Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 29th March 2017.

Present: Maureen Hazell, Alison East , Barrie Gilbert, George Gray, Steve Pound, Andy Meads,

John Lee, Dave Edwards, Brian Stevens and Graham Barnes.

Apologies were received from Marie Campbell and Mike Hughes.

Matters arising from last meeting.

Barrie said after requesting prompter starts at Premier matches the request was still being ignored.

Chairpersons Address.

Maureen said there is a lack in volunteering both at K2 and at Trinity practice nights.

She felt the League should be looking at developing the League with the possibility of developing a 3rd Division in the very near future.

She felt that any rule change proposals should be discussed at the meeting prior to the AGM.

Treasurers Report.

Mike report was read out in his absence.

All fees from Premier clubs and affiliation fees had been paid in full.

A total of 165(145 adults and 20 Juniors)had been affiliated this season.

Mike wanted to thank clubs for collecting fees from members so promptly and efficiently.

To date this financial year we have made a profit of £878.01 although there is a outstanding fee to of £320 which we have not yet been invoiced for so effectively our profit of £558.01.

Practice sessions up to 7th March income is £1,848.00 with still possibly another 8 weeks to run so the final income will similar to last season.

Alison was thanked for paying the money in every month.

Expenditure this year to date has been minimal only items to date being the English League Cup  entries £144, trophies from last season £270 and the purchase of a store cupboard for K2 £128.

If anyone has any outstanding expenses please let me have them ASAP.

Only costs likely to be incurred before the end of season are in respect of the League Championships and Summer League if being run.

Last season the Championships made a loss of £271 but this is the only event of the season where    

the spending of League funds, and the making of a loss is justified.

As the event will be held on 1day this year hire costs will be reduced, it should considered whether this “saving" could be added to the prize fund.

Secretary Report.

Alison reported that dates for Premier League have now been confirmed by K2 and are as follows.

7th 14th 21st 28th September 2017.

5th 12th 19th October 2017.

2nd 9th 16th 23rd 30th November 2017.

7th December 2017.

4th 11th 18th 25th January 2018.

1st 8th 16th 25th February 2018.

1st 8th 16th 25th 29th March 2018.

The League are participating in the 70th Anniversary celebrations at K2 this coming Saturday and invited clubs to come along and promote their clubs if they wish.

A reminder was given for any individual wishing to discuss any Rule changes at this years AGM that they need to be received no later than 2 weeks prior to meeting.

Trophies are now being collected so if anyone has them please contact me to arrange collection.

Trophies are getting tatty so we are wondering how members felt about either replacing or discarding having them.

Divisional secretary's reports.


Barrie confirmed that Blades A had won the division this year. 2nd place went to the

Foresters A and Crawley Community A taking the third spot.

It was felt that the division had strengthened in the lower half of the division.

85 players had taken part in the division this season.

Home and Away.

Brian reported that Blades D had taken the 1st Div Title and Horsham Spinners had won Div 2.

There was still three matches unplayed in division one plus one that cannot be processed.

In division 2 there is also three matches not played.

The last official week for these matches to be played will end on 14 April 2017.

It was felt that there is a large gap in standards between the Premier and Div 1.

It was felt that Div 1 was extremely strong this season and hopefully this division will be more competitive next season.

Copthorne and Crawley Community match.

Insignificant players turned up to play this match it was felt under the circumstances that Copthorne would be awarded the points. Crawley Community apologised for the confusion over this match.

Closed Championships.

A small subcommittee has been set up for the running of this competition.

The draw is intended to take place at Trinity on the Tuesday prior to the competition.

The competition will be starting at 9 am, if anybody can turn up from 8 a.m. onwards to help set the tables up the subcommittee would be grateful.

Refreshments will be available on the day.

Graham Carter will be asked if is available to do a press report for the day.

Horsham Central League

Graham reported that there had been 20 weeks of play and that it was mainly juniors that had played.

It was felt that the division had worked well and players enjoyed the experience.

Financially the venture had made a slight loss.

It was hopeful that extra teams would be playing next season.

Singles league.

Maureen said that no immediate decision will be made whether or not to run this event this summer.

Once again a lack of volunteers have come forward to help run the event.

It is not ruled out that this event will not be held but a change of venue maybe required.

English League Cup.

The League will be entering into all 4 events.

The Junior Boys event will be hosted by the League and will be held on 8th April at Trinity the senior teams will be playing in Reading a day later.

It was agreed that expenses of 28p per mile will be paid for 1 car per team.

Third Division.

A sub committee will be set up to see if this can be an option that the League could work towards.

Interested club representatives should let the committee know of your interest please.

County Initiatives.

Steve is looking into running a league in Sussex in 5 locations possibly with 6 teams .

These events will be held over a weekend and be of different standards.

Clarification Of Rules

It was agreed that this should be discussed at the next committee meeting prior to the AGM.

Postponed matches.

Brian felt that he would always prefer a match being played than claimed.

Matches should not be cancelled just because the best players are not available on the scheduled night.

Once again the committee will look at this at the next meeting.


John said that Julia Cornish felt that her restrictions of her playing in the League was rather restricted and unwelcoming. The reasons for these restrictions were made clear to John.

Handicap Shield Final will be between Horsham Spinners B and Crawley Sports E.

Date of next meeting will be 17th May 2017.

Date of AGM will be 5th July 2017 at Foresters Table Tennis Club.

Meeting closed at 9.30pm.




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