Premier Reports

Premier Reports Authored By Barrie Gilbert

Foresters B 9 Community 0

Foresters B made up ground on Crawley Community A in the battle for third spot reducing the gap to four points with a surprisingly easy thumping of Crawley Community B,No matches went the distance with James Wheatley,Tony Steel and Tim Surrey all beating Graham Faulkner,Graham Green and Sai Man Yau. 

Foresters C 4 Community A 5

With Richardson beginning his endless round of drinks parties Robin Stace stepped in for his first match of the season putting up a great fight against Phil Nicholls before going down in five.Phil played brilliantly against Barrie Gilbert only losing narrowly in five to a very relieved opponent,Barrie came out in another tight one against old pal Bonzo after he missed a couple of big forehands at 9-9 in the fifth.Despite losing his bat last week Paul Carter  was so pleased to be reunited with it that he performed at a much higher level than in some earlier efforts.5-4 to Crawley Community A.

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