Club Singles League 3rd round

Matches 22nd Feb

Div 2:

Adam Frost 3 vs Dale Edwards 0

Adams game is improving and he collected three in this one but Dale had a good first game only going down 14 - 12 in the first.

Dale Edwards 0 vs David Winzer 3

Hmm new player David took all three at a canter, Dale found this one tricky as League player David turned up the heat, just as well coz it was Blooming cold in the hall.

Matt Beasley 0 vs David Winzer 3

David limbering up for his Skiing holiday took all three but Matt hung in there going down 7, 5, & 11

Dale Edwards 0 vs Matt Beasley 3

Hurrah Matt picks up his first points with a good win over Dale great to see our new players taking part in Club Competition.


Matches 15th Feb

Div 1:

Mina Matta 3 vs Ahmad Humyde 0

Mina faced up to promoted Ahmad and collected 3 points, but young player Ahmad took him to 9 in the second match , but still found the going heavy.

Josef Krakowski 3 vs Peter Cracknell 2

Good match this one, Peter carrying his good CHDTTL form with him pushed Josef all the way, the games  going back and forth Josef eventually taking the match 11 - 8 in the 5th, but Peter must be biting his bat having had a significant lead in it.

Peter Cracknell 1 vs Mina Matta 3

Peter, feeling the stress from his previous match, found this one difficult, he found himself two down in short order, picked up the 4th but lost in 4.

Josef Krakowski 3 vs Pawel Sendecki 1

Josef brought his CHDTTL Div 1 game to this match, Pawel battled away and went 2 down fairly quickly,  however a slug of Red Bull gave him, well you know the rest, and he picked up the third 11 - 7, Josef however had his own tin and closed out the match in 4.

Rob Poplutz 3 vs Pawel Sendecki 1

Good to see Rob entering the competition but he proceeded to lose the first game to 6, however with Pawel running out of Red Bull Rob turned on the heat and picked up the next three, mind you he had a battle 12- 10 in the 2nd 13 - 11 in the third but an easier 11 - 5 in the 5th.

Josef Krakowski 3 vs Rob Poplutz 0

Josef is in good form at the moment and this continued against Rob with a win in 3 straight, however Josef had a battle in the 2nd with Rob just going down 12 - 10.

Pawel Sendecki 3 vs Ahmad Humayde 0 

Pawel was just too strong for Ahmad and collected 3.

Rob Poplutz 3 vs Mina Matta 1

Rob rounded off his evenings work with a win against Mina all games were close but Rob collected 3.

Div 2:

Iain Houston 3 vs David Wintzer 1

Iain entered the competition and collected 3 against new Club Player David, good match this one with David collecting the first 11 - 13, Iain rallied in the second with a 12 - 10, eventually running out in 4.

Matt Beasley 0 vs Iain Houston 3

Good to see new Club Player Matt hanging in there although he went down in three his game is improving, keep going Matt!!!!!!

Iain Houston 3 vs Gary Jackson 2

A hat trick of wins for Iain and propels him to top spot in Div 2, Gary always competitive in an absorbing match just fell short.




Matches 8th Feb

Div 1:

Pawel Sendecki 0 vs Zibby Sakowski 3

Just back from family holidays in a Sun Soaked, and warm Poland, Zibby maintained his good league form  and picked up a maximus, close call in first game but he squeezed the win 10 - 12, comfortable in the next two.

Mina Matta 1 vs Zibby Sakowski 3

Zibby, up for his second match of the evening took on Mina and completed the job in 4, great battle in the first though with Zibby going down 15 - 13, but he picked the next three.

Felben Pujanes 1 vs Ahmad Humayde 3

Great to see new player Felben entering the competition and he picked up his first point with a 11 - 9 win in the first, however Ahmad upped his game and collected the next three.

Pawel Sendecki 1 vs Mina Matta 3

Mina collected the win in 4 but Pawel picked up a point with a battling 12 - 10 win in the third, just shows you what a week of drinking Polish beer can do for you!!!!!!!

Mina Matta 3 vs Felben Pujanes 1

Mina into his stride now took on new player Felben and put three into his kitty, but Felben stuck in there and collected a point, good to see a new Club player competing in this way.

Div 2:

Adam Frost 3 vs David Winzter 1

League 2 player Adam had to work hard on this one, great to see another new Club Player entering competition. David picked up the first with an 11 - 13 win and just fell short in the second going down 12 -10 Adam closing out the match in 4.

Matt Beasley 0 vs Adam Frost 3

Matt was a bit out of sorts on this one and Adam collected three.

Geoff Salter 2 vs Gary Jackson 3

Well, what a ripper this one was, two second division players going head to head with wins going back and forth Gary finally closing out the match in 5  a good start for both players.

Geoff Salter 2 vs Melissa Berry 3

Another high quality match saw first half Champion Melissa do the business in 5, however she had to dig deep going 2 - 1 down, but dig deep she did picking up the final two games.














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