Club Competition

We are arranging our first Club Competition, this is is response to Club members asking if something that combines social with competition could be arranged.

The competition will be singles based and will run during Thursday Club Nights, we will run it on a divisional basis and so far have 18 players who will take part, there will be promotion and relegation at the half way point.

In order to accommodate shift work etc the matches will not have to be played on the date shown on the schedule we need to flexible re this so as long as the matches are completed by the 31st Dec "Half Way" that will be fine, we will then apply promotion and relegation and re create the schedules for the 2nd half

We will need to get the final numbers fairly quickly so will be sending out a Global Email regarding this. The competition will run using TT365. To reflect the seasons, the first hafl will be the CHRISTMAS PUDDING CUP and the second half will be the EASTER BUNNY STAKES, appropriate prizes "Modest Ones" will be issued.

Organisers will then take a view re inserting competition into Club Nights for the future




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