Minutes of the League AGM held on the 5th July 2017

Apologies were received from Rory Scott,George Gray and Tat on Man.

Present were Maureen Hazell, Mike Hughes, Alison East, Dave Edwards, John Lee, 

Graeme Barnes, Alan Stone, Brian Spicer, Tony Catt, Gill Harding, Marie Campbell, 

David Thompson, Brian Stevens , Barrie Gilbert and Steve Pound.

There were no matters arising from last years AGM.

The minutes were agreed and passed as a true record. Proposed by Alan Stone and seconded by Dave Edwards.

Chairpersons Address.

Maureen thanked Barrie and Brian for doing a very efficient job on recording the results on the Website.

Mike, Alison and Dave were also thanked for the roles they played in the last year.

Maureen reported that the league had supplied volunteers at three K2 Open days, and thanked Alison, Dave and Kathy Edwards for doing this. Maureen had also attended herself, on the 70th anniversary day.  This work contributes to the League obtaining a discount on hire fees.

She reported that our league was an extremely strong one with some players traveling a great distance to participate in such a successful league.

Our Junior teams did the League proud once again by winning the Carter Cup and Bromfield Trophy for the second year. Congratulations to Josh Bennett, George Hazell , Kate Cheer and Alice Hazell on this achievement.

It was felt that although our Premier Division was strong, our home/away divisions need more development and more teams, the new committee will try to work harder in this area.

Once again Maureen emphasised the need for more volunteers and she urged clubs to contact their members to get feed back.

Alison was presented with flowers and thanked for her contribution over the years to the league.


The League needed to vote on a proposal from TT England.

Very broadly the topics relate to future Governance of the sport, funding and democracy.

Steve Pound and Tony Catt were given time to put their case regarding this to those present.

Tony spoke in favour of the TTE proposal and Steve the amendment.

They were both then asked to leave the room and in their absence a discussion was held on the matter and then voted on. Six Clubs voted in favour of Tony's proposal, One abstained.


Secretary Report.

Alison reported that committee meetings were well supported this year.

Graeme Barnes had accepted the role of Vice Chairman.

Confirmation of dates for Premier League for next season will be on the website.

George had sent out a small questionnaire regarding the possibility of running a 3rd Division next season, some replies have been received and will be passed on to be discussed at the next meeting.

Jane Blackburn has been a awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Shield Final was a close match with Horsham Spinners B taking the trophy, Crawley Sports E were runners up.

Owen Brown must be congratulated on his achievement of only conceding 18 points in the final.

This event is very popular and a replacement organiser will be needed to run this event next season.


Divisional Reports.

Barrie said the Premier league has  been stronger than ever.

He felt junior players had vastly improved this year and the strength of the league has also helped more established players to improve as well. Players are willing to travel long distances to be part of our league.

Blades A won the division with Foresters A 35 points behind them.

Outstanding results were recorded by Martin Gunn who won 70/72 games, Josh Bennett 60/62. George Hazell 65/68 and Craig Bryant 57/57.

85 players participated in the Premier division during the season.

Brian said from his point of view the season ran very smoothly with fewer postponements of matches and no match having to be declared void in the H/A Divisions.

Blades D took the title and Horsham B runners up.

In Div 2 Horsham Spinners won, well clear of 2nd place Crawley Community D.

The individual players averages on table tennis 365 lists every player but he would like to highlight and congratulate Richard Hazel who won 96.88 of his games followed by Eric Van - Mol on 88.64%.

In Div 2 Zach Hodges and Sam Watts topped the averages with 94.34% and 91.94% respectively

a great achievement for two junior players.


Treasurers report.

Mike reported that the League was solvent.

The Closed  Tournament broke about even this year.

He emphasised how important it was to for Trinity Practice nights to continue running.

The storage costs at K2 need to be covered as this season we had not had enough income from events that hire our tables.

The League has a total of £8272.89.

Currant Account £4224.13 of which £310 is "ring-fenced".

Interest Account £4048.89

K2 cost will be going up this year by £1 per hour per court.

Teams playing next season at K2 will be asked to pay £335 each.

Junior hire charges will be increased by 50p per hour.


Affiliation fees for 2017/18.

Fees will not change for this season and will remain as follows:

£10 for adults and £5 for Juniors.

Proposed by Dave and seconded by Graeme Barnes.


Election of Officers.

Steve Pound and Alison East resigned their posts and Dave Edwards will not be the Shield Competition organiser next season.

No one came forward to to take Alison's position or Dave's.

Maureen agreed to be the TTE and Sussex county representatives.

All positions were voted for en block and there were no objections.


Amendments to Rules.

Only one rule change had been received.

Andy submitted a Rule change to revert to the old Playing Up ruling for Premier League players only.

The rule was discussed and voted upon.

The vote was For : 8 votes 

                      Against: 7 votes

4 Clubs abstained so the rule change was carried.

Trophies were presented to League Division Winners and Runners - up.



TTE are proposing a £2 increase in registration fees for players next season.

A vote was held as to the leagues position on this, the Clubs generally voted against the proposed increase, 1 abstained.

Maureen felt that our league may get future funding from TTE .

The registration committee have requested that all clubs send in their forms before the 31st July 2017 and will discuss the entries on the 1st August 2017.

Next committee meeting will be held at K2 on 9 August 2017.

Foresters were thanked for hosting the AGM.

Meeting closed at 9.20 pm.











Minutes of the committee meeting held on 17 May 2017.

Present were Maureen Hazell, Alison East, Mike Hughes, Andy Meads, Steve Pound, Dave Edwards, George Gray and Graham Barnes.
Apologies were received from Barrie Gilbert, Brian Stevens and John Lee.

There were no matters arising from the last meeting.

Chairpersons address.
Maureen felt that tonight's meeting should focus mainly on the Treasures report and the clarification of rules.
It was also said that there is still a lack of volunteers and this needs to be addressed.
The Ladies, Boys and Girls teams representing our league have all got through the qualifying rounds in the National Cup Championships.

Treasurers report.
Mike presented an up-to-date income and expenditure sheet.

Deductions are still to be made for the Carter Cup expenditure.
The Closed tournament made a profit of £300 but the hall hire for this event is still to be paid, it is hoped that the event will break even this year.
Trinity practice nights made almost £1000 profit this year.
Storage costs at K2 are expected to rise again for next season, a Singles league was not held this year and also no tournaments to help with the funding of the storage costs.

Negotiations will be going on between the league and K2 about costs for the storage of tables.
It will be necessary next season to raise fees by a small amount for teams playing at K2 to bridge the gap, the amount will be decided once we have confirmation from K2 of their charges this year. There will also be a rise for the juniors coaching table hire at K2 this will most probably go up by 50p per table.

Closed Championship Report .
There was very good feedback this year, players commented that they thought the event was much better for being held on one day.
Some players felt that the over 50 event and the Vets event could run along side one another as there was a time gap between the two events so some players left before the second event started.
Thanks were given to the organisers and also those players that came early to help set up the tables etc and those that stayed till the end to help clear up at the end of a long day.

Shield tournament.

Dave reported that the final had taken place and the winners were Horsham Spinners B, the star of the match was Owen Brown who only gave 18 points away all evening enabling his team to beat Crawley Sports E by 14 points.

The Shield and Individual trophies were handed out on the evening to the winners and the runners up Crawley Sports E.

Dave said that this will be the last season that he will be running this tournament.

This event might have to be taken out of the calendar for next season unless someone comes forward to run this popular event.
Thanks were given to Dave and Kathy for the organisation of the competition.

Rules Clarification

The implementation of League Rules was discussed, it was generally agreed that the Registration Committee had adhered to the league Rules and Guidelines. Andy handed in a rule change for discussion at the AGM.

Sussex initiatives.

An event is being held on 30 May for 18 players who have been invited to a coaching session run by Sussex.
The English ranking list was used to decide on those that would be invited to the event.
Six players from our league were asked, 4 from Horsham Spinners TTC and 2 from Horsham TTC. The event will be held at the Triangle Sports Centre,Burgess Hill.

More development is planned for the future.

3rd Division.
After our last meeting only one volunteer has came forward to be on the sub committee to help with the development of this idea.
Secretaries were asked if they will establish the level of interest and support for a 3rd Division or an alternative league format. Input is needed from players.

Various ideas were spoken about but we will have to wait until we know how many new teams will be entering the League next season before any decisions can be made.

Nets and Tables.
It was asked if correspondence can be provided as to where the nets that are generally stored at K2 are, if used elsewhere.
It was stated that the nets are sometimes used for coaching events in Sussex and this does take priority for use.
It was agreed that there would always be 4 nets available for the junior sessions held at K2 in the closed season.

North Horsham Growth.
Steve informed the committee about a large new building development in Horsham and the opportunities that this could open up for the league.
New schools will be built in this housing development and Steve is in negotiations with the developers to establish if the sports halls can be built to include a plan to accommodate table tennis.

Alison will be stepping down from her position as Secretary this year. Thanks were given for all the work she has provided to the League.

Steve spoke about the possibility of holding an event at K2, this is a Crowdfunding UK event and he would like clubs to ask their members whether they would be interested in supporting such an event, which will be aimed at attracting the top 8 U.K. players. Individual and corporate tickets would be available.

Meeting closed at 9.30 pm. 


Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 29th March 2017.

Present: Maureen Hazell, Alison East , Barrie Gilbert, George Gray, Steve Pound, Andy Meads,

John Lee, Dave Edwards, Brian Stevens and Graham Barnes.

Apologies were received from Marie Campbell and Mike Hughes.

Matters arising from last meeting.

Barrie said after requesting prompter starts at Premier matches the request was still being ignored.

Chairpersons Address.

Maureen said there is a lack in volunteering both at K2 and at Trinity practice nights.

She felt the League should be looking at developing the League with the possibility of developing a 3rd Division in the very near future. 

She felt that any rule change proposals should be discussed at the meeting prior to the AGM.

Treasurers Report.

Mike report was read out in his absence.

All fees from Premier clubs and affiliation fees had been paid in full.

A total of 165(145 adults and 20 Juniors)had been affiliated this season.

Mike wanted to thank clubs for collecting fees from members so promptly and efficiently.

To date this financial year we have made a profit of £878.01 although there is a outstanding fee to of £320 which we have not yet been invoiced for so effectively our profit of £558.01.

Practice sessions up to 7th March income is £1,848.00 with still possibly another 8 weeks to run so the final income will similar to last season.

Alison was thanked for paying the money in every month.

Expenditure this year to date has been minimal only items to date being the English League Cup  entries £144, trophies from last season £270 and the purchase of a store cupboard for K2 £128.

If anyone has any outstanding expenses please let me have them ASAP.

Only costs likely to be incurred before the end of season are in respect of the League Championships and Summer League if being run.

Last season the Championships made a loss of £271 but this is the only event of the season where the spending of League funds, and the making of a loss is justified.

As the event will be held on 1day this year hire costs will be reduced, it should considered whether this “saving" could be added to the prize fund.

Secretary Report.

Alison reported that dates for Premier League have now been confirmed by K2 and are as follows.

7th 14th 21st 28th September 2017.

5th 12th 19th October 2017.

2nd 9th 16th 23rd 30th November 2017.

7th December 2017.

4th 11th 18th 25th January 2018.

1st 8th 16th 25th February 2018.

1st 8th 16th 25th 29th March 2018.

The League are participating in the 70th Anniversary celebrations at K2 this coming Saturday and invited clubs to come along and promote their clubs if they wish.

A reminder was given for any individual wishing to discuss any Rule changes at this years AGM that they need to be received no later than 2 weeks prior to meeting.

Trophies are now being collected so if anyone has them please contact me to arrange collection.

Trophies are getting tatty so we are wondering how members felt about either replacing or discarding having them.

Divisional secretary's reports.


Barrie confirmed that Blades A had won the division this year. 2nd place went to Foresters A and Crawley Community A taking the third spot.

It was felt that the division had strengthened in the lower half of the division.

85 players had taken part in the division this season.

Home and Away.

Brian reported that Blades D had taken the 1st Div Title and Horsham Spinners had won Div 2.

There was still three matches unplayed in division one plus one that cannot be processed.

In division 2 there is also three matches not played.

The last official week for these matches to be played will end on 14 April 2017.

It was felt that there is a large gap in standards between the Premier and Div 1.

It was felt that Div 1 was extremely strong this season and hopefully this division will be more competitive next season.

Copthorne and Crawley Community match.

Insignificant players turned up to play this match it was felt under the circumstances that Copthorne would be awarded the points. Crawley Community apologised for the confusion over this match.

Closed Championships.

A small subcommittee has been set up for the running of this competition.

The draw is intended to take place at Trinity on the Tuesday prior to the competition.

The competition will be starting at 9 am, if anybody can turn up from 8 a.m. onwards to help set the tables up the subcommittee would be grateful.

Refreshments will be available on the day.

Graham Carter will be asked if is available to do a press report for the day.

Horsham Central League

Graham reported that there had been 20 weeks of play and that it was mainly juniors that had played.

It was felt that the division had worked well and players enjoyed the experience.

Financially the venture had made a slight loss.

It was hopeful that extra teams would be playing next season.

Singles league.

Maureen said that no immediate decision will be made whether or not to run this event this summer.

Once again a lack of volunteers have come forward to help run the event. It is not ruled out that this event will not be held but a change of venue maybe required.

English League Cup.

The League will be entering into all 4 events.

The Junior Boys event will be hosted by the League and will be held on 8th April at Trinity the senior teams will be playing in Reading a day later.

It was agreed that expenses of 28p per mile will be paid for 1 car per team.

Third Division.

A sub committee will be set up to see if this can be an option that the League could work towards.

Interested club representatives should let the committee know of your interest please.

County Initiatives.

Steve is looking into running a league in Sussex in 5 locations possibly with 6 teams .

These events will be held over a weekend and be of different standards.

Clarification Of Rules

It was agreed that this should be discussed at the next committee meeting prior to the AGM.

Postponed matches.

Brian felt that he would always prefer a match being played than claimed.

Matches should not be cancelled just because the best players are not available on the scheduled night.

Once again the committee will look at this at the next meeting.


John said that Julia Cornish felt that her restrictions of her playing in the League was rather restricted and unwelcoming. The reasons for these restrictions were made clear to John.

Handicap Shield Final will be between Horsham Spinners B and Crawley Sports E.

Date of next meeting will be 17th May 2017.

Date of AGM will be 5th July 2017 at Foresters Table Tennis Club.

Meeting closed at 9.30pm.



Minutes of the CHDTTL committee meeting - Wednesday 18th January 2017 -7.30pm


Apologies were received from Steve Pound and Mike Hughes. 


Present were Maureen Hazell, Alison East, Andy Meads, Brian Stevens, Barrie Gilbert,

Brian Stevens, John Lee, Dave Edwards, George Gray and Graham Barnes.

Before commencing the agenda proper Maureen asked if all present were happy with a time limit and that the meeting close was no later than 9pm – an AOB was added in relation to the cancellation of Premier matches on the 12th January.


Matters Arising – A lot of time had been spent on this topic at the last meeting. The minutes issued for that last meeting were considered a true record. It was accepted that George Gray felt differently and he had widely distributed his views on that matter. Maureen proposed that we did not alter the minutes George’s objection had been shared and his objection recorded. It was proposed to move on and this was agreed.


1.Chairpersons Address 

Maureen started with a brief explanation of the circumstances behind the cancellation of the Premier matches on the 12th January 2017. There was a yellow weather warning in place and snow had started to fall heavily an hour and a half before matches were due to commence. Several players had expressed doubt about travelling and so the Chairperson and President decided - on the grounds of safety - to cancel the matches. The committee discussed the decision and agreed with it. No additional charges would be made for this particular season.

A frequent theme from the Chairperson, and raised in previous meetings was about encouraging more volunteers to assist with league activities. We would welcome suggestions on how this could be improved. The same people do the same jobs. This impacts league development because we rarely get beyond current league activities let alone new ones. Dave has continued to run the Shield despite requesting to step down and practice night is supported each week by the same people. This year we bolstered the Registration committee so we can add new posts and maybe we should consider appointing a “Volunteer co-ordinator”.  

Another popular topic is the development of local players – we acknowledge that having a strong league is positive and young players can only benefit from that. We welcome those younger players - some of them are top County players - and we particularly wish to acknowledge those clubs - most notably Spinners - providing player opportunities in the lower divisions. We need to do more but the lack of volunteers impacts this – we should work with Horsham TTC to see if a bridge or link can be built with the Horsham Central league. We need volunteers for those discussions and ideas for a third division something that would complement but not compete with the Horsham Central League.

Maureen requested ideas and proposals for development to come to the committee. Whilst our league is the strongest in Sussex we cannot be complacent nothing is perfect and ideas to develop or change rules should be considered ideally before the next season starts. We generally have a rule change meeting prior to the AGM any volunteers to stand or ideas for change are welcome suggestions to be sent to Alison.


2.Secretaries Report

The Handicap Competition is now at the quarter finals stage. Congratulations were given to Craig Bryant, Kate Cheer, Alice and George Hazell, James Smith and Josh Bennett who have been invited to compete in the PG Mutual National Championships.

No new volunteers have come forward to help at practice nights at Trinity. A booking form has been returned to K2 for the request of dates for the 2017/18 season.  It has been provisionally requested that the season will start on 14/09/17 and finish on 22/03/18. Storage charges will be £1200 for the year and 4 badminton courts will cost £52. Confirmation of our requested dates will be confirmed. A safeguarding statement has been released by TTE and there is an updated list of licensed coaches on that site.


3.Treasurers Report

The Treasurer provided a report. All clubs had paid Premier League and affiliation fees in full, with some finalising in the week.  He thanked clubs for their efforts in this respect, appreciating how difficult it can be, particularly for bigger clubs to collect.

Payments to K2, both in respect of hire charges and storage charges, had now been paid up until the end of the season (31 March). Holy Trinity hire fees have been settled up to 31 December 2016, invoices are now being presented at the end of each school term and the next payment will therefore be made around the beginning of April.

SCTTA affiliation fees had been paid in full (crossing in the week) with a request from SCTTA. We currently have 165 members affiliated to our League, 145 adults and 20 juniors.

Total takings from the Holy Trinity Tuesday evening practice sessions, from 1 June - 30 November 2016, were £1,225, an average of £51 per week.  The cost of hiring Holy Trinity is £34 per week, which means that on average there as a weekly profit of £17, resulting in a total estimated profit from these sessions, over the whole year, of £800-£900.

Expenditure this year to date has been minimal. The only likely costs incurred between now and the end of the season are in respect of the Closed Championships and the Willmott Cup.  If anyone has any requests for any other items of expenditure, please could these be raised, and approved by committee, at the earliest opportunity.  An up-to-date Income and Expenditure Account will be provided at the next meeting.  In the meantime, if anyone has any questions, please let Mike know.


4. Update from Divisional Secretaries


Premier Report Barrie reported that there is problem with some teams having excessively long practice therefore starting matches as late as 8pm. This can be disturbing to teams that do start matches on time and delays the result cards availability.

Captains are requested to make sure matches start on time.


Home and Away Report Brian reported that in the Home /Away Div 1 that two matches are outstanding from week 1 and another from week six. There was one instance of a match plus the reverse fixture still being outstanding. He asked if these matches could be arranged ASAP. In Division 2 matches are all up to date. There was one match card that required committee discussion because of an unregistered player and this was covered later in the agenda 


5. Closed Championship

Dave confirmed that Trinity has been booked for 23rd April 2017. Please note the tournament will be held on 1 day this year and volunteers will be needed on the day.


6.Registration Request

Horsham Spinners requested a very late registration for a player to be registered and 

play on the same day of request. Rory was advised that the player could participate in the match but the score may not be counted as committee approval was required for late registrations. The card was subsequently submitted and the players name and scores had been input. In line with league rules the match card was referred to the committee.

The request for the player to play in Div 2 was declined and the scorecard amended. The committee agreed however that a further request for that player to play in Division 1 would be allowed.

7. League Cup Championship

It was agreed that players will be asked in league ranking order if they would like to represent the league in these competitions.


Graham Barnes has accepted the vacant position of Vice Chairman. This was unanimously agreed.

Crawley Sports would like to register a returning player to the Crawley Sports E team. This was agreed on condition that the player would not play in matches against the top 3 teams in Division  2 to prevent any results affecting the promotion position.

George Gray asked if the Player Ranking system currently being tested by 365 could be made public. The meeting discussed this and adjudged that at this point it contained anomalies so is not representative of the true league ranking order. This would be monitored for the future.

George Gray asked if the League Minutes could be widely circulated. George was advised that not only were the minutes sent out to all the Club Secretaries for cascade but they could also be viewed at this point on the League Website.

Date of next committee meeting will be held on Wednesday 29th March 2017.




Minutes of the CHDTTL Meeting on the 12th Oct 2016

Recorded by Maureen Hazell

1.    Apologies for Absence were received from Andy Meads, Tat–on  Man and Rory Scott

2.    Present Maureen Hazell,Dave Edwards,Barrie Gilbert,George Gray,Mike Hughes and Graham Barnes.


 2.    Matters arising from last meeting  Item 2 Formation of Divisions “There was discussion about certain players the Registration Committee agreed all submitted players apart from only one player  .. some committee  members felt that  some players were put in a division where their standard was too strong. The respective clubs removed the queried players” As an amend it was agreed that reference to division should have actually have read “Team”. With the approval of the Registration Committee one Division 1 player was subsequently moved up a Team rather than a Division. George Gray expressed his disagreement with the registration /ranking decision for this one player and there was then a lengthy debate about the relative ranking of other players (also in division 1 that had not all been involved in the original discussions) The committee spoke about those players their strength and their results in Premier.. The members of the registration committee that had agreed the ranking and the wider meeting concluded that the ranking and registration was correct. George did not agree and requested that his objection was recorded in the minutes.

3.    Chairman’s Address Maureen opened the meeting by saying how well the season had started. The league continues to thrive and there are stronger divisions. Rory Scott in particular should be congratulated for bringing so many Juniors into the Crawley & Horsham League. They are developing players and are having a good degree of success particularly in division 2. The strength of the league had prompted a request from a team in the Brighton area asking to join Premier Division, Maureen advised that entry to the Premier was earned by winning division 1 and that we have to support our local players in ensuring they are not disadvantaged.

4.  Secretaries report   Alison sent an update The League has a total of 192 registered players. This comprises of 10 cadets, 14 juniors, 46 senior and 122 veterans. There are 172 male and 20 female players in our league. Dave Edwards had completed the annual return for the league online.

5.  Treasurers report The Treasurer announced that there had been little activity on the accounts so far this financial year, but he thanked Alison in particular for collecting the proceeds of the Holy Trinity practice session each week, paying the funds directly into the account and advising him accordingly, which was very helpful. Income from these sessions was very much in line with last year, averaging £40-£50 a week. The hire costs for Holy Trinity have been paid up to the end of August 2016, and in the case of K2, we have had to pay hire costs and storage charges in advance up to December 2016, amounting to £2,289. This is a substantial sum, but these costs will be reimbursed mainly from the Premier League fees charged to each club.  The invoices for these fees, along with the affiliation fees to CH&DTTL and SCTTA for each individual member, which will be sent out to every club towards the end of November.  This will hopefully give club sufficient time to collect all their fees from members, so that they have sufficient funds in their own accounts to meet these invoices.  It is hoped that all these invoices can be settled by the end of the year at the latest.”

6.   Horsham Central League report - Graham Barnes advised that The Horsham Central League had started up again and that it was a success. Numbers were quite low still which was to be expected. This year would be a learning period for subsequent seasons. If other clubs were interested in submitting a team they should contact Horsham TTC

7.      Fees for playing at K2 It had already been agreed to make a small increase to affiliation costs ( £10 for Adults and £5 for Juniors) and team costs for Premier were agreed at £325 per team.

8.      Update from Divisional Secretaries Barrie Gilbert provided an update the season had been going well to date with no particular issues.

9.      Setting date of Closed Championships we had been contacted by the Guilford League who were planning to have their closed event on the 21st/22nd January this would not create any clash for us. Ours would likely fall at the end of our season as in previous years it was agreed to investig

10.   A.O.B  -  George advised the meeting that because of other commitments he was unable to support voluntary events at K2. In future K2 would contact Maureen Hazell and this would allow us to continue to be placed on the preferred customer list. For 2015/16 the discount was over £700 and Maureen confirmed that the league had been in touch with K2 about this. 


Date  of next committee meeting is  Wednesday 18th January 2017.


CHDTTL Minutes 22nd August 2016

Present: Maureen Hazell, Dave Edwards, Alison East, Brian Stevens, George Gray, Graham Barnes, Barrie Gilbert, John Lee, Ray Sutton

Apologies were received from Mike Hughes, Andy Meads


Chairpersons Address

Maureen informed those present that the primary purpose of the meeting was to agree the Divisional Format for the forthcoming season but the registration committee had already met prior to this meeting to discuss the submitted teams and players which would assist decision making.


Formation Of The Divisions

Those present were given time to analyse the teams and players that had been submitted to the registration secretary. 14 teams will be playing in the premier division at K2. 12 teams were submitted into the 1st Division and with 8 teams in Div 2. Division 1 teams will play each other twice during the season and Div 2 teams will play each other three times during the season. A discussion was held about a possible different formation to make the divisions more even. It was felt that by the majority of those present that the quality of players submitted would suit a 12 team Div 1 and an 8 team Div2 format.

The committee are aware that it would be preferable to have a more equally balanced divisions but for this season they are to stay as they are and look into the possibility of recruiting more teams for next season with the possibility of making three divisions.

There was discussion about certain players the registration committee agreed all submitted players apart from only one player some committee members felt that some players were put in a division where their standard was too strong, the respective clubs removed the queried players.


Horsham Central League

After several discussions about the Horsham Central League the overiding view from the CHDTTL was a positive one, however with the proposal from Horsham TTC that there would be absolutley no involvement from CHDTTL in the set up running or reporting of it there were reservations about how in practice this could really be an affiliated part of our wider league. We would wish to avoid a league within a league and we would really need to have some involvement in a new set up that was affiliated to our league. Sussex County would look to CHDTTL to report on it which would be difficult to achieve. We had requested a report at each meeting to accomodate that - Horsham TTC agreed that they would do this but at this time they did not want to pursue the affiliation for this season. This will be reviewed again next year bu both parties. All players in this league will be affiliated to T T England details will be finalised this week and distributed to league secretaries



Rory Scott has qualified as a licensed UKCC level 3 coach

Maureen Hazell and Graham Barnes are currently key holders for the K2 storage cabinet for premier evenings. George Gray holds the key for the junior apprentice evening that is held at K2 on a Thursday evening. Please note that these keys are the property of CHDTTL not individual clubs abd are on loan and must be retuned to the committee if asked to do so.

Next committee meeting will be held on 19th October 2016 at K2

Meeting closed at 9.00 pm


AGM 20/07/2016


1. Apologies for absence

2. Chairpersons Address

3. Secretaries Report

4. Treasures  Report

5. Premier Secretaries Report

6. Home & Away Secretaries Report

7. Affiliation Fees for 2016/17

8. Election Of Officers

9. Rule Changes

10. Presentation Of Awards

11. AOB


Minutes OF AGM 20/07/2016

1. Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Andy Meads, Tat On-Man

Present Maureen Hazell, Alison East, Mike Hughes, Brian Stevens, David Thompson, Barrie Gilbert, Dave Edwards, John Lee, Howard Bostock, Steve Pound, Grahame Barnes, Alan Shipley ,George Gray Alan Stone, Eddie Graham - Adams, Charlie Graham Adams

2. Chairpersons Address

Maureen welcomed all to the meeting with particular thanks to Foresters TTC for hosting. She also thanked the League committee and club representatives for their support and dedication in the past year.


We continue to be a succesful league with County wide demand for places in our Premier league and strong home and away divisions. The Summer league ran for the second time and was very popular particularly with Juniors and Home and Away players. Thanks were given to Barry and Brian for keeping TT365 updated with scores and great write ups. Special Thanks to George Gray who is stepping down as webmaster George has done a huge amount of work on our website and we promise to look after that legacy, we know that players value it.


Dave Edwards despite trying several times to lose this job should be congratulated for running a succesful handicap tournament. The Closed championships was another success of the closing season with great press coverage locally. Thanks to Dave Edwards his wife Kathy and Alison East for organising a great event. Our finances throughout the season have been kept in good shape by Mike Hughes who should be commended for keeping us in a strong position to manage all of our various activities.


Maureen finished her summary of the past season by highlighting some strong performances on the national stage with many of our league players involved in Senior British League teams, Womens British League and also Junior British League. A particular highlight though was the amazing double cup success of our Juniors in the English Leagues Competition Cup.


Representing our Junior boys Josh Bennett and George Hazell and representing the girls Kate Cheer and Alice Hazell they were  succesful in beating all other leagues throughout the country and lifting the honours for Crawley & Horsham. Champions ! History made and our names on the cups !! ( Carter and Bromfield) 


On a less successful note the focus on volunteers throughout the season has not generated the additional help that we need to continue developing our league. A quick look at the accounts will illustrate the importance of our Tuesday practice nights, the income is important and yet we still have too few people volunteering to keep those sessions going, Maureen urged all clubs to support these sessions rather than just a few  ..we all need to play a part or we will not be able to continue this important part of our league activities.


The development of our divisional structure has also not seen the progression that we had hoped for but we are optimistic that with positive developments surrounding including a Horsham Central division into our league structure we may be able to provide development opportunities for players in our Home and Away divisions.


Overall a season to be proud of we are a leading league in the county with very strong playing conditions. Our focus next season should remain on the development of our volunteer network as well as the promotion of our Home and Away divisions to ensure that we continue to offer great league play opportunities. Please continue to support your league committee so that we may thrive.


3. Secretaries Report

Committee Meetings have been well supported this season. It is not possible to hold these meetings on an evening that suits everyone but Wednesdays seems suitable for most. The agendas seem to be getting longer and sometimes we can cover all items, hopefully next season this can be improved upon.

More help is required on Tuesday Nights, for the practice nights held at Trinity School, otherwise I fear that these evenings may have to close, once the season starts I cannot commit to being there every week due to family commitments. The money that is generated at these sessions are vital to keep our league financially strong and helps pay for replacement equipment and trophies, so if any Club or Individual can help out even if it is just once a month could you let one of the committee know, I will still be willing to bank the money. 

A collection was made for Derek Flanagan and he was delighted with a collectable Porsche Car and a Garden Voucher, he seems to be settling in well in Somerset.

Stan Whiley passed away during the season and a donation was made to the British Heart Foundation. It was good to see so many players and ex players from our League attending the service.

A cupboard for storing our equipment has been purchased for K2 to help us keep track of our nets etc. Premier players need to make sure this locked at the end of match nights, a decision will be made on who will be responsible for this. The season is scheduled to start on Thursday the 8th Sept 2016 and end on Thursday the 30th March.

Excellent results from the Leagues Juniors, George Hazell & Josh Bennett won the Carter Cup, Kate Cheer & Alice Hazell won the Bromfield Trophy. Congratulations to them & thank you for the drivers supporting them. 


This seasons handicap proved once again that when teams play with their best players the system usually provides close results. The final came down to a match up between two Forester Teams. The J team prevailed comprising of Alan Hitchings, Phil Green & Jane Blackburn, they finished 28 points ahead of Foresters H, Russell Forman, Mike Daley & Dave Edwards who had started 165 points adrift.

Closed Championships

The Closed Championships was held over 2 half days, very strong competition this year, strongest it has been for many years, plenty of help was given & the championships raN smoothly, one person has not paid for playing in the competition & and I will take this up in private with their Club representative.

Please remember to pay individual membership to T. T England £12.00 for adults and £6.00 for juniors & Cadets.

Thank you to all Club Representatives for all their hard work during the season, it can often be a thankless task. Thanks to Barrie Gilbert & Brian Stevens for entering the results, George Gray for his work on the Website. This is really a team project where so many people are involved in making our League the envy of Sussex. So thank you all that are involved.

4. Treasurers Report                                                       

The Treasurer reported that this year’s figures, for the financial year to 31 May 2016, showed a net profit of £1,044.55, compared with a profit of £1,309.04 the previous year.  However, these were slightly misleading in that, because of a delay in the receipt of invoices from Holy Trinity School, £800 of hire costs from the previous year had been included in this year’s figures.  Effectively therefore, last year’s annual profit was approx. £500, and this year’s approx. £1,850.


There are two main reasons for this significant increase:-

The success of the Holy Trinity practice evenings.

Income for the year increased to £2,379.50, compared with actual hire costs of £1,408, a profit of around £1,000. Whilst the primary purpose of these evenings was to provide all-year-round practice facilities, at reasonable cost, for all League members, the success of the evenings provided the added benefit of this additional income.  Thanks to all those whose hard work made these evenings possible, particularly Alison, Maureen and previously Derek.


A strategy had been put in place this year, specifically to meet the additional costs of the storage of tables at K2 (£100 per month, total £1,200).  In the previous year, this cost had simply been absorbed into the profit, but this year, funds were raised, exclusively from the use of K2, to meet this cost.  These consisted of an additional levy on Premier League teams, which raised £560, a contribution from the Singles League (£144), and income from the use of the tables for junior coaching (£240 - thanks to George Gray) and from tournaments (£200 - thanks to Steve Pound). Therefore, this additional cost of £1,200 was almost met in full, with a “shortfall” of only £36.


As usual, part of the accounts consisted of funds simply collected and paid away (e.g. Hire of K2 and SCTTA fees, which had increased from £7.30 to £10 this year). Overall expenses had been kept to a minimum, with the usual payments for trophies, plastic balls and scorecards. In addition we continue to support the Willmott Cup (cost £118.50) which raises the profile of our League and is a very worthwhile cause.


Finally, the net results from the Closed Championships and the Summer Singles League were a loss of £271 and a profit of £112 respectively.  The Closed Championships are the highlight of the year and the League will continue to support them.  It was not the intention to make a profit on the Singles League, but it is impossible to predict how many people will enter, and to set the charge accordingly, so the entry cost will be reviewed again next year to ensure that we simply break even on this event.  Thanks again particularly to Maureen and Alison for arranging these two events, and in particular for collecting all the funds and paying them in directly to the bank account.


In summary, the League has a total of £7,149.78 in its bank accounts, a figure which has been steadily increasing over the past 2-3 years.  This is a healthy position, but we should not be complacent as we will need to purchase some new tables in the near future.


5. Premier Secretaries Report

I have raised these issues at meetings during the season, but do so again at the AGM.

1. Team Captains must ensure that cards are completed fully and returned to me after completion of their match. 

2. If elected for next season I will wait in the Bar until the last match has finished, I will not be chasing teams for their cards so any cards not given to me will not be input and will be the responsibility of the Team Captain to do so.

6. Home & Away Secretaries Report

In this Computer age most of you, if not all have access to all that follows on Table Tennis 365

This season was a complete contrast to the previous season, in that Division 2 was keenly contested whereas Division 1 the top two teams were 75 points clear of the rest. Congratulations go to Blades C who won Division 1 by 31 points from Horsham Spinners B. Division 2 was not decided until the last week of the season, Horsham C winning with 134 points, just 3 ahead of Crawley Sports D with Crawley Sports E a further 6 points adrift.

In Division 1 the top three players who played in at least 50% of the scheduled matches were from the same Club, Blades C, Congratulations must go to Ryszard Pelc who won all his 35 matches, Richard Hazell and Erik Van Mol were second and third with averages of 94.34% and 90.48% respectively. Craig Wellings of Holbrook A was the leading player in Division 2 winning all his 23 matches, followed by Tat On-Man (Horsham C) and Bob Watson (Holbrook A) with 92.59% and 85.71% respectively. 

The doubles averages reflect the League situation in Division 1, Blades C winning with 90.48%, over 25% clear of second placed Horsham Spinners B. Again Division 1 was more evenly contested in that Holbrook A and Crawley Sports D tied on 77.78% with Crawley Sports E only just behind.

My only concern is that a few players should have been registered for higher teams within their Club.

Copies of the League Tables and Averages can be found on Tabletennis365.com/crawleyandhorsham/league as I am sure you are all aware.

7. Affiliation Fees

It was decided to increase the CHDTTL Fees to £10.00 for Adults and £5.00 for Juniors & Cadets. The extra money raised would be ring fenced in a Table Fund. It was decided to initiate a meeting with Holy Trinity to discuss possible Table Replacement George to set this up.

8. Election Of Officers

George has stood down as Web Master and Minutes Secretary. Adam Daley has volunteered to take over as Web master and our Secretary Alison East will take on the  minute taking, Dave Edwards has stepped down from Handicap Secretary

9. Rule Changes

There was a series of cosmetic rule changes and some actual Rule Changes, Maureen/Alison to pass these over to Adam Daley for him to update the rules on our WebSite.

10. Presentation of Awards

Trophies and Awards were presented to the Divisional winners.

11. AOB

There was no AOB


Subsequent to the meeting George informed Maureen that on reflection he would not be able to initiate/lead the Table replacement negotiations with Holy Trinity

The AGM closed at 9.15


AGENDA 11/05/2016 

1. Apologies for absence

2. Matters arising from last meeting

3. Chairpersons Address

4. Secretaries report

5. Treasurers report

6. Reports from Divisional Secretaries

7. Willmot/Carter Cup etc update (Dave)

8. Junior Competition 2016/17]

9. K2 Relationship

10. Singles League

11. Closed Championships

12. Divisional Format 2016/17

13. Registrations

14. Rule Changes

15. AOB

16. Date and venue for AGM


Minutes of Meeting 11th May 2016


Apologies For Absence

Apologies were received from: Barrie Gilbert, Andy Meads, Brian Stevens, Marie Campbell, Tat On man

Present Maureen Hazell Alison East, Dave Edwards, Ray Sutton, George Gray, Steve Pound, Mike Hughes, Grahame Barnes, John Lee


Matters Arising From Last Meeting

Splitting the H&A Divisions

C/Fwd an update on this is presented in Item 12

Summer Singles League


Closed Championships


Table Usage

C/Fwd an update on this and other matters is presented in Item 9.




Chairpersons Address

Thanks were given to all on the committee for the work they have put in throughout the season. We have a strong league the envy of many leagues in Sussex at both Premier and Home and Away levels. The season ended successfully - not without it's dramas! Still though there are too few volunteering so that all can play and enjoy the game. The Closed was a great success, popular and well run receiving good coverage in the press. The singles league is also proving popular - at least half players of Premier standard - it’s providing good challenge to lower division players and juniors alike. Thanks to all on the committee treasurers, webmasters, secretaries (whether general registrations or divisional) to those that represent us at County meetings those that provide press coverage and actually those that just put the tables away ! Special thanks to Dave Edwards and Alison East who give up their Tuesday evenings - income generated from those league practice sessions doesn't just give our members a chance to play..  it provides us with vital funds for the league. Without this let's remember..  ..all players would pay more. 

To close, we should recognise that committee members require support. Let's ensure we all have deputies, or others that can support our work.


Secretaries Report

Practice nights are still attracting players, there have been no comments about the increase in fees, the sessions are now closed until the end of June, banking takes place every month. Players are still not helping to put the tables away. The division 2 Trophy for the Championships is missing, some players were not aware of the Closed Championships. All trophies are with the engraver and all will be updated and ready for the AGM. The costs totalled £248.64 made up of £79.20 for engraving cups & shields Individual and Divisional trophies cost £169.44. Two new bases have been added to two trophies and current winners will be engraved still awaiting a price for this as they have to be individually made. The premier dates have been revised the start date is now the 8th Sept to the 15th Dec 2016, then 5th Jan to the 30th March 2016, additionally K2 is not available on the 6th and the 20th October 2016. A trophy was donated for the Closed Championships and named the Stan Whiley Memorial Trophy in his memory. Finally Tat On Man, Horsham Chairman, asked if our meetings could be held on a Monday.


Treasures Report

The Treasurer reported that this year’s figures, for the financial year to 31 May 2016, were almost complete, the only remaining items were the receipt of funds for the final two practice sessions at Holy Trinity School and confirmation of final receipts from the Singles League which would confirm the exact profit made on this event.

An estimated profit of £1,219 was expected this year, a considerable improvement on last year’s figure of £335. The reasons were explained – among them an increase in receipts from Holy Trinity (up £150) a reduced loss of almost £300 on the Annual Tournament (from £495 to £271) and the covering, to a large extent , of the additional storage costs of £1.200 imposed by K2, which had not been covered at all the previous year.

These costs were covered by an additional levy on Premier League teams, which raised £580 and receipts of income from Table Hire of £180. In addition part of the profit from this year’s Singles League (£144) had been allocated for this purpose. These contributions still left a “Shortfall” in covering the K2 storage costs of approx £300, whereas the hope had been that sufficient income could be achieved from hire costs to cover the costs in full. This issue would be addressed next year.

In summary the League’s finances were in a reasonably healthy state, the expected profit would result in an increase in bank balances, by the end of the financial year, from approx. £5,100 in May 2015 to £6,300 in May 2016, but with the need to acquire some new tables in the near future, we should always be striving to improve our financial position, so that any capital expenditure of this sort can be covered.

Special thanks to Alison for all her assistance with the finances, notably the paying in, on a regular basis, of all funds achieved from Holy Trinity sessions as well as all receipts from the Closed Championships


Reports from Divisional Secretaries


Brian reported that the results of all H&A matches have been entered into TT365. No matches were made void, with 4 matches being conceded as walkovers, two in each division.

Division 1

Blades C won the division easily with 195 points winning all their games, Horsham Spinners B were second on 165 points a further 45 points away from 3rd team

Division 2

This division was much closer, the top team was not settled until the last week when the leading teams 2 teams played one another. Horsham C finally coming top with 134 points just three points ahead of Crawley Sports D with Crawley Spots E a further 6 points adrift.


32 matches were played where teams conceded because they were not playing with three players.

 Division 1

Only three teams played all their matches with a full team every week, one team played short sided on 5 occasions & 3 teams were short sided on 3 occasions, giving a total of 22 matches where one side was short sided.

Division 2

Much better, only 10 matches were played short sided involving 5 teams, on one occasion a team played with only one player



Report from Barrie Gilbert. The continual late start of matches, and why do C C A always start first?

Captains not all taking responsibility for handing in cards following completion of matches. If I am elected for next season I will wait until the end of the last match but will not chase individuals, so if I do not have all cards it will be their responsibility for inputting results


Wilmott/Carter Cup Report

Mark Collins and Dan Pound represented the league in the Zonal round of the Wilmott Cup. Playing against strong opposition from Hastings, Guilford, and West Kent the pair came up withsome fine individual wins over higher ranked opponents. Mark beating Ritchie Venner and Owe Karlsson and Dan taking out Chris Bush. A good experience for the two young players who finished in Third spot, Hastings finishing top.

Josh Bennett and George Hazell had straight forward wins in their Carter Cup Zone round and go on to the finals in June with high hopes of a good finish.

The junior Girls team of Kate Cheer and Alice Hazell go straight to the finals of the Bromfield Trophy to be held alongside the Carter Cup in June.;


Junior Competition 2016/7

George spoke about the opportunities for Junior Competition in the League, he updated the committee on two small but successful Junior Leagues that Crawley Community have run but observed that there was little Junior Competition available at a League level. Graham Barnes advised the meeting that Horsham have a proposal to put forward and this is presented under Item 12. 


K2 Relationship

Maureen updated the committee on what had been a positive meeting with K2 management. Discussions centred around problems with bookings, Health and safety issues around cleanliness ( storage area and floors) tripping hazards and the security of CHDTTL property for which storage charges were levied. K2 management expressed that difficulties had been encountered by having to communicate with several different committee members. Communication it  was agreed was to be directly with the chairman of CHDTTL going forward. Subsequent to this meeting there have been further issues ..  and another meeting is being organised with the Area manager. The committee agreed that a significant rebate should be claimed for issues over the past season.

Action Maureen


Singles League

Maureen advised that the singles league was running well - although numbers were down on last year we are using less space in the hall and most players were enjoying the challenge. Although there are fixtures to be set up, and scores to be recorded, the league has largely managed itself. The same issues as last year relate to reserves. We should consider maybe two man teams next year or possibly allowing more catch up time.. to play missed matches.


Closed Championships

The Closed Championships were held over the W/End of the 16th 17th April. The Championships went well and thanks were given to all helpers and supporters, special acknowledgements were given to Alison East, Steve Pound, Dave and Kathy Edwards.


Divisional Format 2016/17

Discussion was had over the format for next season. It was stated that it was difficult to establish the best format without knowing how many teams were being submitted by clubs. Holbrook were in favour of a three division format for Home and Away and Foresters favoured retaining the current format. Horsham TTC had won promotion to division 1 and Maureen suggested that whatever the outcome that team should not be disadvantaged. Graham Barnes presented a proposal to the committee that had already been discussed provisionally with Maureen. It related to having a separate division for a Horsham Central League run by HTTC but affiliated to CHDTTL it received a positive response from the committee and all clubs would need to consider a formal response prior to a separate meeting agreeing the final divisional format. In the meantime a survey would be issued to members in bullet point format in preparation for that meeting. 

Action Maureen



Registration issues and the ranking of players often prompt discussion and were raised at the last committee meeting. We have a pre season discussion about the teams that are submitted by each individual club  ..  and how players are ranked – we all have a chance to contribute - there will not always be agreement and healthy challenge is fine but we have to limit the dialogue and challenge that goes on during the season, Challenges at the end of the season are not very constructive)

We have a registration secretary Dave Edwards who does a very good job ..  Our rules around registration are well documented and Dave does consult widely, particularly when it affects title or relegation battles. What perhaps we have not done so well is evidence that consultation. Dave may choose to consult with Steve Pound or Barrie Gilbert if it is a premier player.


So that we can limit the challenges around registrations and ranking Dave has been asked to formalise a registration committee because it’s not clear to the wider group that we have been through a player review and that other committee members have been consulted.


Grahame Barnes and Steve Pound have agreed to be part of that committee .. as has Brian Stevens ( as Home and Away divisional secretary). We hope also to include Barrie Gilbert as Premier divisional secretary and John Lee, because his club has teams in all divisions. Dave will not necessarily need agreement from all members of the registration committee for every decision because it will be cumbersome and particularly if it’s a simple registration or only affects one particular division  ..  but naming these committee members will give us some comfort that decisions are being made as a group.

A suggestion was made that we name the registrations committee when the Registrations secretary was voted in at the AGM.


Rule Changes

Time did not permit discussion of a rule change submitted by Crawley Community and Maureen explained that members should be allowed time to reflect on all changes submitted. Therefore all secretaries will be invited to submit any rule changes together with the rationale behind the proposal, these changes will be circulated by Maureen and Alison prior to a separate meeting and certainly before the next Committee Meeting which will be held on Wednesday the 29th June at K2.

Action Maureen / Alison



There was a brief discussion about revenue raising and it was decided to form a revenue raising Sub Committee to have a look at what this might entail and how it might be implemented, This will be C/Fwd to the next meeting.


The AGM will be held on Wednesday the 20/07/2016 venue to be advised

The next committee meeting will be held on Wednesday the 29/06/2016 at K2 staring at 7.30pm


AGENDA 16/03/2016

1. Apologies for Absence

2. Matters arising from last meeting

3. Chairpersons Address

4. Secretaries Report

5. Treasurers Update

6. Premier and H/A Reports

7. Closed Championships

8. Summer League

9. Use of CHDTTL tables at K2 for volunteer event in 2016

10. League Competition Rule 11, interpretation and impact

11. AOB


1. Apologies for absence:

Apologies were received from Maureen Hazell, Mike Hughes, Tat On Man

Present: Steve Pound, Alison East, Dave Edwards, Graham Barnes, Brian Stevens, Barrie Gilbert, George Gray

2. Matters Arising from the last meeting

Completed and outstanding actions have been recorded in the previous minutes

3. Chairpersons Address

Apologies I am away on business so work has prevented my attendance tonight, As we approach the end of the season we need to ensure our divisional formats are fit for purpose, relegations and promotions are close to being decided. We need also to ensure that we collectively support the organisation of the Crawley & Horsham Closed and the singles League. Please can I ask each of you to think about offering to help with this event and most of all encourage entries. It should be our Flagship event marking the end of a good season. The season has been strong and we need to continue improving the quality of what we offer overall. 

4. Secretary Report

Firstly on a sad note Stan Whiley has sadly passed away. Stan suffered for many years with heart problems but died of complications of dementia. Stan enjoyed coaching and was a big influence amongst juniors especially Joe Comper & Ben Dewsbury. Dave has posted information on the WebSite of funeral details, The League has sent its condolences to June, and the committee authorised a £25 tribute from the League.

George has asked the committee if it is OK to advertise the Summer League on the Web Site, some of the committee members have been slow in replying.

We have booked K2 for next season the start date is Thursday the 15th Sept 2016 the first half will go up to the 8th December 2016, there will be a three week break for Xmas and the New year, the second half will start on Thursday the 5th January and the season will finish on the 30th March 2017. We will have confirmation from K2 to make sure there is not a repeat of double booking.

Sussex School Games have asked if they can use our Tables at K2 on Thursday the 23rd June from 10.00 until 2.00 pm. We will need to decide if we are charging them for usage. There will be 9 teams, this has been forwarded from Derek to us. 

Practice Nights at Holy Trinity still need more volunteers, although players are generally helping now with setting up and putting away equipment, we may have to personally ask people to help.

Currently I am banking the income once a month and have informed Mike of this.

5. Treasurers Report

You will note That I am predicting  an overall profit of £1,145 for the financial year, compared with £339 last year. This takes into account the additional K2 storage costs of £100 (£1200) for the whole year.

The reasons for this projected increase are:-

1. An increase in the income from Holy Trinity practice sessions from£2,014 to an estimated £2,163, due To greater numbers attending and a recent increase in the individual charge from £3.00 to £3.50

2. An additional levy on the teams playing in the Premier League of £40 per team, raising an additional £560. This is intended as a contribution towards the storage costs.

3. Additional expenditure last year (eg grant to Crawley TTC £250, purchase of metal cupboard £120) not required this year.

4. Late income from last years Summer League, included in this years accounts (£225)

However, this predicted profit of £1,145 is also assuming that the figures for the two remaining big events, the Closed Championships and the Summer League, are in line with last year - ie a loss of £500 on the Closed Championships and a profit on the Summer League of £420.

Closed Championships

This event is always going to make a loss because the hiring of Holy Trinity for the two days is £384, and with prizes etc, we should budget for an overall cost of £500

Summer League

I don't think it was our intention to make such a big profit (£420) on this event last year, we would have been happy for it to have made a small profit, or maybe just break even. We charged everyone £30 each to enter, and with 39 entries altogether that created an income of £1,170.

If we get similar interest this year, I think we could afford to reduce the individual entry cost to £25 or even £20. That is a decision which the committee will need to make. 

6. H/A Report

Brian reported that the divisions were running smoothly, and that the score cards were being sent in on time and that overall he is pleased with how things have gone this season.

7. Premier Report

Barrie reported that the cards are generally being completed OK, however he still has to remind some Captains/Players to give him the cards at the end of the matches. He did report some problems with entering reports into TT365, "He gets locked out and loses some of the report", although he uses the save option to save the data, he now writes up the report long hand before entering into TT365. 

8.Closed Championships

The Closed Championships are scheduled to run on Sat and Sun the 16th and 17th April, only 5 entries recd so far. Alison asked for volunteers to help run the event and for committee member to advertise it to their members.

9. Summer League

The Summer League is due to start on Thursday the 14th April and is scheduled to run for 6 weeks.

10 Use Of CH&DTTL Tables at K2 for volunteer events in 2016

George advised that K2 have asked if we could support their Summer Program again this year the requirement would be approx 8 / 10 hours, the resource required from CHDTTL would be the use of Tables, Nets Bats Balls etc and a qualified volunteer. The committee agreed to this. George stated that he would continue to volunteer to do this for 2016 but there needs to be a rota for 2017. There was a discussion about whether we should apply Table Hire costs. Also there was a discussion about and the actual hire cost for the premier program before and after any discounts were applied, it was agreed that when Maureen meets with K2 she should clarify these costs. 

11. League Competition Rule 11 Interpretation and Impact

George advised the committee that there were some queries about how this rule had been applied this season and that some players felt that there had been some anomalies in the process. The committee debated this but it proved difficult to resolve it was agreed that this item be carried forward to the next meeting.

12. A.O.B

George advised the Committee that he would be standing down as Web Master, he will create the 2016/17 schedules and would act as advisor and trainer if required but would be winding down his involvement subsequent to that.

Alison advised the Committee that the K2 basic hire rate will go up by £1 next season

Date Of Next Meeting


AGENDA 20/01/2016

1. Apologies for absence

2. Matters arising from last meeting

3. Chairmans address

4. Secretary report

5. Treasurers report

6. Report from Divisional secretaries

7. Survey update and more discussion regarding splitting of H/A divisions

8. K2 hall hire / use of storage / equipment storage

9. National Tournaments in West Sussex

10. Willmot and Rose Bowl competition

11. Web site reports and authorities

12. Closed Championships

13. Development and promotional work for the league

14. A.O.B

1. Apologies For Absence:

Apologies were received from Barrie Gilbert, Tat On Man, Marie Campbell, Andy Meads, Mike Hughes.


Maureen Hazell, Alison East, Derek Flanagan, Brian Stevens, Graham Barnes,Steve Pound, George Gray

2. Matters Arising from the last meeting

Completed and Outstanding actions have been recorded in the previous minutes

3. Chairpersons Address

Maureen opened by saying that our focus should now be on how we organise the league going forward. We need to be agreed on Divisional formats for Home & Away well in advance of next season and we need to take on board the feedback that will inevitably come from the players responses to the survey( detailed under later actions). The popularity and strength of our Premier Division was creating a lot of interest in how we manage new players in and how the playing up rule was being used by some. There is a need to review some of our league rules to ensure we are serving local players as well as stronger out of area players.

4. Secretary Report

Alison reported that there were no outstanding secretarial issues.

The Sussex Closed will be held on the 08/05/2016

5. Treasurer Report

Mike sent a written report, not much to report regarding the accounts. I have given Clubs until the middle of January to pay all their affiliation fees, but until I get the next statement I can't say definitely who has paid and who hasn't. The majority have paid, some haven't and when I have the full picture I will start chasing those who haven't paid. 

All booking fees - K2 and Holy Trinity - are paid, I will prepare a full updated income and expenditure account for the next meeting, if anyone has any queries please Email me direct.

Contained with the 18/11/15 Treasurer Report, agenda item 5 para 2, Mike was asked to check the Singles League profit and report back.


6. Report from Divisional Secretaries

Premier: No report from the Premier Division. 

H&A Brian reported that everything was running smoothly.

7. Survey Update re Splitting of the H/A Division

Maureen updated the committee on the progress of the survey, feedback was given, Maureen to incorporate feedback and circulate via Email.


8. K2 Hall Hire/use of storage/ equipment storage

Maureen to arrange a meeting with K2 to discuss the double booking on the 26/11/15, Alison to check with K2 re the non authorised K2 use of our Tables, Create an inventory of CHDTTL equipment at K2 and H.T

Action Maureen & Alison Alison contacted K2 re non authorised use of Tables COMPLETED. Maureen action COPLETED

9. National Tournaments In West Sussex

General discussion re this issue agreed SCTTA will be taking this up.

10. Wilmott & Rosebowl competition

It was agreed that we will be entering teams into these competitions as well as the Carter & Bromfield competitions.

Action Maureen & Dave COMPLETED

11. Website Reports and Authorities

It was agreed that the premier division Web Site reports worked well with Barrie providing one overall commentary on all matches. In Barries absence reports had been submitted on key matches only but ideally we would make this wider where possible.

Discussion surrounded the fact that for home and away games not all clubs were submitting match reports which was creating a large number of entries for one or two clubs. It was agreed that a weekly report would be better than numerous entries for one club. If every club submitted match reports it would get too busy but it would be good to see a wider range of news. 

TT365 has informed us that they will not be able to provide password protection to the CMS pages, but there will be a new module ready for next season which will give us what we want and more. George to look at ways of allowing updates to take place in the meantime. Steve mentioned the E mail capability that exists within TT 365 and should we be using it, George to investigate and report back.

Committee agreed to leave the existing CMS pages as static and await the upgrade due in August. Committee agreed to purchase a one year licence for the Enhanced Email system, George to set things up. 

Action George COMPLETED

12. Closed Championships

General discussion re attendance the meeting hoped that more juniors would enter.

13. Development and Promotional work for the League

The meeting talked about a CHDTTL flyer and other promotion opportunities

14. A.O.B

Maureen talked about SCTTA licensed coaches and she asked that all clubs who engage coaches ensure that they are fully qualified.

Maureen asked if the WSTTA could use our Tables for a Schools event  on the 27/01/15, the committee agreed to this.

Derek talked about the need for maintaining the tables at H.T

Date of next meeting is the 16/03/2016 at K2


AGENDA 18/11/2015

1. Apologies for absence

2.  Matters arising from last meeting

3.  Chairperson address

4. Secretary report

5. Treasurer report

6. Reports from Divisional Secretaries

7. Junior League

8. Discussion on the possibilIty of splitting of H/A Divisions

9. Development initiatives

10 A.O.B

1. Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Tat On Man, Barrie Gilbert, Dave Edwards, John Lee.

Present Derek Flanagan, Mike Hughes, Graham Barnes, George Gray, Alison East, Maureen Hazell, Brian Stevens.

2. Matters arising from the last meeting

Completed and outstanding actions have been recorded in the previous minutes.

3. Chairperson Address

Maureen opened the meeting by reinforcing the need to recognise volunteer effort and recruit more. Other roles including Secretary / Treasurer and Webmaster should be acknowledged. We will continue to recognise and highlight these roles. She spoke also to suggest a promotional leaflet to highlight the work of the league and attract others to it, this is something to develop in the New Year ready for next season.

Meeting the needs of local players and developing the League has to be a focus and separate to this meeting we should kick that off once we have responses to our survey. We have a really strong Premier Division, this year has seen a strengthened Division 1 too but we have to ensure we are delivering what the players want particularly in the lower divisions and we need to consider how we bring juniors into the game more.


4. Secretary Report

All necessary forms have been completed and returned to Table Tennis England. We had 160 players registered when forms were completed more have been added.

The K2 10 year celebration that run last Saturday went extremely well. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of interest there was in our sport. The Robot was a real attraction to the event & queues were forming at sometimes. George informed the local dignitaries of the success of our League and plans for the future. Thanks to George and the other volunteers that turned out to help.

Sussex County are planning Junior Coaching sessions, they are using the funds raised by the increase in the affiliation fees to support this. It is a possibility they may want to hire 8 tables from us to use at K2, personally I think we should make a reduction in our usual charge of £10 per day per table.

5. Treasurer Report

In the accounts which I presented at the AGM in May, the profit for the year to 31 May 2015 was shown as £1309.00 but I explained that this did not include the hire charges for Holy Trinity School since December 2015, as we had not received the necessary invoices. These invoices were subsequently paid and the final position for the financial year to 31 May 2015 can be summarised as follows.


Total net profit £334.54 (after payment of K2 storage charges of £800 for 8-month period October 2014 - May 2015)


Within this figure the Closed Championships made a net loss of £495.55 (which includes the hire of Holy Trinity for the Saturday and Sunday of £384.00). The Summer Singles League made a profit of £420.80. (This figure was queried and Mike was asked to re check it)

My projections for the current year show that the league will make an estimated profit of £339 (ie very similar to last year), even taking into account the K2 charges of £1200.00 (for the full 12-month period).

We are heavily dependent for income on the funds obtained from the weekly practice sessions at Holy Trinity School. Last year, total income from this source was £2014 - this year, I am predicting an increase to £2,093, although due to some very well attended practice sessions in August and September, before the start of the season, I am expecting this figure to be exceeded. I would like to thank Derek very much for all his efforts in this regard, not only on behalf of the Committee for his contribution in arranging and running the sessions, but also personally for collecting the funds so efficiently each week and banking them directly for me.

Various proposals for raising additional income to meet K2 storage costs of £1200, were put forward by Maureen and discussed at the Committee Meeting on 17 August. The most significant of these was to charge all teams playing the Premier Division an additional storage Levy Fee of £41, increasing the cost per team for season 2015 - 2016 (excluding individual player subscriptions to CHDTTL & SCTTA) FROM £278 TO £320. I have not included this in my projections - if it is, it will increase the League's income by £574 and therefore the estimated profit from £339 to £913.

It was suggested that the fees for H.T be increased from £3.00 to £3.50 for adults and from £1.50 to £2.00 for juniors starting the first session back after Xmas this was agreed.

 6. Reports From Divisional Secretaries

No report from Premier Division

H&A: Brian reported an improvement in completing the match cards, he said that the outstanding match situation was good and that he understood that Blades will be catching up this week. He thought that the response times were slower this year but understood that developers were working to improve on that. 

7. Junior League

George reported on the Junior League that will be starting on the 19th November at K2 the committee felt that they had not had enough notice re this event and asked if it could be run from the Crawley Community Web Site, George agreed and would contact TT365 developers and ask for a coy of League Manger to be downloaded to the Club Site 

Action George COMPLETED

8. Splitting the H&A divisions

This was an action C/Fwd from 14/10/2015. Maureen presented the first survey questionaire, there was a general discussion about the document and feedback was given. Maureen will incorporate the feedback and will re present the document.

Action Maureen C/Fwd

9. Development Initiatives

Maureen updated the meeting on a development fund that is now available from SCCTTA for local Leagues/Clubs to help them to run development initiatives in their districts, Maureen suggested that we take advantage of this and run a local circuit event.

Action Maureen DROPPED

10 A.O.B

Maureen stated that WSSTTA have asked to borrow our tables for a schools event at Tanbridge School, the committee approved this as long as the equipment was back at K2 by Thursday.

Action Maureen COMPLETED

George informed the committee that Community  will be opening on a Sunday evening for further Junior coaching and if there is any space left for Adult Social play.

Derek was asked if he could draw up a rota system for managing the Tuesday sessions at Holy Trinity

Action Derek COMPLETED

Date of next meeting is the 20/01/2016 7.30 at K2


AGENDA 14/10/2015

1. Apologies for absence

2. Matters arising from the last Committee Meeting

3. Chairmans Address

4. Promotion and Relegation and Divisional Format

5. Start Date For Summer League

6. 10 year celebration at K2

7. Closed Championships 16th / 17th April 2016

8. Handicap Competition

9. Any problems arising from Home/Away and Premier League

10. A. O. B

1. Apologies for absence:

Apologies were received from Brian Stevens, Derek Flanagan, Graham Barnes, Andy Meads


Maureen Hazell, Tat On-man, Marie Campbell, Mike Hughes, Barry Gilbert, John Lee, George Gray, Alison East, Dave Edwards.

2. Matters arising from the last meeting

All outstanding actions from the last meeting were completed and the previous minutes are to be updated accordingly. Some members were not sure how to print minutes from the minutes page, George to insert print instructions at the top of the Minutes Page

Action George       COMPLETED

3. Chairmans Address

Maureen welcomed all to the meeting and re stated her hope that our league recognises the effort that our volunteers put in and that we need to continue to address the needs of local players and that we as a committee need to consider how our league will develop in the future. She also mentioned about the Tuesday League practice nights and the need for more support & an admin rota system to be put in place. Finally she suggested that an article be produced  to recognise the efforts of the League volunteers for the Tuesday sessions. Barry mentioned the Thursday sessions providing good opportunities for juniors, it was agreed that whilst a great addition it was not league run.

Action Maureen   COMPLETED

4. Promotion and Relegation and Divisional Format

It was confirmed that there would be promotion of one team from Division 1 to the Premier and relegation of one team from the premier to Division 1 at the end of the season. There would also be promotion and relegation of 1 team for all the other divisions. A suggestion was made to create a Championship division but this was not approved so the Premier format will remain as it is with 14 teams. There was discussion about Division one and two it was suggested that Division two may might become unviable within the existing structure. There were several options put forward re how these divisions might be re structured. It was decided to produce a Open Questionaire and use this to consult with the organisation. Marie  and Maureen to produce this document and circulate to all secretaries before circulating to all players.

Action  Marie & Maureen C/FWD

5. Start date of the Summer League

The Summer Singles League will start on Thursday the 14th April and will follow the same format as last year. C/FWD

6. 10 year celebration at K2

The league Co-ordinators for this event will be Maureen & Alison all interested Clubs to let them know what they will be doing

Action Maureen and Alison, All   DROPPED

7. Closed Championships

Maureen to initiate a working party to consider how to manage the week end. Dave to organise a pre meeting with Barry and Steve to discuss scheduling issues. 

Action Maureen & Dave COMPLETED

8. Handicap Competition

Dave Edwards to run the competition this year but will be standing down next year so he asked for someone to shadow him ready to take over. Dave is on Holiday during November so the first results will have to wait until he returns.

Action Dave   DROPPED

9. Any problems arising from Home / Away and Premier League

Home & Away: No report from Brian as he is on holiday all outstanding results will not be entered until he returns late October.

Premier: Barry raised a number of issues, he talked about, matches starting late, players practising before matches thereby delaying the start, there are some problems with completing the match card, and he stated that the captains should take more responsibility for the completion of the cards. He also asked if anybody had any interesting facts about their match to let him know so that he could include it in his reports.  Barry is on holiday for three weeks from the 12/11/15 and Maureen will take over the result entry in his absence. George to checkTT365 permissions.

Action Maureen George   COMPLETED

10. A.O.B

The Club Web pages contained within TT365 are available for Club use George to check out permissions etc and update Club Secretaries. 

Action George    COMPLETED

Alison reported that she had been informed that K2 had used the league tables for an activity,  Maureen to check this out with K2   

Action Maureen  COMPLETED

George asked if he could pay the annual Junior Table Levy of £240 in 3 monthly instalments of £60 each this was agreed.   

Action George   COMPLETED

George informed the meeting of a Junior league scheduled to start on Thursday the 12th November, it will be a singles League with, hopefully two divisions, 

Action George    COMPLETED

Mike Hughes to invoice Steve Pound for the Table hire costs for the Heritage Oil tournament and the Junior 4 star.

Action Mike   COMPLETED

A suggestion for a Xmas celebration was C/Fwd to the next meeting.   DROPPED

It was agreed that the minutes be approved by Maureen before general release George to action this.

Action George   COMPLETED

Date of next meeting is the 18/11/2015 7.30 at K2


AGENDA 17/08/2015

1. Apologies for absence

2. Matters arising from last meeting

3. Chairpersons address

4. Allocation of teams

5. Start date of Single League

6. CHDTTL Growth & Development


1. Apologies:

Apologies were received from Mike Hughes, Tat On Man, Andy Meads, Marie Campbell


Maureen Hazell, Derek Flanagan, Alison East, Dave Edwards, Dave Steel, Brian Stevens, Ray Sutton, George Gray,Graham Barnes, Rory Scott, John Lee, Barrie Gilbert


Matters Arising From Last Meeting

There were no matters arising It was agreed that the agenda for forthcoming meetings be posted in the news section of the Web Site. Also that any actions should be recorded in the minutes and that they be followed up in Matters arising at the next meeting, also that the minutes be uploaded to the minute section in the Web Site and that all attendees are consulted as to their accuracy before advising the organisation in general. It was suggested that any personal references not be included in the minutes but are circulated separately to the meeting attendees.

There has been an agreement regarding the Table Hire Costs and Maureen was asked to circulate the details




Chairpersons address

Maureen opened the meeting by reflecting on what a strong league CHDTTL is, we have plaers travel some distance to play in our league and it's stronger as a result. She acknowledged the hard work of Derek Flanagan who has been an amazing Chairman, he will be sorely missed and formal thanks were recorded. Thanks were also recorded for Alison our secretary and indeed all of the rest of the committee and club reps supporting the league. It is the volunteers that make our league so successful and it is hoped that we can recognise the volunteer effort and encourage more to get involved over the season.

If we are to maintain the strength of the league we need to continue attracting the better players from outside of the area - of course - but should this be at the cost of local players unable to access play at a level to challenge them? we should ask ourselves if we are addressing the needs of local players and our local game or are we happy that we are serving a wider audience than Crawley and Horsham?

Development of the League is required for next season but this is a big topic.. how do we integrate juniors better? how do we keep the standard reasonably even? particularly between divisions .. these discussions are required earlier in the season and a separate meeting / committee is probably required. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss league formations and team allocation so development would need separate discussion. Last season the singles league was a great success and we have to implement other initiatives.

Development of the Premier League was a proposal that had been rejected by some players saying that they would withdraw from the league if this idea progressed. This is disappointing and negative because the committee cannot have players hold us to ransome .. these ideas require a fuller committee discussion and a more open debate to include all club views, next year we can make sure this happens.

League formation discussions will include our promotion and relegation strategy for next season and how we cater for the demand ( or lack thereof! ,) this season and subsequently if there are too many or too few teams submitted. Topics for another day are the ranking rules and the protocols around teams taking promotion or choosing not to .. we have to get this agreed again a lot earlier in the season.

In Summary

Recognise and recruit volunteers

Provide a player pathway for local players whilst maintaining a competitive league

Develop the league and the game - providing a sub committee for development initiatives

League formation format / rules to be agreed well in advavance

Ensuring that the players gaining benefit from our league are also supporting it by volunteering, attending practice sessions or entering our closed championships

Before moving on to the agenda proper Maureen mentioned some club changes that have been implemented instead of 10 clubs there are now 8 .. that form part of the league each relevant club was invited to share the changes with the committee



Allocation Of Teams

John Lee updated the meeting re the merger of the Trinity Table Tennis Club with Crawley Sports

George Gray & Barrie Gilbert updated the meeting re the merger of Crawley Community and the Crawley Table Tennis Club. George to update registration details and pass to Dave.

Graham Barnes informed the meeting that Tat On Man is the new Chairman of Horsham Table Tennis Club.

It was confirmed that the Premier Division would remain at 14 teams,with a start date of the 17/09/2015 and a three week break over Xmas namely Thursday's the 17th, 24th & 31st December. There were conversations about changing the format of the league but it was decided to keep the format as it is. It was confirmed that Horsham Spinners B team are to be relegated to Division 1 Rory advised that the team would not be sustainable in that case. 

It was confirmed that Division 1 would have 13 teams, although George indicated that one of the Crawley Community teams is in danger because of late withdrawals. It was also confirmed that Division 2 would have 9 teams .

The division 1 & 2 team allocations initiated considerable debate, Holbrook argued strongly for a more even allocation of teams and ability levels and there was concern over a 9 team Division.  Holbrook accepted that imposing three even divisions for the new season had a retrospective effect on the promotion / relegation places teams thought they were playing for last season so could be felt to be unfair. suggestions were made re the playing format and if/how the divisions could be evened up, Graham Barnes said he would try to get a third Horsham team to play in Division 2. Discussions were also held re the Team/Player allocations and some players were re allocated to more suitable teams. Division 1&2 will start W/B Monday the 14/09/2015 with the Xmas break being W/B Monday the 21st and 28th December, the divisional handicap dates will be W's /B 16th Nov and 18th Jan.

The committee found this section of the meeting to be challenging and although time is short it was agreed that further consultation time should be allocated to the Division 1 & 2 teams and players. It was agreed that the schedules be created in TT365, with the knowledge that changes may be forthcoming, and that a second meeting/discussion should be take place to decide on the teams in each division and on whether to re constitute the divisions at the end of the first half to even the numbers ( If necessary ) and the abilities, for instance four teams may go down to div 2 and two teams up to Div1, Maureen to initiate this.


George to resolve the second Div 1 Crawley Community Team issue COMPLETED

Graham to try to get a Horsham team for the 2nd Division  COMPLETED

George to produce the schedules in TT365 COMPLETED

Maureen to initiate the second Div1&2 meeting/discussion COMPLETED


Start date Singles League

There was not enough time to deal with Item 5 so this will be carried forward to the next meeting


CHDTTL Growth and Development

There was not enough time to deal with item 6 so this will be carried forward to the next meeting



There was no AOB from the meeting

Maureen had put forward a  proposal for the Table Storage Charges this was approved and is presented below.

The CHDTTL needs to raise an additional £1200.00 to pay the K2 table storage charge, last season this cost (Pro Rata at £600 ) was absorbed by the league and not passed on to players. Outlined below is a proposal, the basis of which, is that the players who use the facilities at K2 are responsible for funding the storage costs.


A basic event charge for outside organisers of £10 per table per day should be agreed, this could include the Heritage Oil event or other tournaments. The Southern Vetss is booked for Feb 2016, last year this contributed £160, and whilst not guaranteed, this is currently the only confirmed booking for next season.


League based events ie, Premier and Singles League charged at a rate of £2. per table per session, this would bring in ( based on last seasons sessions ) Income of Premier £572, Singles £144.


Individual Clubs would be charged as a separate item and it would be refered to for billing purposes as a storage Levy Fee. The total cost for a 3 player Premier team just for illustration would be £373 = £278 Basic Hall Hire, £54 Sussex/Crawley fees £41 Storage Fee levy. CHDTTL proposal is to charge £320 ( rounded up by £1 )plus separately charge each player affiliation fees ( subject to ratification at Sussex AGM likely to be £18 per player)


Junior usage at a reduced rate of £1.50 per table per session, estimated income would be £240 from a 4 table set up over 40 weeks ( Encourage more affiliation to the league from these players)


Fun days or other events run by K2 using the Leagues tables where a charge is collected to attend £5 per table depending on the session time slots, this to be negotiated with K2 and charged directly to them (Separate meeting to finalise this with K2)


West Sussex Schools event if held at K2 a minimal charge


Discover from K2 if there are any other users or events that use the tables as this could generate further income.

If the above proposlas are agreed this will bring in income of

Premier League Players - 11 tables over 26 weeks = £572

Singles League Players - 12 tables over 6 weeks = £144

Juniors  (with a reduced surcharge of £1.50) - 4 tables over 40 weeks = £240

Total regular users = £596 plus tournament to break even (projected) £160 = total £1,116 this means we would need just one tournament to break even and anything else would be a bonus.


It would appear that Heritage Oil table hire is yet to be added from the recent event so this takes our total income to £1316 and covers costs

Based on the accounts presented at the AGM we made no money last season we have to take action to absorb these costs next season and this proposall doesn't factor in any surplus cash for tables nets or any development

So please support this proposal for the development of the game


A.G.M 01/07/2015


Apologies Andy Meads, Graham Barnes, Juliette Crozier, and Fred Batten

There were no matters from last years AGM

1. Chairmans Address

Derek welcomed all to the meeting. He thanked all the current Management Committee and Club representatives for their support and dedication in the past year. Overall last season had been especially successful, for the first time a Summer League had been run with great success, also Junior After School sessions.A junior League had also started for the first time and George and Maureen were thanked for their work on these two ventures. Dave was also thanked for running a successful handicap tournament. Derek felt that the premier is at its capacity and we have invoked the promotion and relegation between the divisions after many years grace. TT365 continues to be a great success and thanked George, Barrie and Brian for updating the site in a very efficient manner. The closed championship was another success but once again there was a lack of juniors. Steve was thanked for his work and reminded everybody that the Heritage Oil Tournament is being held at K2 on the 4th / 5th July.

2. Secretaries Address

Alison reported that the committee meetings had been generally well supported, minutes have been uploaded onto TT365 with the exception of one dated 06/08/14, George assured those present this would be done. A list of prhibited players is now officially held by our registration secretary and by myself. A letter has been sent to one Premier player warning him of a potential ban for un-sportsmanlike behaviour if this continues. It is likely that some teams will amalgamate for the new season. Trophies have all been engraved at the cost of £79.26. Individual trophies for League winners and runners up along with shield trophies cost £146.40 making a total cost of £225.60. Premier winners were Crawley Community A Runners up Foresters A. Div 1 winners Foresters E runners up Blades C. Div 2 winners were Blades E Runners up Crawley Sports C. Winners of the Presidents shield were Trinity C Runners up were Crawley Sports C, no Chairmans Shield was held this year. Thanks were given to Dave for organizing the event. Thanks were given to our resigning Chairman as he moves on to new pastures.

3. Treasurers Report

The annual accounts were presented by Mike Hughes. He said that the accounts were in unaudited form and awaiting sign off by the Auditor which will be done shortly and will be circulated to all clubs. W are still awaiting for an invoice for hire charges from Holy Trinity totaling £1,120.00. Total profit for the year is £189.04. The cost of running the closed championships will be £463.44 compared with £608 in 2014. Summer League provided an income profit of £300.00

4. Premier and Home /  Away Sec Reports

Barrie reported that he felt the new design score cards were successful, although many cards are from being completed correctly and this needs to improve.There has been a trend that some matches at K2 are starting later and later and this disturbs matches that have commenced. Captains should made responsible for checking score cards are filled in correctly and handed in to him at the end of the evening, he is not prepared next season to chase around collecting them, reams must take responsibility for this

Brian reported that on his part things run smoothly and cards are generally completed. One team from Trinity had withdrawn from the league and they will be sent a fine for this, there had been 7 matches that were not played. Congratulations to Steve Simpson for a 100% record in Div 1 and to Neil Harris in Div 2 for only losing one game.

5. Affiliation Fees For Next Season

It was agreed that CH&DTTL would support the proposed increase in affiliation fees at SCTTA AGM on the 2nd August. Adults would increase from £7.30 to £10.00 and Juniors would decrease from £7.30 TO £5.00. CH&DTTL would remain unchanged at £8.00 for adults and £4.00 for Juniors/Cadets. Steve will vote on behalf at the Sussex AGM. It was felt that any increase in fees affect smaller Clubs finances. Players that play in multiple leagues pay affiliation fees to everyone they play in.

6. Election Of Officers

Lists Of Nominated persons were presented. No one had been nominated for Chairperson or Secretary. Maureen offered her services as Chairperson and this was accepted. Alison will agree to stay in her role with support. Andy Meads will be honoured to be asked once again to be our President. Derek Flanagan said he will take up the position of Vice Chairman until his departure. A single mass vote was taken on all positions. Nominated by Howard Bostock and seconded by Alan Shipley.


All registration forms need to be filled in and returned to Dave Edwards by the 31st July 2015. The new plastic balls will need to be played with in all divisions from the start of the season. The league will get feedback about which balls are recommended and send out recommendations. Hire charges at K2 will go up with inflation again this year. Alan Shipley has offered to run quiz nights to help funding for next season. Horsham Club were thanked for reducing the cost for hire charges for the Wilmott Cup.

1st Committee meeting for the new season will be on Wednesday 19th August 2015. This meeting will primarily to discuss the league format for the new season.

AGM closed at 9.05pm


Committee Meeting 06.05/2015

Present Derek Flanagan, Alison East, Mike Hughes, Dave Edwards, Steve Pound, George Gray, Maureen Hazell, Graham Barnes

Apologies for absence Andy Meads, Barrie Gilbert, Brian Stevens & John Lee

There were no matters arising from the last meeting

1. Chairmans Report

Steve Pound is standing as Chairman for TT England and Derek has personally endorsed Steve and asked the League to nominate him. This was agreed and Alison will deal with this. Tuesday evening practice sessions will commence again on June 23rd. K2 has been booked for 2015/16 season starting on 17th Sept. There will be a 2 week break at Xmas and season will finish on 24th March 2016.

The Closed Championships was successful with 40 entries. Thanks were given to Maureen, Dave and Kathy Edwards for all their help. Derek confirmed he would not be standing for re election at the AGM and hoped that nominations would be received before the meeting.


2. Secretarys Report

Alison reported that our ex president Harry Vennet had recently passed away. There was no Chairman's Shield held this season. The final of the President's Shield was won by Trinity C R/Up were Foresters H. Thank you to Dave for running this competition. Individual Trophies are to be ordered for all divisinal winners and runners up along with shield finalists. A sports Club volunteer master class is being organised by Sports Sussex the event will be held on a week day evening for three hours contact me if you would like more info. Reminder that all proposed rule changes for the AGM need to be received 2 weeks prior to meeting. CTTC was asked that matches at their home venue that start after our normal 7.30 pm commencement time should be brought to teams attention.

3.Treasurers Report

Mike stated that finances looked healthy with the total current funds being £5,501.22. An accounts sheet was presented with all income and expenditure.

4. Divisional Secretaries Report

No problems to report from Barrie concerning the Premier and was happy to be the premier match secretary and report collator for next season. Brian on the Home/away leagues reported that 3 match cards had not been received from Div 1 These are:

CTTClub A vs Crawley Sports A

Horsham Spinners C vs Crawley Sports B

Foresters C vs CTTClub A

In accordance with league rules thee matches must be played by the 8th May cards for these matches must be received by 13th May or will be declared void. In div 1 Trinity B withdrew from the league in accordance with rule 15 the club will be sent a fine. Horsham Spinners played an ineligible player on the 9th April this plkayer won a game so in accordance with rule 22 the game was awarded to the other team. It was agreed by those at the meeting that on this occasion no further action would be taken. Foresters E team won Div 1 with Blades C 6 points behind. Div 2 winners were Blades E with Crawley Sports C coming 2nd.

5. Registrations

Dave felt that all requests are considered and discussed using the established criteria.

6. Promotion and Relegation

Relegated teams will be informed assuming the premier stay at 14 teams then Horsham Spinners B will be relegated to Div 2. Promotion to the Premier will be given to Foresters E with Blades E gaining promotion to Div 1.

7. Summer League Up date

Summer Singles league is having a very good feedback, administartion is being improved and new score sheets will be made available asap.

8. Steve Pound Manifesto

Steve discussed his ideas that he has put forward to be chairman of TT England and the league wish him well. The league has nominated him for this position.

9.Rule Change for 2015/16

Dave and Maureen will discuss Rule 22 and may put forward a proposal on behalf of the committee.

10. List Of Prohibited players

It was felt that an official list should be held of  those players that are in our league and Dave will keep this.

11. Positions on the committee for next season

Both Derek and Alison are not putting themselves up for nomination next season.

12. Date Of AGM

The meeting will be held on Wednesday 1st July

13 AOB

K2 Hire charges for table hire needs to be discussed with the Centre Manager and next seasons committee will need to decide if there should be a table fund. along with hiring of the tables is expensive and event organisers may find alternatives. It was requested that the Bar at K2 stay open for longer so that players can enjoy the facilities after premier matches on Thursdays. Graham was asked if the charges for table hire of Horsham tables used for a recent tournament held at Colliers could be reduced. It was felt that early planning of the Wilmott Cup and Rose Bowl along with the Junior Tournaments would be an advantage. Clubs were finding if difficult updating club information on to TT 365 and George will look into this.

Meeting Closed at 9.55pm

Committee Meeting 21.01.2015 


Apologies: Alison East, John Major, Brian Stevens, John Lee, Rory Scott

1. Chairmans Report

The Pre Season Tuesday sessions at HT continue to be popular and attendance averages 16ish. In parallel the Elite Junior development sessions were also being held making Holy Trinity a very lively and sociable venue.

New player registrations continue to come through and we have had to make a couple of rejections in the 2nd half of the season

Closed Championships - re scheduled to 11 - 12 April 2015 at Holy Trinity Cost is £384 for hire of the hall. We need a small operating group to run the Championships - any volunteers. I suggest we replicate last years format and continue with cash prizes. We need to overcome the problem of lack of Juniors in the past two years and urge clubs to encourage all their players and especially Juniors to particiapte.

K2 are requesting that we book K2 for next season prior to 1 Feb 2015, as we have special regular booking rates etc. From the 1st April hire charges increase by £1 per hour for the four badminton courts. K2 have also requested copies of our public liabilIty insurance certificate and professional coaching qualifications for those who provide instruction sessions at K2.          Action Derek Flanagan

The Table Tennis storage cupboard has been provided at Holy Trinity for storage of nets etc. The condition of some of the tables at HT are poor and need repair work. A small working party is needed to perform the repairs in March before the Closed Championships. Contact Joe Comper to establish if Trinity own any of the tables.    Action Derek Flanagan

The Vets tournament on 13 - 15 February will be hiring 12 tables at K2 providing a revenue of £240.

To date we have 169 registered players.



The premier League standard appears to be even higher this season than prior seasons. Crawley Comm are 11 points clear but only 1 pt separates the next 3 teams. The bottom team will almost certainly be relegated this season with the top 2 teams ( Blades and CTTC) in Div 1 expecting to want promotion.

More attention to detail required in completing score cards.      Action Barrie Gilbert

Statement to be issued reminding clubs and players that the bottom premier team will be relegated this season       Action Derek Flanagan


Div 1 is a very tight league with no easy games. CTTC are 2 points clear but there are only 5 points between the next 5 teams. The top spot is close with CTTC, Blades, Foresters and Copthorne all in with a chance of the title.

Division 2

Blades are romping away at the top CTTC 2nd.


Two after school clubs running at Hilltop primary School and Thomas Bennett, 4 taster sessions have also been set up at Ifield Community School      Action George Gray

A junior Coaching programme at HT is being planned for July        Action George Gray

A junior summer league is being planned for after the Summer League Singles      Action George Gray

A west Sussex Schools event is being organised and funded by SCTTA    Action Maureen Hazell


It was agreed that Coaching activities should be published on the TT365 Web Site a dedicated coaching tab to be set up.     Action George Gray


Reminder to be sent to all Clubs, George Gray to prepare a draft Email for Derek to distribute                       Action George Gray Derek & Flanagan.

Test Site has been set up in TT365 for 4 Divisions and will be converted to a live site in March after the application deadline       Action George Gray

6. AOB

Steve provided an update on the Heritage Oil tournament scheduled for 4 - 5 July at K2, it is being advertised nationaly on the TT 365.      Action Steve Pound


Wed 11 March 2015 from 7.30 pm at K2 Bar area. The primary topic will be the Summer League


Special Committee Meeting 15.12.2014

Topic: Singles League

Present: Derek Flanagan, George Gray, Maureen Hazell, Graham Barnes, Steve Pound, Barrie Gilbert

1.Singles League Format:-

Dates of the league are, first half - 16th, 23rd, 30th April second half 14th, 21st, & 28th May. The venue is K2 and play will start at 7.30pm. There are no matches on the 7th May which is election day.

There will be 4 divisions of 10 players per division. Player allocation will be based on league averages, subject to final scrutiny by organisers. The 4 divisions will enable Premier, Division 1 and Division 2 players to enter provided they have a valid TTE membership and are affiliated to CH&DTTL and SCTTA.

There will be promotion and relegation of three players from each division after the third match, new playing schedules will be constructed for the 4th match onwards.

The new plastic balls will be used

The fees will be £5.00 / player / match with a total cost of £30.00. Full payment to be made with the entry form, cheques to be payable to Crawley Horsham and District Table Tennis League.

The cost of the 3 new plastic balls is included and will be issued at the start of the competition, additional balls will be chargeable at cost.

Divisional substitutes will be allowed, details to follow.

Entry forms to be sent to Club secretaries

Entry forms and full payment must be received from Clubs by the 15th Feb 2015

Organisers will meet at the end of Feb 2015 to allocate players to divisions.

Schedules to be created in TT365  by end of March.

Organisers: Derek Flanagan, Maureen Hazell, Steve Pound, Barrie Gilbert, Graham Barnes, George Gray.


Committee Meeting 29/10/214

Present: Derek Flanagan, Alison East, Mike Hughes, Brian Stevens, Graeme Barnes, Steve Pound, Barrie Gilbert, Dave Edwards.

Apologies were received from John Lee, John Major, & Maureen Hazell


Matters arising from last meeting

Slight amendments to the minutes had been made and agreed


Chairmans Address

Derek welcomed all to the meeting. He stated that Trinity Practice sessions are continuing to be popular. Elite Juniors development sessions run along with our practice sessions and make these nights lively and sociable. There has been an on running problem with Ben Dewsbury for non payment at practice sessions he has now paid but organizers of these sessions are extremely disappointed with his behaviour. The new larger score cards are being used in all league matches including the Premier. New player registrations continue to come through and numbers are up on last season. Closed Championship is being held on 11th - 12th April 2015 at Holy Trinity. A small operating team will be needed to organize this event. Mike has now addressed the late payment due to Freedom Leisure.


Secretary Update

Alison reported that all necessary forms to S.C.T.T.A and T.T England have been completed and returned. It has been noted that Horsham Spinners T.T.Club will in future be named as such on any official matter. CTTClub do not start their home matches at the stated time due to availabilty of the premises. New start times will be updated on the T.T.365. Trinity tables are beginning to show signs of wear these need to be pointed out to Derek or myself so that we can address them. Trinity will be fined £10 for withdrawing a team from the league. No decision will be made concerning end of season relegation of teams at this time.


Treasurers Report

Mike said that the passing over of the accounts from George has now been completed. Invoices to clubs will be sent out soon. Players registered to the league are 167 up from 164 last season and could still rise. Freedom leisure has been spoken to and the account settled. The Trinity B team will be charged for registration.


Divisional Secretaries Update

Barrie reported that there wer initial problems with inputting results to TT365 at the start of the season. Premier league is into its 6th week and results are all up to date. Some cards are still not being completed correctly. Another net has gone missing at K2 and they need to be informed of this, these nets belong to S.C.T.T.A and will not be replaced by them. Stricter tags need to be kept on these and made sure they are securely locked away after usage. Brian agreed that the new layout of the cards took longer to input. Players in the doubles matches need to be named to be given an average. All Trinity matches will be voided on the TT365 Website.


Junior Development / League Progress

George said that the CTTClub junior program was going well with two afternoon clubs and a drop in session at K2 for Thoms Bennett School. An improvers session at K2 started in September with 8/10 players. A junior league comprising of 6 teams play on Thursdays and this venture is hoping to followed up early next year. Results are on TT365. It was noted that the Elite Juniors training sessions are going well attracting players from surrounding areas.


Problems arising from non payment of T.T England registration

It was felt that Ben Dewsbury should be sent a letter asking him to apologise to the league for his behaviour regarding the Trinity practise sessions and playing in 2 matches knowing without paying his T.T England fees. In future any request to play within our league will be accessed. 


Charges For Hiring of Tables at K2

A discussion and vote was held regarding the fees for hiring tables at K2. The fees will be as follows until the end of our financial year. Profit making events will be charged at £5 per table per day for the 4 currently planned events all other events will be charged at £10 per day. Non profit making events for juniors and league development will not be charged, 7 agreed and 1 abstained from voting.


Shield Competition

The Presidents Shield will be run as a straight knock out event and this will be run by Dave it is proposed that the Chairman's Shield will return to a Hard Bat competition and needs to be run by volunteers. Premier teams may enter and must let Dave know by the end of the week. Please remember that Premier teams do need to have a venue to play matches in. Players from different clubs are allowed to play as a team in this event



Remember players playing up in the premier need to be attached to a team prior to the match being played contact George to do this. Barrie needs someone to step into his role while on holiday volunteers came forward for this.

Meeting closed at 9.45 pm

Next Committee meeting will be held on 21st January 2015



Derek Flanagan, Mike Hughes, Alison East, Dave Edwards, Rory Scott, George Gray, Maureen Hazell, John Lee, Steve Pound, Ray Sutton.


John Major

The committee analysed the league entries for the forth coming season and came to the following decisions.

Premier There will be 14 teams playing this season matches will commence on Thursday 18th September 2014 Foresters have entered 4 teams, Horsham 2, Spinners 2, Blades 2, Crawley Community 2, Trinity 1, and Copthorne 1.The season will run for 28 weeks with a two week break for Christmas, no promotion from Div 1 was requested. Cost per tam works out at £273.00 plus the affiliation fees. There will be a two week break at Christmas the dates are 25/12/14 and the 1st January 2015. The tables at K2 now belong to the league and therefore this season we need to pay storage costs which this season will be absrbed by the league at a cost of £1200.00.

Home / Away

Div 1 There will be 13 teams playing this season. Foresters 3, Crawley Sports 2, Copthorne 2, Blades 2, Trinity 1, Holbrook 1, Crawley TTC 1 and Spinners 1. The season will commence on Monday the 22nd September 2014 and finish on 27th April 2015.

Div 2 There will be 11 teams playing this season. Holbrook 3, Foresters 2, Crawley Sports 2, Horsham 1, Trinity 1, Blades 1 Crawley TTC 1. The season will commence on Monday the 22nd September 2014 and finish on the 6th April. There will be a two week break for Xmas w/c 22nd December 2014.

There are no restrictions on the ammount of players registered for a team.

Affiliation Fees

CH&DTTL Adults £8  Juniors £4

SCTTA       Adults £7.30 Juniors £7.30

All players must pay individually to Table Tennis England and the cost is Adults £10 and Juniors £5.

Other matters that were discussed are as follows:

George explained that the CTTClub has been supporting Freedom Leisure at K2 and because of his volunteer work the league benefits from subsidised hire costs to the benefit of £756.00. He asked the league if they would consider giving some of this benefit back to CTTClub in the future for the Club to promote Junior Development.He was asked to set down exactly what he has to do for the league on the 8 days of volunteer work that he does for the subsisdised rate. It was suggested that the league make a reimbursement of £350.00 for this coming season. The league will make a decision on this within a month once all the facts are in. George does not want to overburden the premier costs. It was agreed a previous meeting that anyone hiring our tables would incurr costs and as yet George has not made any payment for his usage of them.

Ther has been discussions with SCTTA concerning ownership of the nets at K2 SCTTA will make a decision at the next county meeting and the league may have to purchase 12 nets and posts in the near future for usage at K2. A strong case will be put forward at the meeting reminding them that we store the barriers at K2 which we incur costs for.

Derek Bunday has decided to step down as our president this year and the league are pleased to announce that Any Meads has accepted the position.

Please note that all players must register withh TT England prior to their first match in the league as this season no appeals will be accepted for non payment and their games will be voided. It is recommended club secretaries check members have a valid number prior to the season commencing. Please note the last date that the league can accept late entries has been set at the 2nd September 2014. Maureen Hazell has taken up the position of Coaching Administrator with SCTTA and has plenty of ideas that are being worked upon for the forthcoming season New design score sheets have been designed and were distributed to Club Secretaries


Meeting Closed at 9.40pm

Next committee meeting will be held on 29th OCTOBER 2014

Post meeting amendment

Volunteer subsidised costs benefit is £700.00 and not £756.00 for K2

AGM 25/06/2014

Present: Derek Flanagan, Alison East, George Gray, Dave Edwards, Brian Stevens, Steve Pound, Alan Shipley, John Major, Andy Meads, Maureen Hazell, Joe Comper, Graham Barnes, & David Thompson.

Apologies were received from John Lee, Barrie Gilbert, Marie Campbell & Alex Morrison.


The minutes of the 2013 AGM were read out and accepted, and there were no matters arising.


1.Chairmans Report

Derek welcomed all to the meeting. He thanked all the current management committee and club representatives for their dedication and support during the season. We have some great achievements during the season with Kate Cheer's very successful season and Horsham and Horsham Spinners in the British League Roll of Honour.

Maureen Hazell has been elected as Junior Development Organizer for Sussex which follows her excellent work in setting up and managing the Elite Junior Training. Our number of registered players has increased to over 180 players an increase for the third season running which makes our League the most desirable and succesfull league in Sussex.

New plastic balls will be introduced next season, this season will be a transitional year and the League has decided that as far as possible old celluloid balls should be used unless both teams agree to play with the new plastic ones. As from July 2015 only new balls shall be used.

K2 has been booked for the forthcoming season, currently 4 courts are reserved with an option of a 5th . K2 hire costs have increased from £48 to £49.George and Maureen have been involved in setting up Junior after school sessions at K2 on Thursdays and from September a Junior League. The old Web site is being re structured as our PR and Marketing site this will allow clubs to have a dedicated page to promote and advertise club facilities.

TT 365 has proved to be a huge success this year and thanks were given to Barrie, Brian and George for updating the site, in a very efficient manner each week.

The closed Championships were successful again this year but Junior entries were very disappointing.

2. Secretaries Report

Alison stated that there had been 4 committee meetings held over the season and generally they had been well supported. Unfortunately the disputes committee also hade to meet. The league was successful in its bid to purchase 8 tables from S.C.T.T.A which are stored at K2. We are now able to hire these tables to organised events at £10 per table per day, by making a request to the League prior to the event being held. Once again Dave Edwards ran a very successful Handicap Competition. The Presidents Shield winners were Crawley Table Tennis Club B, Runners up were Foresters G.  Chairmans Shield winners were Crawley Sports A, Runners up were Copthorne & Maidenbower B, individual trophies were awarded on the evening of the event. premier winners were once again Foresters A Runners up were Horsham A.

There is a proposed increase for E.T.T.A individual membership for 2014/15 these are £10 for seniors, increase of £2 and £5 for Juniors an increase of £1. These will be voted on at the E.T.T.A AGM. S.C.T.T.A are also proposing to increase their affiliation fees, the proposals are:

1. Increase of £3

2. Increase of £1.50 this year followed by £1.50 next year

3. Increase by £1

4. RPI increase (Default Option)

A vote was taken and our League voted for option1 which Steve Pound will vote for at the S.C.T.T.A AGM

A national T.T day is going to be held to promote the sport take a look at T.T England for more information. Our Juniors have had an extremely good season, Kate Cheer represented England in the Spanish open. George Hazell won the Sussex Cadet event. The Elite Junior training sessions are up and running and the league made a donation of £250 towards the setting up of the venture.

3. Treasurers Report

The annual accounts were presented by George, he explained the accounts and stated the balance was healthy, the League has £4046.61 in the deposit account and £769.08 in the current account. Our main income stream comes from the Holy trinity practice nights and it is vital we keep thee nights running. No storage costs were paid last season for storing tables at K2 and it is hoped that with the hiring of the tables for events that there should not be an increase for the premier teams playing next season. Fines for walk overs have not yet been sent out, concerns were made for the excessive cost of stationary. George thanked Mike Hughes for auditing the accounts.


Premier / Home & Away Reports

Barrie Gilbert reported that there had been problems with the completion of result sheets but this did improve after Club Secretaries were informed. Some alterations to the result sheets were made and Barrie thought that it would be useful to have a box so players could post match highlights into, presently he writes the reports purely from the Score sheets. There is also a need to have more players trained to input results into TT 365 to avoid problems in the coming season.


Brian Stevens informed us that it was extremely disappointing that so many games were conceded and teams playing with 2 players. Most cards were completed correctly and arrived on time but many cards omitted to identify who played the doubles. The Div 1 winners were not decide until the very last match with Horsham E taking the title just three points ahead of Crawley Table Tennis Club A. It also came down to the last match in Div 2 where three teams were within 5 points of each other. Trinity B took the title with Horsham F only 2 points behind and Holbrook B only trailing 3 points behind them. Congratulations went to Steve Simpson who had an average of 94.92 % in Div 1 David McCulloch of Trinity B and Liam Cuffe of Horsham F led the Div 2 averages with 94.92% and 94.55% respectively. Brian hoped that next season there would be a lot less conceded games, in Div 1 only 27 games were conceded. Full League tables and averages can be found on TT365.


Rule Changes

The rule changes were discussed and voted upon, the new rule changes for 2015/15 will be sent out by our Chairman.


Election Of Officers

Lists of nominated persons were presented as no more than one candidate for each position was received there ws a single mass vote. Mike Hughes takes up the postion of Treasurer and Maureen Hazell is the Junior development


Presentation Of Awards

Derek congratulated the Shield competition winners, Divisional winners and Runners up and presented trophies.


Registration forms for the coming season were handed out these need rto be with Dave Edwards before the 28th July 2014. Thanks were give to George for hi work as Treasurer. Steve Pound said there were many tournaments arranged to play at K2 this coming season including the Heritage Ol on the 5th / 6th July 2014. A fine of £20 for non attendance of an AGM will be sent to Crawley Sports.

AGM closed at 10.00 pm


Minutes of the meeting held on 19th March 2014, recorded by Alison East


Present; Derek Flanagan, Alison East, George Gray,Dave Edwards,Brian Stevens  and Maureen Hazell.


Apologies were received from John Major and Marie Campell.


There were no matters arising from the last meeting.

1. Chairman's Report.


Derek,reported that Sandra Deaton has been elected the new chairperson for the E.T.T.A.

The E.T.T.A   AGM will be held on 12th July 2014 and they are proposing changes to the membership Fees. The proposals are: Senior Player Member £10 (currently £8). Cadet / Junior players £5 (currently £4). Tuesday practice nights have declined since the last meeting and now average between 12 & 15. There will be a 6 - 7 week break in early May due to the hall being used for exams, dates will be forwarded at a later date. The committee agreed to donate £250 towards the cost of the Elite Junior Coaching. The League season is nearing the end and we will need to decide about promotion and relegation, essentially whether Div 1 and Div 2 will agree to promotion which will necessitate relegation of the bottom of the Premier and Division 1. Premier Division is at its capacity at 14 teams, but we do have the option of increasing the other divisions. Next season it may be worth considering if we need to increase the no match weeks, to help accommodate the handicap tournament and help with re scheduling of postponed matches. 2014/15 season will start on the 18th September 2014 with a two week break for xmas and the season will end on the 26th 2015. The League was successful in their bid to purchase 12 tables from SCTTA at the cost of £2800.00.


2. Secretaries Report.


Alison reported, that the final week of the premier will be on April the 10th. The cup will be engraved prior to the evening and Derek will be presenting it along with the individual trophies for the winners and runners up. The shield trophies have also been ordered ready for the finals. There has been a request for refunds to be made for Juniors who have played at least 10 matches. George will be dealing with this at the end of the season. It has been asked if our own Web Site can have more current information on it, as there is a serious lack of up to date news on the site. Alison will be booking a meeting room at K2 for the AGM which will hopefully be held on the 25th June 2014.


3. Treasurers Report


George presented an up to date accounts. Our balance is currently £5133, deposit account has funds of £6845 and the current account holds £2488. The 12 tables from SCTTA still need to be paid for. SCTTA invoice received for late registrations will also need to be paid although not all fees have been collected yet from our clubs but have been requested. 


4. Premier & H/A Update


There was slight confusion of the running of the Premier in Barries absence, things have now been dealt with and Dave will arrange the allocation part of things and George will collect he score sheets at the end of the evening and input the results. Brian reported that there were six games in Div 1 and 7 in Div 2 that were still outstanding. The divisions are very close this season with the possibility of three teams in each winning the division.


5. Closed Championships


Entries are now being recd although rather slowly all clubs are urged to promote the event especially the Junior and Cadet Championships. The tables will be left in situ overnight, which will save a lot of time and effort. Prize money will be awarded and Derek will present the trophies. A small team are operating the event but if anybody is available to help in any way, especially setting up on Saturday please come along before the days events start. Refreshments will be available.


6. Coaching & Development


Maureen stated that things were going well at the Elite Junior sessions, there are 8 elite players and the intermediate sessions are well supported. The club is looking to get more sparring partners. A name for the Club is yet to be decide upon. George reported that his Club are involved in Junior development and running some After School Club sessions with the hope of setting up one at K2 for Thomas Bennett School. If was agreed if George needed to use our tables to run this he would pay £1 per table per session.


7. Review Of Rules For Next Season


Derek presented some Rule ammendments to those present and he will do a second draft and circulate closer to our AGM..


8. K2 Tables


We take ownership of the Tables at the end of March, they have already been re labelled and a lockable suitcase and storage bags for the nets have been purchased, at the present time the League are not sure if the cost of the tables include the nets and supports. A list of equipment needs to be carried out.


9. 2014 / 15 Season


The premier is at capacity so the committee will need to discuss the League format once the number of teams are received for the forthcoming season. It is hoped that we will run a Div 3 / Beginners League. Maureen & George suggested that a junior competition may run over a set period of week ends. We now have the largest number of players playing in our League in Sussex.


10. AOB


Alison will look into the cost of having a pitch at the Crawley Carnival to promote the League.

Meeting closed at 9.45 pm 





AGM 2013 ?

Present Derek Flanagan, Alison East, George Gray, Alex Morrison, Barrie Gilbert, Maureen Hazell, Alan Shipley, Brian Stevens, David Thompson, John Major, Bob Sumpter, Dave Edwards,, John Romaine, John Hook, Ray Sutton, Marie Campbell, Michael Brook, and Peter Blount

Apologies were received from: Colin Hodges, Howard and Hilary Bostock, Rory Scott, Andy Meads, Derek Bunday and Grham Carter

The minutes of the 2012 AGM were accepted and there were no matters arising.

A minutes silence was held in memory of Steve Chambers

1. Chairman's Report

Derek welcomed all to the meeting.

Firstly he thanked all the Management Committee and Club Representatives for their support during the season.

Last season registered players increased once again. Both the H&A and Premier were well supported with 13 teams in the Premier, 12 in Div 1 and 11 in Div 2.

Foresters once again took the Premier Trophy.

Div 1 winners were Copthorne/Maidenbower A and will take their place in the Premier next season.

Div 2 winners were Horsham F after one season in Div 2.

The Closed Championship was a great success with nearly double the amount of entries on last year. The £1000 seemed to be an attraction. The two half day format worked well and no complaints were received.

The disappointments were that no junior events were held and their have been no coverage of winners in the local press.

TT365 has proven a great success in its first season, Barrie, Brian & George were given thanks for updating this site so efficently.

A Cadet event was held and we hope to repeat this in the future.

Looking forward to next season we are expecting once again an increase in players this will give us fresh challenges as we will need to decide the size of each division, and use K2 available space to our best advantage.

We would like to set up a Div 3 for beginners and we urge Clubs to support this, however HTTC has anounced that they are launching the Horsham Central League this season and Derek was disappointed that we were not formally notified.

A special thanks to Steve Pound for his work in the running of tournaments in Sussex.

2. Secretaries Report

Alison reported that 5 committee meetings had been held and these had been well supported, especially the later ones.

Two new Clubs have joined the League, the Crawley Table Tennis Club & Horsham Spinners, hopefully these Clubs will grow year on year.

The Management Committee inspected the League Trophies and decided to use the cup donated for C1 to be re- engraved and this will now be the H/A Div 1 Trophy

The TT 365 Web Site caused a few problems concerning the playing up rule but the committee are confident that this will not e a problem for the new season, our own Web Site will be upgraded to enable Club Secretaries to input into their own Club Page. This Web Site will be used as a Sop Window to raise our profile and support PR activities. S.C.T.T.A Web Site is also up and running if you would like to see what is happening within the County.

Congratulations to Kate Cheer who has recently been crowned U13 girls champion

Rory Scott is going to undertake the UKCC Level 3 coaching qualification and the league are making a donation of £100 towards this.

Dave Edwards did a fantastic job running the handicap tournament there have been many close games but the winners were as follows.

Presidents Shield Holbrook A. R/Up Horsham F

Chairmans Shield winners Crawley Sports D. R/Up Copthorne/Maidenbower C

3. Treasurers Report

The accounts were presented by George

He explained the accounts and stated that the League has a healthy balance

Currently the League has £1217.48 in the current account and £6843.31 in the deposit account, making a total of £8060.79

George stated that Mike Hughes had audited the accounts and thanked him

Holy Trinity practice nights are making a good income

George stated that the Wilmott Cup expenditure of £213.00 should be carefully monitored in the future.

It was noted that the financial year should not change from year to year, the 31st May will be the end of year as far as the accounts are concerned.

The treasurer agreed that future accounts would show in the heading the dates they covered eg: 1st June 2013 to 31st May 2014.

He also agreed that any large item of expenditure where he knew the figure but had not been billed would in future, be accrued in the accounting year in which they were accrued

Thanks were given to George or his excellent work

Whilst our current rules do not require that the CH&DTTL registration fees are approved at the AGM it was agreed that this is a change that should be instigated at next years AGM. The treasurer suggested that the existing fee of £8 should be unchanged for the 2013/2014 season, and this will be approved at the next committee meeting. The attendees unanimously agreed. Derek reported that the ETTA are proposing an increase in the ETTA affiliation fee from £6 to £8 (Juniors from £3 to £4) subject ton approval at the AGM on the 13th July the league voted against the increase.

4. Fixtures


Barrie said that TT 365 worked well, although the playing up rule caused a few problems. The score cards were often in complete and this needed to be followed up.

Next season the cards need to be checked by the home team to make sure that the names of players are correct and both captains to sign the card to ensure that all the information is correct, more effort needs to be put in by all teams to ensure a smooth and efficent set up and close.

Home & Away

Brian was pleased to say that most cards arrived on time and filled in correctly with the exception of the doubles as TT 365 need players names to be inputted to give an average. One match was made void and two conceded in Div 1.

Congratulations to Steve Simpson & George Gray for the highest averages in the two divisions that had played at least 50% of the games.

Many thanks to both Brian & Barrie for a job well done

5. Rule Changes

Revised Rule changes were discussed and voted upon

Constitutional Changes - Added a clause to impose a deadline for invoice payment and an additional 1% fee per month for late payment.

League Competition Rules - Amended rule 11 to clarify the registration of players in the second half of the season and the playing up of players to prohibit teams from registering new players during the latter stages of the season with the aim of strengthening their teams and influencing the top and/or the bottom of the League positions that may affect League titles, promotion and/or relegation positions.

Amended rule 15 to clarify the number of times a player can play up and the actions when he/she has played up 7 times.

Delete rule 30 regarding official tea breaks

Handicap Shield Rules - New rule for clarification on player eligibility after the qualifying round

All revised rules as approved at the AGM will be updated on the Website.

6. Election Of Officers

No new nominations were received.

Dave Edwards has stood down as the Handicap organiser but is willing to assist.

A single mass vote was held and all of the remaining Management Committee were re-elected.

A vice Chairman and Junior Development post are still un filled

7. Presentation Of Trophies

Derek presented the Shield, Div 1 Cup & Div 2 Trophies

8. AOB

Alan Shipley said that Horsham had received a grant to enable them to buy 12 Tables.

All Clubs are made welcome to join them on their club nights.

Derek asked if they had registered with the SCTTA.

Alex asked if the juniors playing at K2 coul be subsidised, some thought this was down to their clubs, this will be discussed at our first committee meeting.

Maureen thanked the Committee for all the work that has been put in this season.

Individual registration forms only need to be filled in for new players or if any details have changed since last season.

Player & ranking forms are now available.

Alison said stricter control of annual tropies need to be made as both the Div 2 and junior doubles are now missin

Meeting Closed at 10.00pm

First meeting of the forthcoming season will be the 21st August 2013, Registration forms need to be in by 12th August 2013.



Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 15th May 2013.

      Apologies from Rory Scott and John Hook.

      Present ;Derek Flanagan, Alison East, George Gray, Barrie Gilbert,  

       Dave Edwards, Joe Comper, Brian Stevens, Maureen Hazell,

       Alex Morrison and Steve Pound.

Derek welcomed all to the meeting.

Derek announced the winners of the divisions.

Premier Foresters ‘A’

Div1   Copthorne Maidenbower ‘A’

Div 2  Horsham ‘F’

There are indications that we could have additional teams in each division next season so this could influence any relegations taking place.

The committee also need to decide if we want a Div 3 next season and whether it should be central venue or Home /Away.

Team allocation will not be announced until clubs have applied to the league and will be discussed in our 1st full committee meeting for the2013/14 season.

Closed Championships was very successful, entries were significantly higher than the past few seasons. The two half-day formats were ideal and no complaints were received.

The only disappointment there was the absence of Junior entries.

            Derek asked would anyone like to organize a Hardbat tournament in the 

            closed season. We could hold it at Trinity instead of a normal practice nights.

            Please let one of the committee know if you are interested.

            Practice nights will commence again on July 3rd at Trinity.

            Junior coaching run by Rory are attracting 8-12 players.

            The E.T.T.A have had elections and a new Chairman, Treasurer and vice                                          

            Chairman have been appointed.

            K2 booking for the 2013/14 season has been made and a request for a 5th court

            has been refused.

           An informal Table Tennis table is now operational in the bar area at K2.

           A request had been made for reduced affiliation for Juniors fees next season.

           This will be discussed at a future meeting.



Alison reported that although the Closed Tournament was extremely well received that it is important to advertise it at club level and it was suggested

that a poster should be made for next season for clubs to put on their notice boards.

A thanks was given to Kathy Edwards and Iris Terry for serving the refreshments, all profits went to the league.

Trophies are currently with the engraver and should be ready at the end of the month.

Chairman’s Shield was won by Crawley Sports ‘D’ R/UP Cop/Maidenbower ‘C’

Presidents Shield winners were Holbrook ‘A’ R/UP Horsham ‘F’

Individual trophies were handed out on the evening of the matches.

Thanks was given to Dave for organizing the tournament.

Congratulations to Horsham Club on celebrating their 75th Anniversary.

A.G.M  venue and date has been arranged this is Wednesday 3rd July 2013.

At 7.30pm at the meeting room 1st floor at K2[next to the bar area].

A minutes silence will be observed in memory of Steve Chambers.

George presented a balance sheet.

This was accepted and accounts will now be prepared and forwarded to Mike Hughes to audit in preparation for the A.G.M.

Dave asked if a proposal should go forward to Sussex for players playing in more than one league to pay one affiliation fee.

It was felt that if this took place an increase would have to made to increase fees to all players to cover costs for the S.C.T.T.A

Therefore a proposal will not be made.

George put idea’s forward to achieve maximum usage of our website as in effect we have two.

It was felt that TT365 is more of a technical website and a decision has to be made on how to have the best possible usage of our old site.

It was agreed that we shall keep our site for 2013/14 .

Access will be given to club secretaries to have a Club Page to update themselves. The cost would be between £50 and £75 for the programmer to install the software. This cost will be covered by the league.

Clubs must honour and respect all players or their rights to have access will be withdrawn.

It was also suggested that we should use the old site as our shop window to raise our profile and support PR activities.

Rule changes were discussed and will be put forward by the committee to be voted for at the A.G.M.

Anyone is made welcome to submit rule changes proposals to Alison East which should be received in writing 14 days prior to the A.G.M.

These will then be forwarded to all Secretary’s 7 days prior to the A.G.M.

Minor amendments to proposed alterations may at the discretion of the Chairman at the meeting be accepted from the floor.


Brian asked who’s responsible for sending fines out to clubs?

George is and this will be dealt with.

Joe put an idea forward to meet with cadets and juniors to discuss ideas for progress .Maureen agreed to help Joe with this.

Ideas were put forward to redesign the lay out for the Premier league next season as this division is growing and needs to accommodate the space available to its full capacity. This will be discussed once we know the amount of teams that wish to play in that division next season.

Meeting closed at 10.15pm












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