Phil discovers form at long last

After firing blanks for a large part of the season the real Philip Richardson showed up on Thursday.In achieving a very rare Man of the Match award he won all three with a spectacular display of power hitting against a strong Foresters B outfit of Lewis Mayhew,Musa and Mike Robinson.He beat Lewis in four and Musa and Mike three straight.Musa must have been delighted playing the same three players two weeks running however he played much better this week forcing Carter to play very well to win in five and pushing BG to four close games.8-1 to Community A.

Community B faced a stronger than normal Foresters D line up of Phil Smith,John Clarke and Tom Pomej and promptly went 6-0 down.From that point Paul Newton beat Pomej in four,Andy Meads won the battle of the septugenarians against JC and Graham Green had a fine win over Phil Smith to bag three points.

Richard Carden scored a great win over Blades As George Hazell 11-8 in the fifth and then lost to the number three Jamie Nordin.Adam Todd beat Jamie and Josh Bennett celebrated his 18th birthday with a maximum before dashing to the pub before last orders.A heavy loss for Foresters A.

Richard Pelc scored a THIRD successive win over Rory Scott and also beat Alan Stone three straight but that was the extent of of Blades Cs victories.Spinners consolidated second spot with a 7-2 win with Marc Burman picking up three and Alan and Rory two each.

Barty was in imperious form against Foresters E swatting away Adam Daley,Bonzo and Phil Nicholls easily all three straight.Tiny Tim got a rare maximum with two close wins versus Bonzo and Phil.Tony Steel is still searching for last seasons form losing two.7-2 to Foresters C.

Horsham A are back in trouble after going down 8-1 to Blades B Digger Barnes picking up one with a win over Top Catt.Three each for Martin Gunn and Steve Barby including a deuce in the fifth win over Digger.

Crawley Sports picked up four priceless points against Blades D but unusually without JRs customary three wins,complaining of the sun in his eyes he only picked up one a close five setter versus Graham Carter and lost to Steve Pound and Michael Bridger.It was left to Sally Henk Hughes Henk to win two over Graham and Steve.Simon Knivett chipped in with an excellent deuce in the fifth win over Steve and only going down to Graham by the same score.A fine treble for Michael,Sports still bottom.

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