Minutes of the committee meeting held on 17 May 2017.

Present were Maureen Hazell, Alison East, Mike Hughes, Andy Meads, Steve Pound, Dave Edwards, George Gray and Graham Barnes.
Apologies were received from Barrie Gilbert, Brian Stevens and John Lee.

There were no matters arising from the last meeting.

Chairpersons address.
Maureen felt that tonight's meeting should focus mainly on the Treasures report and the clarification of rules.
It was also said that there is still a lack of volunteers and this needs to be addressed.
The Ladies, Boys and Girls teams representing our league have all got through the qualifying rounds in the National Cup Championships.

Treasurers report.
Mike presented an up-to-date income and expenditure sheet.

Deductions are still to be made for the Carter Cup expenditure.
The Closed tournament made a profit of £300 but the hall hire for this event is still to be paid, it is hoped that the event will break even this year.
Trinity practice nights made almost £1000 profit this year.
Storage costs at K2 are expected to rise again for next season, a Singles league was not held this year and also no tournaments to help with the funding of the storage costs.

Negotiations will be going on between the league and K2 about costs for the storage of tables.
It will be necessary next season to raise fees by a small amount for teams playing at K2 to bridge the gap, the amount will be decided once we have confirmation from K2 of their charges this year. There will also be a rise for the juniors coaching table hire at K2 this will most probably go up by 50p per table.

Closed Championship Report .
There was very good feedback this year, players commented that they thought the event was much better for being held on one day.
Some players felt that the over 50 event and the Vets event could run along side one another as there was a time gap between the two events so some players left before the second event started.
Thanks were given to the organisers and also those players that came early to help set up the tables etc and those that stayed till the end to help clear up at the end of a long day.

Shield tournament.

Dave reported that the final had taken place and the winners were Horsham Spinners B, the star of the match was Owen Brown who only gave 18 points away all evening enabling his team to beat Crawley Sports E by 14 points.

The Shield and Individual trophies were handed out on the evening to the winners and the runners up Crawley Sports E.

Dave said that this will be the last season that he will be running this tournament.

This event might have to be taken out of the calendar for next season unless someone comes forward to run this popular event.
Thanks were given to Dave and Kathy for the organisation of the competition.

Rules Clarification

The implementation of League Rules was discussed, it was generally agreed that the Registration Committee had adhered to the league Rules and Guidelines. Andy handed in a rule change for discussion at the AGM.

Sussex initiatives.

An event is being held on 30 May for 18 players who have been invited to a coaching session run by Sussex.
The English ranking list was used to decide on those that would be invited to the event.
Six players from our league were asked, 4 from Horsham Spinners TTC and 2 from Horsham TTC. The event will be held at the Triangle Sports Centre,Burgess Hill.

More development is planned for the future.

3rd Division.
After our last meeting only one volunteer has came forward to be on the sub committee to help with the development of this idea.
Secretaries were asked if they will establish the level of interest and support for a 3rd Division or an alternative league format. Input is needed from players.

Various ideas were spoken about but we will have to wait until we know how many new teams will be entering the League next season before any decisions can be made.

Nets and Tables.
It was asked if correspondence can be provided as to where the nets that are generally stored at K2 are, if used elsewhere.
It was stated that the nets are sometimes used for coaching events in Sussex and this does take priority for use.
It was agreed that there would always be 4 nets available for the junior sessions held at K2 in the closed season.

North Horsham Growth.
Steve informed the committee about a large new building development in Horsham and the opportunities that this could open up for the league.
New schools will be built in this housing development and Steve is in negotiations with the developers to establish if the sports halls can be built to include a plan to accommodate table tennis.

Alison will be stepping down from her position as Secretary this year. Thanks were given for all the work she has provided to the League.

Steve spoke about the possibility of holding an event at K2, this is a Crowdfunding UK event and he would like clubs to ask their members whether they would be interested in supporting such an event, which will be aimed at attracting the top 8 U.K. players. Individual and corporate tickets would be available.

Meeting closed at 9.30 pm. 

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