2. The objectives shall be:
·   To organise an annual league competition, divisional handicap competition and the closed championship.
·   To develop and promote the league and to encourage participation in league events.
·   To communicate, inform and consult with the league membership, providing accurate and timely information.


3. Membership shall be an annual affiliation of clubs, within a reasonable distance of Crawley or Horsham, and any invited club such invitation shall be subject to approval by the Management Committee. All clubs accepted  for membership will automatically be affiliated to the E.T.T.A (English Table Tennis Association) and the S.C.T.T.A (Sussex County Table Tennis Association). All players must be registered with the ETTA before they are eligible to play in the League. All clubs entering the League must have a nominated Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer – all of whom must be separate individuals.

4. Application for affiliation must be made each year by the stipulated date on the official form provided for this purpose. The Management Committee reserves the right to refuse an application from a club from which any money due to the league is outstanding at 31st July.

The league will consider applications for associate affiliation for the forthcoming season from any club within the Crawley and Horsham area at the discretion of the Management Committee. Associate affiliation will be free of charge and would expire at the end of the season. An associate club is one with no teams playing in the league in the current season and one which has no voting tights at any meeting.

5. The player affiliation fee shall be determined by a majority vote at each AGM. The treasurer shall put forward recommendations on this fee at the AGM based on a consensus from the Management Committee. It will become payable upon acceptance of the Club's application and will entitle the club to membership for the forthcoming season.



6. The administration shall be in the hands of a Management Committee, which shall consist of the following:

· Chairman
. Vice Chairman
· General Secretary
· Treasurer
· Fixtures and Results Secretaries
· Registration Secretary
· Closed Championships Organiser
· Divisional Handicap Competitions organiser
. Public Relations Officer
· E.T.T.A. and S.C.T.T.A. Representative
· Junior Development Officer
· Webmaster
· Representative from each club falling within the Crawley and Horsham area
and such other members as a general meeting may decide. No one individual shall hold more than one of the offices of Chairman, General Secretary, and Treasurer, who shall jointly be responsible to the Management Committee for decisions which cannot await the next committee meeting.

7. The Management Committee shall meet as and when it shall decide, and four members, one of whom shall be the Chairman, General Secretary, or Treasurer, shall form a quorum. The minutes of each committee meeting shall be sent to the Secretary of every affiliated club for information.

8. Each member of the Management Committee shall have one vote, except the Chairman of a meeting, who shall have only a casting vote, which he may use, if he so chooses, in the event of an otherwise equal division of votes.

9. The Management Committee shall have the power, inter alia, to:
· Fill any vacancies until the next Annual General Meeting
· Co-opt a maximum of two additional members
· Appoint a sub-committee

10. At its first meeting after each Annual General Meeting the Management Committee shall appoint, inter alia, the following:

· Disputes. - Any complaint, protest, dispute or accusation, to be submitted to the League Secretary in writing by the complainant(s) no longer than 7 days after the alleged incident. The incident to be reviewed by three members of the executive committee. The three members of the executive will then decide if the incident merits further action and consideration by a disputes and discipline sub committee and if so, ask for all involved parties to submit their respective evidence and positions on the incident in question. Having acquired the relevant information, the three members of the executive will appoint a disputes and disciplinary sub committee of three, to decide on the outcome of the matter and to report back to the executive with their conclusions and recommend any sanction or punishment they see fit, which the full executive committee will be obliged to endorse. The disputes and disciplinary sub committee shall consist of individuals that are members of clubs within the Crawley, Horsham & District Table Tennis League, players or officials, considered by the executive committee to be fit an proper persons to conduct themselves accordingly and to discharge the duties of the Sub Committee ditto, also, such individuals, as far as can be ascertained, shall have no involvement in any way with the parties involved in the incident. All deliberations and conclusions shall be based on facts and shall be free of rancour, hostility and animosity. In the event of any police involvement or litigation, that procedure should take precedent. Consequently, the committee have an obligation to consult with the police and / appropriate authorities prior to taking any actions. An appeal can be heard but only if the three members of the executive committee can admit and consider any new evidence that may become available and also that such new evidence is viable. The appeal can then be referred back to the original disputes and disciplinary sub committee for a final decision. Any appeal will be subject to a £35 returnable bond which will be forfeit if the appeal to the disputes and disciplinary sub committee is rejected and the original decision is up held. In the event of any member or members of the originally appointed disputes and disciplinary sub committee being available, the executive committee may appoint a substitute (s) using all prior criteria. This may be done in the spirit and sentiment of settlement.
· Selection. This sub-committee shall deal with (1) Team selection for representative matches; (2) Where required to do so, handicapping or seeding events organised by the league.

· Divisions. This sub-committee shall deal with the allocation of teams to the various divisions for the League Competitions.

· Divisional Handicap. This sub-committee shall be responsible for the
organisation and running of the Divisional Handicap competitions.

· Closed Championships. This sub-committee, which shall include the Treasurer, shall be responsible for the organisation and running of the Closed Championships.

Not more than one member of any club shall serve on any of the disputes, Selection and Divisions Sub-Committee.

Annual General Meetings

11. An Annual General Meeting (hereafter called AGM.) shall be held in June or July each year and shall include:

. Apologies for absence.
. Approval of the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting.
. Matters Arising
. Report by the Chairperson.
. Report and presentation of Accounts by the Treasurer

. Determination of player affiliation fees for forthcoming season
. Report by the General Secretary
. Election of Officers of the Club and Members of the Committee.
. Amendment to rules & constitution
. Presentation of Trophies
. A.O.B.

The election of officials designated in clause 6 of this constitution, and of the examiner. A president and any number of vice-presidents as thought necessary shall be elected at the A.G.M. with all officers and examiner. They shall hold office until the next A.G.M. when they will automatically retire but will be eligible for re-election.
Any Registered member has the right to propose a candidate for any office. It is required that requests for nominations (together with an acceptance by the nominee) be submitted to the League Secretary not later than 14 days before the AGM. If more than one candidate for a post is nominated there will be a vote invited from all members in attendance at the AGM. If only one nomination is received for a post this will be put to the vote of members present. If no nomination is received prior to the AGM , then nominations will be accepted at the AGM and put to the vote of clubs present.
The submission for consideration of a duly examined Income and Expenditure Account and Balance sheet.
Any other business as the meeting shall decide.

12. An Extraordinary General Meeting (hereafter called EGM.) shall be convened by the Management Committee within twenty-eight days of the receipt, by the General Secretary, of a request signed by the representatives of at least four currently affiliated clubs, The management committee also have the authority to call an EGM. Such a request shall state the purpose for which the EGM is to be called and only such business shall be transacted at that meeting.

13. Notice of any AGM (or EGM) together with requests for nominations for the Management Committee must be sent to the Secretary of every affiliated club at least twenty-one days prior to meeting.

14. A quorum for all AGM’s (and EGM’s) shall consist of at least one representative from two thirds of affiliated clubs and at least two members of the Management Committee.

15. The only persons entitled to vote at an AGM (or EGM) shall be one representative of each currently affiliated club. Such representatives shall have one vote for each team which his club entered in the current year’s competition, and for voting purposes shall be issued with a card denoting that number of votes. In addition the Chairman of any AGM (or EGM) shall have a casting vote, which he may use, if he so chooses, in the event of an otherwise equal division of votes.

16. Any affiliated club not represented at an AGM (or EGM) shall be liable to a fine of £20, unless the Management Committee shall decide otherwise.



17. The Treasurer shall be responsible, inter alia, for:

· The maintenance of all financial records.
· The presentation of such statements of account as he shall be instructed by the Management Committee.
· The collection of monies due to the League and the payment of all expenses, for which, unless made by cheque, receipts will be obtained.

The Management Committee shall be empowered to:

· Conduct the handling of the Leagues finances in such a manner and as it shall deem desirable.
· Borrow or raise funds in such a manner and upon such terms as it shall think fit.
· Instruct the Treasurer to submit to the Annual General Meeting each year for approval a duly examined Income and Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet, in respect of the year ending the previous 31st May.
An honorarium, the amount of which shall be decided by the members of the Management Committee, other than the recipients, shall be paid each year to the General Secretary, Treasurer, Fixtures and Results Secretary and Divisional Secretaries.
In the event of the League being wound up, any assets remaining after the settlement of all debts and liabilities shall be transferred to an organisation having similar objectives, the choice of which shall be made by the Management Committee. In the event of this not being possible, the E.T.T.A. shall be asked to dispose of the assets.

All payments must be received within 1 month of the invoice date. There will be an additional payment fee of 1% per calendar month or part , for late payments.



18. The executive committee have approval to spend up to £100. All expenditures from £100 to £200 made by any member of the committee or player / club on behalf of the League shall be subject to prior approval by two authorised signatories of the club. All expenditures over £200 requires the approval of the executive management committee, shall be by a simple majority and duly recorded in the appropriate minutes of the committee meeting. The treasure shall monitor and independently record all expenditures which shall be supported by receipts. 



19. In this Constitution, unless otherwise stated, and where the context permits, masculine includes feminine and singular includes plural and vice versa.


20. No alterations to this Constitution shall be made except at an AGM (or EGM) General Meeting. Details of proposed alterations shall be sent to the Secretary of each currently affiliated club at least seven days prior to the meeting. Alterations may be proposed by the Management Committee, or by an affiliated club. In the latter case details must be notified to the General Secretary in writing at least fourteen days prior to the meeting. Minor amendments to proposed alterations may, at the discretion of the Chairman of the meeting, be accepted from the floor.


21. All trophies are to be returned to the Committee Member nominated for trophies by the 31st March, any club, or individual failing to do so will be liable for a fine of £20 per trophy.

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