Minutes of the CHDTTL Meeting on the 12th Oct

Minutes written by Maureen Hazell

1.       Apologies for Absence were received from Andy Meads, Tat–on  Man and Rory Scott

2.       Maureen Hazell,Dave Edwards,Barrie Gilbert,George Gray and Graham Barnes.


 2.    Matters arising from last meeting  Item 2 Formation of Divisions “There was discussion about certain players the Registration Committee agreed all submitted players apart from only one player  .. some committee  members felt that  some players were put in a division where their standard was too strong. The respective clubs removed the queried players” As an amend it was agreed that reference to division should have actually have read “Team”. With the approval of the Registration Committee one Division 1 player was subsequently moved up a Team rather than a Division. George Gray expressed his disagreement with the registration /ranking decision for this one player and there was then a lengthy debate about the relative ranking of other players (also in division 1 that had not all been involved in the original discussions) The committee spoke about those players their strength and their results in Premier.. The members of the registration committee that had agreed the ranking and the wider meeting concluded that the ranking and registration was correct. George did not agree and requested that his objection was recorded in the minutes.

3.    Chairman’s Address Maureen opened the meeting by saying how well the season had started. The league continues to thrive and there are stronger divisions. Rory Scott in particular should be congratulated for bringing so many Juniors into the Crawley & Horsham League. They are developing players and are having a good degree of success particularly in division 2. The strength of the league had prompted a request from a team in the Brighton area asking to join Premier Division, Maureen advised that entry to the Premier was earned by winning division 1 and that we have to support our local players in ensuring they are not disadvantaged.

4.  Secretaries report   Alison sent an update The League has a total of 192 registered players. This comprises of 10 cadets, 14 juniors, 46 senior and 122 veterans. There are 172 male and 20 female players in our league. Dave Edwards had completed the annual return for the league online.

5.  Treasurers report The Treasurer announced that there had been little activity on the accounts so far this financial year, but he thanked Alison in particular for collecting the proceeds of the Holy Trinity practice session each week, paying the funds directly into the account and advising him accordingly, which was very helpful. Income from these sessions was very much in line with last year, averaging £40-£50 a week. The hire costs for Holy Trinity have been paid up to the end of August 2016, and in the case of K2, we have had to pay hire costs and storage charges in advance up to December 2016, amounting to £2,289. This is a substantial sum, but these costs will be reimbursed mainly from the Premier League fees charged to each club.  The invoices for these fees, along with the affiliation fees to CH&DTTL and SCTTA for each individual member, which will be sent out to every club towards the end of November.  This will hopefully give club sufficient time to collect all their fees from members, so that they have sufficient funds in their own accounts to meet these invoices.  It is hoped that all these invoices can be settled by the end of the year at the latest.”

6.   Horsham Central League report - Graham Barnes advised that The Horsham Central League had started up again and that it was a success. Numbers were quite low still which was to be expected. This year would be a learning period for subsequent seasons. If other clubs were interested in submitting a team they should contact Horsham TTC

7.      Fees for playing at K2 It had already been agreed to make a small increase to affiliation costs ( £10 for Adults and £5 for Juniors) and team costs for Premier were agreed at £325 per team.

8.      Update from Divisional Secretaries Barrie Gilbert provided an update the season had been going well to date with no particular issues.

9.      Setting date of Closed Championships we had been contacted by the Guilford League who were planning to have their closed event on the 21st/22nd January this would not create any clash for us. Ours would likely fall at the end of our season as in previous years it was agreed to investig

10.   A.O.B  -  George advised the meeting that because of other commitments he was unable to support voluntary events at K2. In future K2 would contact Maureen Hazell and this would allow us to continue to be placed on the preferred customer list. For 2015/16 the discount was over £700 and Maureen confirmed that the league had been in touch with K2 about this.


Date  of next committee meeting is  Wednesday 18th January 2017.




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