Minutes of the CHDTTL committee meeting - Wednesday 18th January 2017 -7.30pm

Apologies were received from Steve Pound and Mike Hughes.

Present were Maureen Hazell, Alison East, Andy Meads, Brian Stevens, Barrie Gilbert,

Brian Stevens, John Lee, Dave Edwards, George Gray and Graham Barnes.

Before commencing the agenda proper Maureen asked if all present were happy with a time limit and that the meeting close was no later than 9pm – an AOB was added in relation to the cancellation of Premier matches on the 12th January.

Matters Arising – A lot of time had been spent on this topic at the last meeting. The minutes issued for that last meeting were considered a true record. It was accepted that George Gray felt differently and he had widely distributed his views on that matter. Maureen proposed that we did not alter the minutes George’s objection had been shared and his objection recorded. It was proposed to move on and this was agreed.

1.Chairpersons Address

Maureen started with a brief explanation of the circumstances behind the cancellation of the Premier matches on the 12th January 2017. There was a yellow weather warning in place and snow had started to fall heavily an hour and a half before matches were due to commence. Several players had expressed doubt about travelling and so the Chairperson and President decided - on the grounds of safety - to cancel the matches. The committee discussed the decision and agreed with it. No additional charges would be made for this particular season.

A frequent theme from the Chairperson, and raised in previous meetings was about encouraging more volunteers to assist with league activities. We would welcome suggestions on how this could be improved. The same people do the same jobs. This impacts league development because we rarely get beyond current league activities let alone new ones. Dave has continued to run the Shield despite requesting to step down and practice night is supported each week by the same people. This year we bolstered the Registration committee so we can add new posts and maybe we should consider appointing a “Volunteer co-ordinator”. 

Another popular topic is the development of local players – we acknowledge that having a strong league is positive and young players can only benefit from that. We welcome those younger players - some of them are top County players - and we particularly wish to acknowledge those clubs - most notably Spinners - providing player opportunities in the lower divisions. We need to do more but the lack of volunteers impacts this – we should work with Horsham TTC to see if a bridge or link can be built with the Horsham Central league. We need volunteers for those discussions and ideas for a third division something that would complement but not compete with the Horsham Central League.

Maureen requested ideas and proposals for development to come to the committee. Whilst our league is the strongest in Sussex we cannot be complacent nothing is perfect and ideas to develop or change rules should be considered ideally before the next season starts. We generally have a rule change meeting prior to the AGM any volunteers to stand or ideas for change are welcome suggestions to be sent to Alison.

2.Secretaries Report

The Handicap Competition is now at the quarter finals stage. Congratulations were given to Craig Bryant, Kate Cheer, Alice and George Hazell, James Smith and Josh Bennett who have been invited to compete in the PG Mutual National Championships.

No new volunteers have come forward to help at practice nights at Trinity. A booking form has been returned to K2 for the request of dates for the 2017/18 season.  It has been provisionally requested that the season will start on 14/09/17 and finish on 22/03/18. Storage changes will be £1200 for the year and 4 badminton courts will cost £52. Confirmation of our requested dates will be confirmed. A safeguarding statement has been released by TTE and there is an updated list of licensed coaches on that site.

3.Treasurers Report

The Treasurer provided a report. All clubs had paid Premier League and affiliation fees in full, with some finalising in the week.  He thanked clubs for their efforts in this respect, appreciating how difficult it can be, particularly for bigger clubs to collect.

Payments to K2, both in respect of hire charges and storage charges, had now been paid up until the end of the season (31 March). Holy Trinity hire fees have been settled up to 31 December 2016, invoices are now being presented at the end of each school term and the next payment will therefore be made around the beginning of April.

SCTTA affiliation fees had been paid in full (crossing in the week) with a request from SCTTA. We currently have 165 members affiliated to our League, 145 adults and 20 juniors.

Total takings from the Holy Trinity Tuesday evening practice sessions, from 1 June - 30 November 2016, were £1,225, an average of £51 per week.  The cost of hiring Holy Trinity is £34 per week, which means that on average there as a weekly profit of £17, resulting in a total estimated profit from these sessions, over the whole year, of £800-£900.

Expenditure this year to date has been minimal. The only likely costs incurred between now and the end of the season are in respect of the Closed Championships and the Willmott Cup.  If anyone has any requests for any other items of expenditure, please could these be raised, and approved by committee, at the earliest opportunity.  An up-to-date Income and Expenditure Account will be provided at the next meeting.  In the meantime, if anyone has any questions, please let Mike know.

4. Update from Divisional Secretaries

Premier Report Barrie reported that there is problem with some teams having excessively long practice therefore starting matches as late as 8pm.This can be disturbing to teams that do start matches on time and delays the result cards availability. Captains are requested to make sure matches start on time.

Home and Away Report Brian reported that in the Home /Away Div 1 that two matches are outstanding from week 1 and another from week six. There was one instance of a match plus the reverse fixture still being outstanding. He asked if these matches could be arranged ASAP. In Division 2 matches are all up to date. There was one match card that required committee discussion because of an unregistered player and this was covered later in the agenda

5. Closed Championship

Dave confirmed that Trinity has been booked for 23rd April 2017. Please note the tournament will be held on 1 day this year and volunteers will be needed on the day.

6.Registration Request

Horsham Spinners requested a very late registration for a player to be registered and play on the same day of request, Rory was advised that the player could participate in the match but the score may not be counted as committee approval was required for late registrations. The card was subsequently submitted and the players name and scores had been input. In line with league rules the match card was referred to the committee.The request for the player to play in Div 2 was declined and the scorecard amended. The committee agreed however that a further request for that player to play in Division 1 would be allowed.

7. League Cup Championship

It was agreed that players will be asked in league ranking order if they would like to represent the league in these competitions


Graham Barnes has accepted the vacant position of Vice Chairman. This was unanimously agreed.

Crawley Sports would like to register a returning player to the Crawley Sports E team.

This was agreed on condition that the player would not play in matches against the top 3 teams in Division  2 to prevent any results affecting the promotion position.

George Gray asked if the Player Ranking system currently being tested by 365 could be made public. The meeting discussed this and adjudged that at this point it contained anomalies so is not representative of the true league ranking order. This would be monitored for the future.

George Gray asked if the League Minutes could be widely circulated. George was advised that not only were the minutes sent out to all the Club Secretaries for cascade but they could also be viewed at this point on the League Website.



Date of next committee meeting will be held on Wednesday 29th March 2017. 

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