Club Singles League

Singles Matches played on Thursday the 27th April

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Div 1: Liam was in fine form in the first match beating Shane O Brien in three.

Div 1: Thomas Kinga faced up to Rob Poplutz and put three in kitbag.

Div 2: Dean Langridge faced up to Title contender Gary Jackson but went down in three, great third set though with Gary just getting home 15 - 13.

Div 2: Geoff Salter had to much experience for Club Junior Connor Herbert Geoff winning in three.

Div 2: Dean Langridge up once more and facing up to Ahmad Humyde Dean felt the heat from an impoving Ahmad and lost in three.

Div 2: Great 4 setter between Geoff & Dean Geoff coming through in 4 but Dean was in contention throughout.

Div 3: Andrew Hughes vs Josh Newton, good match this, Andrew picking up the first, Josh the second but the big hitting Andrew pulled away to win in 4

Div 4: Leonardo vs Sunay a ring rusty Sunay ws overpowered by Leonardo in three

Singles Matches played on Thursday the 21st April

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Div 1:  First match up was a cracker  Thomas Kinga (2) vs Pawel Sendecki (3) this 5 setter swung Back and forth with Pawel taking the 5th in 8.

Div 1: Next up  was Pawel and Liam, another 5 setter followed on this time Pawel fell just short going down to 4 in the 5th.

Div 1: Liam then took on Rob Poplutz rob going down in 4.

Div 1: Rob and Pawel then faced up to each other Pawel winning in 4 despite losing the first.

Div 1: A now exhausted Rob was called on yet again this time against Shane O Brien 10 Red Bulls later Rob won in three, mind you he didn't look very good and left soon after.

Div 1: In the last match of the evening League Leader Zibby beat his country man Pawel in three.

Singles Matches played on Thursday the 13th April

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Div 1: In the match of the evening Thomas Kinga (2nd) took on Zibby (1) and  played out a 5 set cracker Zibby taking the first 7 - 11, Tom the second 12 - 10, Zibby 12 - 14 in the third and Tom picking up games 4 & 5. Great match to watch, so Zibby still no 1 but Tom played 2 won 2 is on a roll.

Div 1: Liam H Cuffe faced up to Tom in the second Div 1 match of the evening, Tom was in fine form and did the business in three.

Div 3: Peter Cracknell took on newly promoted Armando Taures, and went down in three Armando is playing well and is leading Div 3, Peter was a bit out of sorts and complained he was playing like a drain, OK Peter Ermm OK Peter.

Div 3: Armando T vs Rowan Edwards, Div 3 leader Armand T showed no mercy to an under the weather Rowan picking up the win in three.


Matches Played on Thursday the 6th April

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Div 1: Robert Poplutz went down to Zibby Sakowski in three

Div 1: Robert Poplutz going down in 5 after a terrific battle with David Annand, 15-13 to Rob in the third but he was squeezed out 6 - 11 in the 5th.

Div 1: Liam Cuffe re asserting himself with a 3 - 0 win over Zibby

Div 2: Geoff Salter winning in 4 over an improving Ahmad Humyde                                                                    

Div 2: Morgan Rocha just going down to Geoff after a great 5 setter 11 - 6 in the 5th

Div 2: Gary Jackson returning to form but just getting past an exhausted Geoff 12 - 10 in the 4th

Div 2: Dean Langridge after a good start went down in 4 to Morgan Rocha 

Div 3: John Jasper found the going tough against Peter Cracknell 3 - 0

Div 3: Armando Taures, locked bats with evergreen Mike Shadwell and collected a treble

Div 3: Andrew Hughes in his first match of the tournament fought out a great match with Armando going 2 up early on just losing the third 17 - 19 after umpteen match points, Armando collecting the win in 5.

Div 3: Peter Cracknell overcoming Andrew in 3 straight

Div 4: Garry Hunt beat Leonardo in three

Div 4: Adam Frost beat Garry in three, one moment your up the next you are down Cest La Vie

Div 4: Dharsh Mahesan lost in three to Adam

Div 4: Garry Hunt repeated the dose and beat Dharsh in three, keep going Dharsh 

Div 4: Adam in a great 5 setter with Leonardo just getting the win 13 -11

Div 4: Gordon Adam in a belter with Adam Frost just getting the win 11 - 9 in the 5th.

Matches Played On Thursday the 30th April

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Div 1: David Annand got past Pawel in three but squeezed the third 12 - 10

Div 1: David Annand looking for a double but fell in three to Zibby Sakowski

Div 2: Gary Jackson faced up to improving youngster Ahamd Humyde, Ahmad collected the win in 4

Div 4: First ever competetive match for Dharsh Mahesan as she faced up to super star Matt Beasley, Matt collecting the win in three

Div 4: Dharsh again, this time crossing bats with Gordon Adam, or should I say, no mercy Gordon who won in three

Div 4: Matt up again playing Gordon a good and competitive 4 setter with Matt getting home 11 -7 in the 4th

Div 4: Just as he sat down he woz up again, Matt in the ring against Adam Frost. Cool customer is Adam and cruised past an exhausted Matt in three

2nd half started on Thursday and we have played one match in each division, so;

Div 1: Shane Obrien went down to Zibby in Four

Div 2: Melissa Berry lost to Morgan Rocha In Four

Div 3: Evergreen Mike Shadwell did the business on Peter Cracknell 3 - 1

Div 4: Charlotte Jenkins was impressive with a 3 -1 win over Max Barnes

Div 5: Dean Langridge showed no mercy to Garry Hunt 3 - 0

All results now input so go to Fixtures & Results to have a look.

The first half results have been archived and the second half Divisions have been created.

We have 32 players entering the second half of the Club Singles League, and have created 5 Divisions, so Click on Fixtures and Results to have a look at who is in what Division. The Divisions are small with 6/7 players in each, this is because we wanted to avoid if possible the skills gap and also because we do not want the competition to go on for too long as there will be other competitive opportunities over the Spring/Summer.

Organisers have sent an Email to all players giving details of the second half of the Singles League, it is due to start on Thursday the 16th March. As mentioned in the Email IF YOU CANNOT TAKE PART IN THE LEAGUE PLEASE LET ORGANISERS KNOW AS SOON AS YOU CAN. The first half results etc will be archived in the next day or so, ready for the creation of the second half schedules. We have 5 Divisions Div 1 will have 7 players, Div 2,3,4 & 5 will have 6. There will be promotion and relegation at the end of the League. Organisers will keep this News Item updated. We are also aware that sometimes players cannot be available on the scheduled match days so the matches do not have to be played on the scheduled date if the matches can be completed by the end of April that will be fine.

So the next steps are to Archive the First Half, then start to create the Second half Divisions, Teams & Players.


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