Club Singles League

Div 1: Liam Cuff 0 vs Thomas Kinga 1

Tom came out on top in this one he picked up the win against Liam Cuffe and consolidated his 2nd place on the way.

Div 2: Mike Shadwell 0 John Jasper 1

Mike Shadwell brought all of his experience to bear and biffed John Jasper in 3, John was a bit out of sorts maybe it was the snow sliding ever so gently and coldly down the back of his neck.

Div 1: Pawel Sendecki 0 vs Liam Cuffe 1

Liam kick started his program with a 3 - 0 win against Pawel, he brought all of his experience to bear and cruised past Pawel 7 - 11, 2 - 11, 7 - 11. So Pawel now in 5th Place, with Liam in 6th.

Div 1: Zibby 3  vs Pat Smith 1

Zibby consolidated his grip on the top spot by with a 3 - 1 win against Pat "Not Another Edge" Smiff, Pat started off with a good win squeezing past the league leader with 11 - 13 win but Zibby roared back and collected the next three to 4 , 2 and 6. So Zibby still going strong at the top with Pat in 7th.


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