CHDTTL Meeting


1. Apologies for absence

2. Matters arising from last committee meeting

3. Chairpersons address

4. Secretary report

5. Treasurers report

6. Update from divisional secretaries

7. Copthorne and Crawley Community match

8. Crawley Closed Tournament

9. Update from Horsham Central League

10. Singles League

11. English League Cup

12. Is it time for a third division

13. County Initiatives

14. Clarification of rules

15. Postponed Matches



      Reverse Fixtures

16. Date of next meeting or AGM

17. A.O.B

I have asked for two items to be included in the Agenda numbers 12  & 14 so would like to give meeting attendees some background information as to why I have asked for these to be discussed, firstly Agenda item 14, there are 4 elements to this.

1. On winning our Div 1 and gaining promotion to our Premier should the players who played in the winning Div 1 team automatically be promoted with the winning Div 1 team to the Premier.

2. Is it acceptable to play Premier Division players from the previous season down into a Div 1 team for the current season whilst at the same time playing them up into the Premier.

3. Rule 11 Under Rules and Regs / League Comp Rules / Teams, does this mean that the more highly ranked players should play in the higher ranked teams

4. Should we have a process whereby the skill level of new players are known before attaching them to teams.


Secondly item 12. This season our second Division has been two divisions in one, the top three teams have had a competition between themselves, our lowest division should, as well as providing an appropriate level of competition for existing Players / Teams should also provide opportunity for new Players / Teams to be introduced.

Is this is an issue that we as an organisation should now consider, clearly there is no way that this can be dealt with satisfactorily at the meeting but I would like to suggest that a sub committee be set up to have a look at this, consult with the membership and report back to the organisation. If this were to happen I would certainly wish to be involved in that Sub Group.

I believe that these issues are important as to how our league goes forward, and has relevance to all of our members, would it be possible to move these items up the agenda so that we allocate appropriate time and are able to have a proper chat about all this.


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