1.         NAME                                    


            The Association be called the: “COVENTRY & DISTRICT TABLE TENNIS ASSOCIATION".                                                                                           


2.         OBJECTS                                                                                                                                           

a)         To foster and promote organised Table Tennis.


b)         To use its influence towards obtaining better facilities for the game.                          



3.         RADIUS


All registered club headquarters shall lie within the Association’s boundary identified as a 10 mile radius of Broadgate, Coventry together with the Boroughs of Rugby, Nuneaton, and the District of Warwick and Royal Leamington Spa. All existing clubs will continue to be eligible. The committee shall have power of discretion for clubs outside this radius.





a)         Members of an affiliated club may become members of the Association if they become members of Table Tennis England.


b)         There shall be two classes of member.


i)       Player members who are player members of Table Tennis England and are eligible to play competitive table tennis as defined by Table Tennis England.


ii)      Associate members who are associate members of Table Tennis England and do not play competitive table tennis as defined by Table Tennis England.


c)         Members will remain in membership for as long as they meet the qualifications for membership and pay any membership and other fees prescribed for their class of membership, or until they resign or are expelled for misconduct in accordance with the rules.


d)         Membership of the association can be refused by the committee at any time


e)         No membership fee shall be due from an Associate life member and the Association will, on request, reimburse them of any cost of any Table Tennis England associate membership fee they pay.


f)         Each team shall pay an affiliation fee to Coventry & District T.T.A. plus an affiliation fee to Warwickshire T.T.A. and all fees will be agreed at the AGM.                                     





a)         No team shall be allowed to play a league game until all fees have been paid, apart from exceptional cases which will be considered by the General Committee.


b)         Should a team retire from the league, no money shall be refunded to them.               





That the Committee be governed by an Executive Committee consisting of: -


Chairman                                 Cup Competition Secretary

Treasurer                                  Coaching Secretary     

            General Secretary                    Development Secretary           



These members who are ex-officio members plus one member of each club registered by the Association. A quorum shall comprise a minimum of five members present.


The Committee shall have the power to co-opt Association members to fill vacancies on the Committee at any time.





a)         That the Annual General Meeting be held during the close season each year, but no later than 30th June.


b)         Presentation of Reports and a Statement of accounts shall be submitted at the A.G.M.          


c)         At least 21 days notice of the AGM shall be given to each club.  The agenda of the AGM together with a copy of all nominations and proposed alterations to rules, shall be sent to each club seven clear days prior to the date of the AGM.


d)         Any club not represented at the AGM will be fined £5.00.                                         


e)         All registered player members and associate members of the Association are welcome to attend the Annual General Meeting and have the power to vote at this meeting.


f)          Nomination and Election of Officers


All Officials of the Association shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations for such offices, duly proposed and seconded, to be forwarded in writing to the General Secretary by 30th April. All such nominees shall agree to stand (in writing) or be present at the Annual General Meeting. Retiring Officers shall automatically stand for re-election unless they signify their wish to retire, or have not attended 50% of the meetings (unless prevented by illness or playing in a table tennis match). 





a)         Notice of any proposed alterations to an existing rule must be forwarded in writing to the General Secretary by 28th February and must be proposed and seconded by registered players.        


                        b)         Proposed alterations to be forwarded to all club secretaries by 1st April


                        c)         Any amendments to the proposed alterations to rules to be forwarded to the General Secretary by 30th April in writing and proposed and seconded by registered players.


                        d)         No alteration to rules shall be made except at the A.G.M. or at a Special General Meeting which the Chairman has the power to convene.


                        e)         All proposals or amendments to rules must be supported at the AGM by either the proposer or seconder or the proposal or amendment will fail.       


9.         FINANCIAL YEAR                                        


            The Financial Year shall end on May 31st.



10.       THE SEASON


All teams shall play one home and one away match with each of the other teams in their Division; the league season to open the last week in September or the first week in October, and all matches to be completed within 14 days of final date for the respective division. During the week following final date, the General Secretary shall inform all clubs of any outstanding fixtures affecting their club.


If no match card or claim is received within 14 days of the final date for the respective division, the match will be declared void.                                     





The Association shall organise a three player league and a two player league. The fixtures shall be arranged by the League Committee and consideration will be given to clubs who wish to play in a particular division of the league but the final placing must be approved by the Executive Committee.





a)                  In the 3 player league, teams shall consist of three singles players and one doubles which may, or may not be, chosen from the singles players. There shall be nine singles matches and one doubles match.


In the 2 player league, teams shall consist of two singles players and one doubles which may, or may not be, chosen from the singles players. There shall be four singles matches and one doubles match.


Each singles player playing one match against each of his singles opponents.

                    All sets to be the best of 5 games up to 11 points.


b)         Each team will be awarded one league point for each set won.


c)         Should a team retire from the League for any reason, all matches played by them shall be void           


d)         All fixtures to be played on one table only, unless both the home team captain and visiting team captain mutually agree to play on two tables.             





a)         That no player shall play in a league game until he / she has been registered and each player shall be a bona fide member of the club for which he / she is registered    


b)         A three player team must register at least three players. A two player team must register at least two players. A player cannot register for more than one team per league.


c)         The Committee shall be empowered to refuse to register or transfer any player for / to any particular team in order to ensure that each team considered separately, and in order of merit, is made as strong as possible from the available players, or if such a registration or transfer is not considered to be in the best interest of the league or the operation of the various divisions during the season.                       


d)         Registration of new players must be completed prior to the last eight games of the season, apart from exceptional cases which will be considered by the General Committee.


e)         TRANSFERS


That in the event of a registered player wishing to leave his / her present team for another team, he / she must obtain consent of the Association.


Only in exceptional cases and with the consent of the committee can a player be transferred after the date set for completing the first half of the fixtures.


f)         SUBSTITUTES


When a club has two or more teams in a division they cannot interchange players without an official transfer.


A team may use any registered player for that club as a substitute providing the player is not registered for another team in that division or a higher division.


Junior and 2-a-side players are only allowed to play for their own club and for one team of another club provided the player is not registered for another team in that division or a higher division.


No player can play in more than three matches as a substitute in each half season.       



                        g)         No player can play in any match for his / her team if the match was postponed from a date before the registration for the new team took place. The committee shall have the power to waive this rule in exceptional circumstances if a team is in the bottom division or the team has no other teams from the same club in a lower division.                               



14.       MATCH NIGHTS


a)         Match nights for the Home Team are in the league index and matches must be played as shown in the league match fixture chart, unless covered by rule 15(a)


b)         If a match night is different from that shown in the handbook the home team club secretary must notify the General Secretary and all the teams in that division immediately, and must also give a reminder to his / her opponents seven days prior to the night of each match.                                                 


15.       POSTPONEMENTS                                                                                                                                                                            

a)         Postponement will be allowed provided that the following conditions are met:-         


i)          As much notice as possible is given to the opposition and the opposition agrees.


ii)         The General Secretary is notified within 7 days                                                                                              

iii)        An alternative date is agreed with the opposition as early as possible to the date of the original fixture.


b)         In the event of any dispute arising, the Committee shall have the power to award points at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


c)         The Committee have the right to expel any team not honouring a fixture.      


d)         Teams failing to comply with all the conditions as stated may have 2 points deducted from their league total. Teams have the right of appeal.              





a)         All matches to start as early as possible, no later than 7.15 pm. Players arriving after 7.30pm will not be permitted to have a knock without the agreement of the opposing team.


b)      Where there is no sign of a team’s arrival or explanation as to their absence by 8.00 pm, the opposition is entitled to leave and report the position to the General Secretary, who may refer the match to the Committee for a final decision, where rule 15(b), (c) and (d) also apply.


c)         If a player, “as opposed to a complete team” fails to attend a match by 8.15 pm, unless by prior mutual agreement between the two team captains or be excused by rule 16(d), all his / her sets must be played, but the opponents are entitled to claim one of the defaulting player’s winning sets. If any individual player fails to attend the match by 9.00 pm all his / her games should be considered lost. If a registered reserve attends, and is called upon to play, he / she shall then be required to play.


d)         LATE ATTENDANCE OF PLAYERS                 


Any registered player of the Association shall be excused attendance until a time agreed by the committee due to study or work commitments. ALL SUCH PLAYERS MUST BE REGISTERED WITH THE GENERAL SECRETARY. Teams will be restricted to one late attendance player per match. The opposing team must be notified of late attendance before the commencement of the match and, where possible, at least 24 hours notice should be given.





The Captains shall see that an umpire is appointed before the commencement of each match, and shall also have the option of choosing the order of play alternately.



18.  RESULT CARDS                                                                                                                         

a)         The result of matches must be forwarded by the home team on the official card and signed by the respective captains to reach the General Secretary within the seven days following the match.



b)         A penalty of one point per match card will be deducted from the league total to teams who send in match cards late. Teams will be given a warning before any penalties will be imposed on them. Teams will be notified of any such penalty within one month of the offence. No appeal will be allowed unless sent to the General Secretary within one week of the notice being received.                   







19.  INELIGIBLE PLAYERS                          


a)         Should any club play an ineligible player, the club shall have four points deducted from their total and the players games to be counted as lost, and the result of the match be adjusted if necessary. The General Secretary shall be empowered to bring the matter forward without waiting for a protest


b)         Any team that has reasonable doubt as to the registration of an opposing player may require that player to sign the reverse of the match card (in order that the General Secretary may be able to resolve any doubt).


Failure to comply will be considered as acceptance of non-eligibility.                                        


20.  PROTESTS          


All protest, complaints and disputes must be handed to the General Secretary in writing for consideration at the next committee meeting. No protest relating to a match played will be considered unless received by the General Secretary within a reasonable time having due regard to the nature of the complaint.    


21.  TROPHIES          


a)         The Association shall award four trophies to the winners of each Division. Additional trophies can be purchased from the Association.             


b)         Clubs and players holding returnable trophies of the Association must provide security for their safe keeping and return same on or before March 31st of each season to the General Secretary or the Tournament Secretary in the same condition as when received.                                      


c)         All winners must give receipts for returnable trophies.


d)         No returnable trophies can be won outright.                                                                               

e)         The Association will insure all returnable trophies.                                                                      

f)         Trophies must not be taken out of the area covered by the Association. 





Each team must provide suitable accommodation and lighting facilities for matches:


The match table to be illuminated by at least the equivalent of three 150 watt lamps which

must be suitably shaded, and these facilities are to be approved by the Association prior

to the fulfilment of any League matches.


23.  LAWS


All games to be played in accordance with laws of the game as laid out by Table Tennis England.

From Season 2014/2015 all league play shall be best of 5 games to 11 points.







All clubs must notify the General Secretary in the event of any change of General or Team Secretary.              




The ball shall be a 3 star ball currently approved by the I.T.T.F. and bearing the I.T.T.F. logo. The home team shall provide the balls for a league match.       





a)                  At the end of each season the two leading teams in each division will be promoted to the next higher division.  The two bottom teams in each division shall be relegated to the next lower division.


b)         In the event of teams being level on points, a play off on a neutral table is to be arranged.


c)                  The committee can re-assess the placement position in a particular division - see Rule 11.





Unless permission be received from the Executive Committee, no club affiliated to the Association shall play matches against clubs not affiliated to Table Tennis England.




A player selected to represent the Association in Inter City matches will be awarded a badge after playing singles in three matches at any one level.       




Clubs have the responsibility to furnish the General Secretary and Secretaries of all clubs concerned, with the relevant alterations.





30.1            GENERAL RULES                                                                                                                             

1a        All clubs must be affiliated to, and all players registered with the Coventry and District Table Tennis Association.


1b        No player can play for more than one team in any one competition and players must be registered with the club they are representing.


1c        Competitions will be held under Table Tennis England regulations and the current laws of Table Tennis. The Expedite law will be in operation throughout the competitions with the exception of handicap matches.


1d        The home team must contact the away team who will notify the Competitions Secretary if no dates have been offered within the specified time.


1e        All matches start as early as possible, but not later than 7.15 pm. The specified number of players for each competition must be present at the afore-mentioned time, unless he / she be excused as per rule 16d). If any player who is not excused by rule 16d) fails to attend a match by the time all other games are completed in the match all his / her games shall be considered lost.



1f        Any claims, protests or disputes shall be submitted to the Competition Secretary in writing for consideration at the Cup Competition committee's next meeting, within 48 hrs of the match (excluding weekends).


1g        The Committee reserve the right to adjust any handicap at any stage of a competition.


1h        The winning team (or the home team in blind handicap matches) shall be responsible for the posting of the match card to the competition Secretary within 48 Hrs of the end of the match.





2a         A team to consist of 2 players registered by the same club, both players to be present at the commencement of the match. The competition will be by knockout and teams may be seeded.


2b        Order of play 1v2, 2v1, doubles, 2v2 and 1v1. Player order shall be from the current ranking list


2c         Teams must nominate their players when entering this competition. Substitutes cannot be used.



30.3.           ASSOCIATION HANDICAP TEAM CUP                                                                                          

3a         A team to consist of 4 players - 2 players to be present at start of match.       


3b        Each member of the home team must play each member of the away team one game, with no deuces, to 31 points.  The first team to win 9 games will be the winner. In the event of the match reaching 8 games each, then one doubles game shall be used to decide the match using the same handicap and players.                         


3c         The competition will be handicapped on its own merits using the latest ranking list (see Web Site). Each player will be individually handicapped. Any player not in the ranking list will have an automatic ranking equal to that of the fifth highest ranked player.


3d        Clubs can enter teams drawn from any of their registered players. More than four players can be nominated.                                                      


3e         Substitutes may be drawn from club players not registered for a handicap cup team. The Competition Secretary must be notified prior to the match being played.                               





4a         This competition will be played on a handicap basis.             


4b        The 3-a-side competition will be contested by individual teams in the 3 player league and played by knockout, except for the first round which may be played in groups.                                  


4c         Each member of the home team shall play each member of the away team 2 games up to 21 points, with no deuces, making a total of 18 games. The total points are then added to the handicap allotted.  The team with the higher number of points shall be the winner. If tied after the handicap has been added, the lower ranked side shall be awarded 1/2 point and will therefore win the match.          

4d        Two players must be present at the commencement of the match.     


4e         Each player participating in the match will be handicapped from the latest ranking list (see web site).                            


4f         Teams must consist only of players who are registered with the league, to play for that team, and substitutes cannot be used.                 



30.5.           HARD BAT SINGLES            


5a         Each match will be the best of five games up to 11 points.


5b        The competition will be a knockout with no seeding and the first round played in groups where possible.


5c         Rackets must be covered with ordinary rubber with the pimples facing out, without sponge, and not treated in any way.                       



30.6.           COVENTRY EVENING TELEGRAPH SINGLES CUP                                                                                                                                  

6a         Each match will be the best of five games up to 11 points.                                                    

6b        The competition will be a knockout with no seeding and the first round played in groups where possible.                                             



30.7.           ANNUAL CHAMPIONSHIPS                                                                                                            

7a         All competitors must be registered members of the Coventry and District Table Tennis Association for at least 28 days prior to the event.


7b        Championships will be held under Table Tennis England regulations and current laws of Table Tennis. The expedite rule will be in operation throughout the Championships with the exception of handicap matches.                              


7c         White or orange balls may be used.                                                                                        

7d        The Tournament Referee's decision shall be final on points of law.


7e         All competitors must report at least 15 minutes before their first match and be prepared to play when called on to do so, otherwise they will be eliminated.


7f         All Championship matches will be the best of five games with the exception of handicap matches which will consist of two games. A third game will be played if the points in the first two games are equal after adding the handicap.


7g         Handicap matches will be played up to 21 pts. The handicap being calculated from the latest ranking list. 


7h        Players must wear rubber soled footwear


7i         Players must notify the organisers when leaving the hall.


7j         Each competitor may be required to umpire at least one set for each event entered.              


7k        Entrants for the Cadet Singles must be under 15 years of age on the preceding 1st January.


7l         Entrants for the Junior Singles must be under 18 years of age on the preceding 1st January.


7m       Entrants for the Youths Singles must be under 21 years of age on the preceding 1st January


7n        Veterans must be over 40 years old, or over 50 for the super veterans on the preceding 1st January.


7o        Cups and Trophies cannot be won outright but will be held for twelve months.


7p        A Consolation Singles will be held if time allows.


7q        Players may be re-ranked for purposes of handicapping at any time.



31.  AVERAGES   


            The winner of the Peeping Tom award for the leading player in the averages in each division and the winner of the Betty Brown trophy for the Female with the highest average in the league shall have played in at least 62.5% of league matches to qualify.

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