President's Divisional Handicap "Shield" and Chairman's Joyce Loader Divisional Handicap "Plate"

1. These competitions shall be organised annually by the Divisional Handicap Competitions Sub-Committee, which shall:

  • Decide the nature and format of the Competitions.
  • Decide the amount of any entry Fee.
  • Make any such rules, in addition to these, as it deems necessary for the efficient organisation of the events.

2. All Home & Away league teams will be automatically entered and any teams in centralised leagues are eligible to enter provided they can provide the use of a facilty for home matches.

3. A player may only represent the club for which he/she is registered and may not play for more than one team, however a player may play once for a higher ranked team without being cup tied. This will not apply to the semi final or the final of these competitions.

4. Players must play a minimum of 3 league matches to be eligible to compete in the President's or Chairman's first round proper or any subsequent rounds. This requirement will not apply to the preliminary / qualifying round.

5. Each team entered in the competition shall be designated by the club A, B, C, etc, in descending order of strength.

6. The sub-committee’s decisions on any matters relating to the competitions shall be final.

7. Alterations to these rules may only be made in the same manner as alterations to the Constitution.

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