1. This event shall be organised annually by the Closed Championships Sub-Committee, which shall:

  • Decide the nature and format of the event
  • Decide the amount of any fees
  • Appoint a referee to settle disputes during the event
  • Make any such rules, in addition to these, as it deems necessary for the efficient organisation of the event.

2. The event shall be open to any players registered with the League who have played at least 5 League matches from their date of registration, by the closing date of the Closed Championships.

3. For the purpose of the Championships a player shall be regarded as

  • A junior if he has not reached the age of 17 years before the previous 1st January
  • A veteran if he has reached the age of 40 years before the previous 1st January

4. The Sub-Committee’s decision on any matters relating to the event, other than those settled by the referee shall be final.

5. Alterations to these rules may only be made in the same manner as alterations to the Constitution.

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