselves from the hearing of any allegation or appeal after having been requested with reasonable notice to attend, or refuse to answer any question put to him in connection with such allegation or appeal if the body hearing the allegation or appeal direct him to answer.




    Any individual, club or local League aggrieved by a decision or action of this Association, or a Committee or Officer of this Association (Except the determination of an Appeal), may appeal against such decision or action to the Board of Appeal of the E.T.T.A.




    In the event of any question or matter arising which is not provided for in these Rules, it shall be dealt with by the Committee.




  1. To be eligible to represent the County a player must meet all criteria as are relevant in the current County Championship Regulations.


  2. (a) Register for a club which plays in a league affiliated to Cornwall County TTA (CCTTA).


                (b) Be registered for a club that is directly affiliated to CCTTA.


      1. Be directly affiliated To CCTTA.




  1. A President and Honorary Vice-Presidents shall be elected annually by the Annual General Meeting. Nominations for President and Honorary Vice-Presidents shall be submitted only by the Committee.

  2. The Association may elect a Life Vice-President but only former Presidents or former Officers of the Association shall be eligible. The distinction shall be conferred only at an Annual General Meeting and only on the nomination of the Committee.





  1. The distinction of Honorary Life Member may be conferred for special or long service in connection with table tennis in Cornwall.

  2. The distinction shall be conferred only at a General Meeting of the Association and candidates shall be nominated only by the Committee.




    The Association may have Vice-Presidents who shall pay an annual subscription which shall not be less than the amount to be decided by the Annual General Meeting of the Association each year.




  1. This Constitution may be changed (whether by addition, alteration or deletion) only by a decision of an Annual General Meeting or of an Emergency General Meeting convened for the purpose and the amendment shall then be subject to the approval of the E.T.T.A. Board.

  2. Proposals for such changes to be considered by the next Annual General Meeting shall be submitted in writing to reach the General Secretary not later than 31 May.

  3. All proposed changes shall be circulated together with the Agenda to the persons and organisations as detailed in Rule 12(2) not later than 14 days before the date of an Annual or Emergency General Meeting.

  4. No resolution altering the Constitution shall be declared carried unless at least three-fifths of the total votes cast are in favour of the resolution.



    The resolution adopting this Constitution was carried by the requisite majority at the Annual General Meeting of the Association on 18 July 2018 and it came into effect on approval by E.T.T.A. On



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