CHDTTL Minutes 22nd August 2016

Present: Maureen Hazell, Dave Edwards, Alison East, Brian Stevens, George Gray, Graham Barnes, Barrie Gilbert, John Lee, Ray Sutton

Apologies were received from Mike Hughes, Andy Meads


Chairpersons Address

Maureen informed those present that the primary purpose of the meeting was to agree the Divisional Format for the forthcoming season but the registration committee had already met prior to this meeting to discuss the submitted teams and players which would assist decision making.


Formation Of The Divisions

Those present were given time to analyse the teams and players that had been submitted to the registration secretary. 14 teams will be playing in the premier division at K2. 12 teams were submitted into the 1st Division and with 8 teams in Div 2. Division 1 teams will play each other twice during the season and Div 2 teams will play each other three times during the season. A discussion was held about a possible different formation to make the divisions more even. It was felt that by the majority of those present that the quality of players submitted would suit a 12 team Div 1 and an 8 team Div2 format.

The committee are aware that it would be preferable to have a more equally balanced divisions but for this season they are to stay as they are and look into the possibility of recruiting more teams for next season with the possibility of making three divisions.

There was discussion about certain players the registration committee agreed al submitted players apart from only one player some committee members felt that some players were put in a division where their standard was too strong, the respective clubs removed the queried players.


Horsham Central League

After several discussions about the Horsham Central League the overiding view from the CHDTTL was a positive one, however with the proposal from Horsham TTC that there would be absolutley no involvement from CHDTTL in the set up running or reporting of it there were reservations about how in practice this could really be an affiliated part of our wider league. We would wish to avoid a league within a league and we would really need to have some involvement in a new set up that was affiliated to our league. Sussex County would look to CHDTTL to report on it which would be difficult to achieve. We had requested a report at each meeting to accomodate that - Horsham TTC agreed that they would do this but at this time they did not want to pursue the affiliation for this season. This will be reviewed again next year bu both parties. All players in this league will be affiliated to T T England details will be finalised this week and distributed to league secretaries



Rory Scott has qualified as a licensed UKCC level 3 coach

Maureen Hazell and Graham Barnes are currently key holders for the K2 storage cabinet for premier evenings. George Gray holds the key for the junior apprentice evening that is held at K2 on a Thursday evening. Please note that these keys are the property of CHDTTL not individual clubs abd are on loan and must be retuned to the committee if asked to do so.

Next committee meeting will be held on 19th October 2016 at K2

Meeting closed at 9.00 pm

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