Minutes of the League AGM held on the 5th July 2017

Apologies were received from Rory Scott,George Gray and Tat on Man.

Present were Maureen Hazell, Mike Hughes, Alison East, Dave Edwards, John Lee, 

Graeme Barnes, Alan Stone, Brian Spicer, Tony Catt, Gill Harding, Marie Campbell, 

David Thompson, Brian Stevens , Barrie Gilbert and Steve Pound.

There were no matters arising from last years AGM.

The minutes were agreed and passed as a true record. Proposed by Alan Stone and seconded by Dave Edwards.

Chairpersons Address.

Maureen thanked Barrie and Brian for doing a very efficient job on recording the results on the Website.

Mike, Alison and Dave were also thanked for the roles they played in the last year.

Maureen reported that the league had supplied volunteers at three K2 Open days, and thanked Alison, Dave and Kathy Edwards for doing this. Maureen had also attended herself, on the 70th anniversary day.  This work contributes to the League obtaining a discount on hire fees.

She reported that our league was an extremely strong one with some players traveling a great distance to participate in such a successful league.

Our Junior teams did the League proud once again by winning the Carter Cup and Bromfield Trophy for the second year. Congratulations to Josh Bennett, George Hazell , Kate Cheer and Alice Hazell on this achievement.

It was felt that although our Premier Division was strong, our home/away divisions need more development and more teams, the new committee will try to work harder in this area.

Once again Maureen emphasised the need for more volunteers and she urged clubs to contact their members to get feed back.

Alison was presented with flowers and thanked for her contribution over the years to the league.


The League needed to vote on a proposal from TT England.

Very broadly the topics relate to future Governance of the sport, funding and democracy.

Steve Pound and Tony Catt were given time to put their case regarding this to those present.

Tony spoke in favour of the TTE proposal and Steve the amendment.

They were both then asked to leave the room and in their absence a discussion was held on the matter and then voted on. Six Clubs voted in favour of Tony's proposal, One abstained.


Secretary Report.

Alison reported that committee meetings were well supported this year.

Graeme Barnes had accepted the role of Vice Chairman.

Confirmation of dates for Premier League for next season will be on the website.

George had sent out a small questionnaire regarding the possibility of running a 3rd Division next season, some replies have been received and will be passed on to be discussed at the next meeting.

Jane Blackburn has been a awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Shield Final was a close match with Horsham Spinners B taking the trophy, Crawley Sports E were runners up.

Owen Brown must be congratulated on his achievement of only conceding 18 points in the final.

This event is very popular and a replacement organiser will be needed to run this event next season.


Divisional Reports.

Barrie said the Premier league has  been stronger than ever.

He felt junior players had vastly improved this year and the strength of the league has also helped more established players to improve as well. Players are willing to travel long distances to be part of our league.

Blades A won the division with Foresters A 35 points behind them.

Outstanding results were recorded by Martin Gunn who won 70/72 games, Josh Bennett 60/62. George Hazell 65/68 and Craig Bryant 57/57.

85 players participated in the Premier division during the season.

Brian said from his point of view the season ran very smoothly with fewer postponements of matches and no match having to be declared void in the H/A Divisions.

Blades D took the title and Horsham B runners up.

In Div 2 Horsham Spinners won, well clear of 2nd place Crawley Community D.

The individual players averages on table tennis 365 lists every player but he would like to highlight and congratulate Richard Hazel who won 96.88 of his games followed by Eric Van - Mol on 88.64%.

In Div 2 Zach Hodges and Sam Watts topped the averages with 94.34% and 91.94% respectively

a great achievement for two junior players.


Treasurers report.

Mike reported that the League was solvent.

The Closed  Tournament broke about even this year.

He emphasised how important it was to for Trinity Practice nights to continue running.

The storage costs at K2 need to be covered as this season we had not had enough income from events that hire our tables.

The League has a total of £8272.89.

Currant Account £4224.13 of which £310 is "ring-fenced".

Interest Account £4048.89

K2 cost will be going up this year by £1 per hour per court.

Teams playing next season at K2 will be asked to pay £335 each.

Junior hire charges will be increased by 50p per hour.


Affiliation fees for 2017/18.

Fees will not change for this season and will remain as follows:

£10 for adults and £5 for Juniors.

Proposed by Dave and seconded by Graeme Barnes.


Election of Officers.

Steve Pound and Alison East resigned their posts and Dave Edwards will not be the Shield Competition organiser next season.

No one came forward to to take Alison's position or Dave's.

Maureen agreed to be the TTE and Sussex county representatives.

All positions were voted for en block and there were no objections.


Amendments to Rules.

Only one rule change had been received.

Andy submitted a Rule change to revert to the old Playing Up ruling for Premier League players only.

The rule was discussed and voted upon.

The vote was For : 8 votes 

                      Against: 7 votes

4 Clubs abstained so the rule change was carried.

Trophies were presented to League Division Winners and Runners - up.



TTE are proposing a £2 increase in registration fees for players next season.

A vote was held as to the leagues position on this, the Clubs generally voted against the proposed increase, 1 abstained.

Maureen felt that our league may get future funding from TTE .

The registration committee have requested that all clubs send in their forms before the 31st July 2017 and will discuss the entries on the 1st August 2017.

Next committee meeting will be held at K2 on 9 August 2017.

Foresters were thanked for hosting the AGM.

Meeting closed at 9.20 pm.

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