Club Singles League

Thursday 14/12/2017

Div 1

Armando Tauaures 3 vs Gary Jackson 2

Good match this one with Armando taking an early 2 set lead, Gary fighting back to level the scores taking sets 3 & 4, so all down to the 5th with Armando closing out the match 11 - 7.

Ahmad Humayde 1 vs Peter Cracknell 3

Div 2 player Peter was in fine form and whizzed into a 2 set lead but young player Ahmad would not give in and took a thrilling third set 14 - 12, so into the 4th and what a great 4th it was terrific rallies, with good defence and attack, Peter finally clinching it and the match 11 - 13

Mina Mater 3 vs Gary Jackson 0

Mina was good in this match and really controlled things from the start sealing up victory and the title with a 3 - 0 win


Thursday 07/12/2017

Div 1

Armando Tauares 3 vs Iain Houston 1

Armando was in fine form for this Div 1 match picking up the first set 11-8 but Iain rallied in the second  and recorded a good win 7-11 but he could not sustain the improvement and run out of steam in the last two going down 11-5 and 11-6. Never mind Iain, Poldark on Sunday.

Mina Matta 3 vs Armando Tauares 1

League player Mina did the business on Armando winning the first set 11-1, Armando replaced his head and picked up the second doing much better and winning 9-11, but Mina was in no mood to bum around and cruised sets 3&4.

Gary Jackson 0 vs Iain Houston 3

Well Gary "Jacko" Jackson flew in from a 2 month holiday and was promptly biffed by Iain, yup well and truly biffed.

Peter Cracknell 3 vs Iain Houston 0

League player Peter carried forward his good league form and did the business on a now exhausted Iain, we knew he was exhausted because his eyes were rolling and steam was emerging from his ears, Peter seeing his opportunity made him run all over the place, last seen Iain was on a stretcher with his knuckles on the floor

Armando Tauares 2 vs Ahmad Humayde 3

Really good match this one Armando 2-1 up after 3 and looking good but Ahmad digging deep picked up sets 4 11-13 and 5 9 -11

Thursday 30/11/2017

Div 2

Joshua Newton 1 vs Rowan Edwards 3

Rowan, whizzed into a two set lead, and Josh looked on the ropes, but he is made of stern stuff and rallied brilliantly to take a highly competitive third 13 - 11, Rowan quickly took a lead in the 4th but Josh just refused to give way and in an highly entertaining set with good play from both players and good rallies Rowan squeezed out the victory.

Dale Edwards 0 vs Leonardo Acuyo - Pastor 3

Well, Dale lost in three to Leonardo but the match seemed to be closer than that, but stats is stats is stats and Leonardo took the points. 

Thursday 23/11/17

Div 1

Mina Matta 3 vs Iain Houston 0

Well, Iain ran into our new Div 2 player Mina and took a bit of a Biffing, Ermm that's all I can say really.

Ahmad Humayde 0 vs Mina Matta 3

Well, Ahmad ran into our new Div 2 player Mina and took a bit of a Biffing, Ermm that's all I can say really.

Iain Houston 3 vs Ahmad Humayde 2

Iain and Ahmad still Shell Shocked from their Biffings, faced up to each other in what turned out to be good tussle. The games swung back and forth with Ahmad scenting victory at 2 - 1 up but Iain dug deep and  rallied well to pick up the final two ends. 

Div 2

Dale Edwards 0 vs Melissa Berry 3

Ms Berry was too strong for Dale and racked up a comfortable win, but he hung in there and it is good to see one of our newer players entering competition, Dales game is improving and he will definitely be a Team Captain in one of our 3rd Division Teams for next season, Won't you Dale??????

Leonardo - Acuyo Pastor 2 vs Melissa Berry 3

This turned out to be a good 5 setter with Melissa on a roll from her previous win but Leonardo played well, in fact he was 2- 1 up but Mighty Melissa found her game and wrapped up proceedings in the last two.

Adam Frost  2 vs Melissa Berry 3

Adam, who is playing Div 2 for the first time, faced up to a rampant Melissa, but she did not have it all her own way in a super 5 setter "M" was 2 - 1 down and Adam was on a roll, indeed he nearly closed it out just losing 11 - 13 , but for the second time "M" dug deep and picked up the last two.


Thursday 16/11/17

Div 1

Peter Cracknell 3 vs Armando Tauares 0

Armando started off very well and picked up the  first end 11 - 9 but Peter has gained in experience over the last couple of months and is now becoming an accomplished Div 2 player. He got his game together and won the next three to 4, 7, 4 seems easy but Armando battled away through out, however his lack of match play took its toll.

Peter Cracknell 1 vs Mina Matter 3

Mina is a new player to the Club having joined us in the Summer. This was a good match to watch with a warmed up Peter taking the first 11 - 8, Mina came back strongly to pick up a 10 -12 in a highly entertaining  second, ends 3 & 4 going Mina's way.

Div 2

Three matches played with Marvellous Melissa Berry picking up a couple

Rowan Edwards 1 vs Melissa Berry 3

Rowan competed in this match all the way through losing the first 11 - 6 he rallied in the second and fought out a good 11 - 8 win however Melissa stepped up a gear and run out a 3 - 1 winner.

Melissa Berry 3 vs Joshua Newton 0

Fresh from her victory against Rowan, Ms Berry took no prisoners against Josh and frankly dished out a bit of a Biffing 3 straight 11- 5, 11-3, 11-5.

Rowan Edwards 3 vs Dale Edwards 1

Rowan took on Dale and had a good match although going down in a great first end 11 - 13, he rallied well and closed out the match 11- 6, 11-4, 11-9




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