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Our first Junior Inter Club competition takes place at K2 on Thursday the 17th March, from 5.00 to 7.00pm. Community are hosting the formidable Horsham Spinners, headed up by the Club Secretary Mr Rory Scott. This is the latest in a series of Junior competitions that we have laid on for our Juniors, however it is the first one where our players are competing against another club. 

A full report on the event has been produced and is presented below.

A Dominant Display From Horsham Spinners TTC Vs Crawley TTC.
Crawley Table Tennis Club hosted a junior friendly match against Horsham Spinners Table Tennis Club recently at K2 Leisure Centre. Each club fielded 3 teams, almost all of which had 4 players competing, the exception being Crawley B, which had 5 players. A decision was made for the matches to be best of 3 sets, as we had expected a couple of additional players from each club, who didn’t show up on the day. As it happened, with the smaller no. of players, the match finished early and we could probably have played best of 5. To fill in the time at the end & to give players more matches & give players who had not had any wins in the competitive matches a further chance to win, we held some extra matches at the end between players from different level teams from opposing clubs. e.g. a Crawley B player vs a Horsham C player. Attached are the team photos.
A Team Match:
The experienced Horsham Spinners quartet of Charlie Graham-Adams, Will Michell, Owen Brown and Samuel Shoubridge, all of whom play for Sussex County Cadet teams, carried all before them winning 16-0 against their less experienced Crawley counterparts, Chris Thorne, Ismail Saleem, Tommy Worley and Melissa Berry. In fact all the matches bar one were 2-0 to Spinners. The exception was that Chris managed to take an end off Owen.
B Team Match:
This was the closest match of the 3. Horsham Spinners B were represented by Ollie Michell, Harry Huddlestone, Louis Harris & Ollie Thorne, while Crawley B fielded Ishaaq Saleem, Ahmad Humayde, Connor Herbert, Tom Goodwin and George Beer. Both Ollie Michell and Harry won all 5 of their matches. Louis won 3, beating Connor, Tom and George, while Ollie Thorne won 2, beating Ahmad and Tom. 4 out of 5 of Crawley’s wins were 2 games to 1 and 2 of Spinners wins went to the deciding set, but there were some close 2 setters won by Spinners. e.g. Louie’s 11-9, 14-12 win over Connor and Ollie Michell’s 12-10, 13-11 win over Ahmad. Final Score: 15-5 to Horsham Spinners B.
C Team Match:
This was similar to the A team match, in that it was a 16-0 victory for Horsham Spinners C (Hayden Jannels, Thomas Taylor, Kushaal Bhatia and Charlie Jannels) over Crawley C (Rais Zubair, Tarkan Ates, Ziyan Sarangi and Hameed Zubair). This time Crawley players didn’t manage to win an end and there weren’t any close 2-setters.
Crossover Matches:
21 crossover matches were played with players from different level opposing teams playing each other. Horsham Spinners won 14 of these and Crawley won 7. In 5 of these matches players from lower HSTTC teams managed to overcome players from higher CTTC teams, with the most impressive being Hayden Jannels 11-5, 5-11, 11-9 win over Melissa Berry. There was 1 case of a lower Crawley team player beating a higher Horsham Spinners team player, which was an impressive win for Hameed Zubair of Crawley C over Louie Harris of Horsham Spinners B.
Final Scores:
Sub-Total of A +B + C team matches: Horsham Spinners 47-5 Crawley
Total including cross over matches: Horsham Spinners 61-12 Crawley
Player Averages:
Horsham Spinners A:
1) Charlie Graham-Adams 4/4=100%
2) Will Michell 4/4=100%
3) Owen Brown 4/4=100%
4) Samuel Shoubridge 4/4=100%
Crawley A:
1) Chris Thorne 0/4=0%
2) Ismail Saleem 0/4=0%
3) Tommy Worley 0/4=0%
4) Melissa Berry 0/4=0%
Horsham Spinners B:
1) Ollie Michell 5/5=100%
2) Harry Huddlestone 5/5=100%
3) Louis Harris 3/5=60%
4) Ollie Thorne 2/5=40%
Crawley B:
1) Ishaaq Saleem 2/4=50%
2) Ahmad Humayde 1/4=25%
3) Connor Herbert 1/4=25%
4) George Beer 1/4=25%
5) Tom Goodwin 0/4=0%
Horsham Spinners C:
1) Thomas Taylor 4/4=100%
2) Kushaal Bhatia 4/4=100%
3) Hayden Jannels 4/4=100%
4) Charlie Jannels 4/4=100%
Crawley C:
1) Rais Zubair 0/4=0%
2) Tarkan Ates 0/4=0%
3) Ziyan Sarangi 0/4=0%
4) Hameed Zubair 0/4=0%

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