Minutes of Management Council meeting held 4th September 2017 at The Dorset Public House, Lewes


In attendance

Laurie Holland - SCTTA President (LH), Jim Skinner – Chairman (JS), George Gray – Deputy Chairman (GG), Kevin Long – General Secretary (KL), Maureen Hazell – Coaching Secretary (MH), Peter Baldwin – Junior Match Secretary (PB), Tony Catt – Veteran’s Match Secretary (TC), Alan Gess – representing Worthing TTL (AG), Andy Hayes – East Grinstead TTL (AH), Rob Hoy – Eastbourne TTL (RH), Tat-On Man – Horsham Central TTL (TM).

1 - Meeting opened

JS declared the meeting “open” at 7.02 p.m.

2 - Apologies for absence

Received from Tony Anderson – Treasurer, Brian Spicer – Development Officer.

3 - Matters arising from minutes of meeting held 19th June 2017

3.1 Three items were identified as “outstanding – still to be actioned”;

§  Meeting with Wealden Table Tennis League

§  Registration of shirts

§  Constitution

JS stated that he would like the constitution to be reviewed in its entirety.

3.2 Under Officer’s Reports, shown as item 7.1 National Councillor (Tony Catt), LH requested the sentence; “The President enquired as to whether the vote was valid given the number of abstentions and whether a Card Vote should have been called for.” to be changed by deleting the words “and whether a Card Vote should have been called for”. The amended sentence would then read thus; “The President enquired as to whether the vote was valid given the number of abstentions”.

3.3 In the same section, shown as item 7.3 Junior/Cadet Match Secretary (Peter Baldwin), PB reported that SCTTA were still receiving five handbooks per team for the County Championships. As the county enter a total of thirteen teams, there was agreement to suggestion, in correspondence, to this number being reduced to three per team.

3.4 MH, having missed the previous Management Council meeting due to her attendance of Safeguarding training, agreed to take on the role of Safeguarding & Welfare Officer for SCTTA.

3.5 Under League Reports/Issues, shown as item 11, the following amendment was requested;

Delete –


Proposal by Hastings League for contribution towards Tables and Equipment for St. Leonards Academy at a total cost of £675 were requested. It was agreed that 50% should be given amounting to £337.50 proposed by Steve Steel and seconded by Tony Catt”.

Amend to –

“A written request had been received from Hastings & District Table Tennis Association for support from SCTTA in funding the purchase of two tables, plus bats and balls, through a scheme co-ordinated by Table Tennis England to promote the sport in schools. One third of the £675.00 cost had been requested, Chairman Steve Steel proposed that half (£337.50) be funded which was seconded by Tony Catt. Management Council voted in favour of the Chairman’s proposal”.

3.6 GG enquired as to how the Management Council proposed to deal with future requests of this nature. Consensus of opinion was that such requests will be dealt with on an individual basis, according to merit and availability of funds.

With the amendments noted, TC proposed that the minutes be accepted. Seconded by MH and passed by unanimous vote.

4 - Matters arising from AGM

§  The first draft of the minutes had been circulated to those that attended

§  Wealden League situation was to be clarified

§  Payment of a TT365 invoice to Table Tennis England had been queried. GG offered the explanation that to his knowledge this could have been for “enhancements” to the free provision

§  County Plan for 2017 – 2018

§  Tournament approval criteria – to be confirmed that only tournaments where ranking points are gained need to be approved

§  Vice-Presidents presentations – arrangements are being made

5 - Chairman’s Report

5.1 JS introduced himself as the new Chairman for SCTTA and stated that, as he had long-term experience of volunteering, he was aware of the pressure that volunteers could find themselves under through trying to balance family/work/life with any tasks they undertake voluntarily. With this in mind, he asked that should any volunteer within the Management Council were to find they were unable to maintain this balance and found themselves under pressure could they contact him. Ideally, a workable resolution would be found.

5.2 JS stated that his objectives for the coming year would be;

§  To ensure initiatives were encapsulated into the County Plan

§  Keep meetings “in order” and friendly

§  Progress the County Plan and 5-year strategy

5.3 The following documents were discussed;

a.     Management Council Business Conduct – presented by KL. A brief explanation of “Chatham House Rules” was required but the document was received without further comment.

b.     Sub-committees – again, presented by KL. LH questioned the need for a Finance sub-committee and was not convinced that such a sub-committee would be required. No further issues were raised.

c.      County Plan – presented by JS. This was an update of the original showing what has been achieved and future aims and development. Proposed “deliverables” were discussed and modified.

6 – Secretary’s Report

6.1 KL reported that three leagues – Eastbourne, Hastings and Horsham Central – had returned their Officers forms. JS pointed out that the forms had not been sent out to all the affiliated leagues.

Action; KL to send forms to other affiliated leagues.

6.2 No other business to report.

7 – Treasurer’s Report

7.1 JS presented Financial Statement on behalf of Treasurer, Tony Anderson. This was accepted and thanks recorded for Tony continuing this role.

7.2 JS reported that a job description has been included in recent mailings and a volunteer is being sought from the affiliated leagues.

8 – Officers Reports

8.1 National Councillor. TC reported on the TTE AGM and subsequent EGM. The following points were noted;

§  A wide-ranging review of TTE organisation is to take place

§  TC is included in the Governance Review Group

§  National Council election for Chair forthcoming

§  Feedback wanted from membership. TC requested that all members respond to questionnaires, etc

8.1i Election of Deputy National Councillor. TC proposed JS, who was willing to accept the position, seconded by MH. Motion carried.

8.2 Senior Match Secretary. Sally Henke was absent from the meeting. However, it was believed that she was organising the Senior 1 & 2 teams for the coming season, with MH organising the Senior 3’s. The committee asked that confirmation of this be sought that she is still able and willing to continue in this role.

Action; MH to seek confirmation from Sally that she is continuing as Senior Match Secretary.

8.3 Junior & Cadet Match Secretary. PB reported that the Cadet 2 & 3 teams play their first round of County Championship matches on 7th October, probably at different venues as they are in different divisions this year. The Junior 2 & 3 teams start their fixtures on 21st October, with both teams in the same division they should be heading to the same venue. At the time of the Management Council meeting, venues had not been confirmed.

8.4 Veterans Match Secretary. TC reported that he now has a structure in place whereby Rose Rainton runs the Veterans 1 team while Peter Bartram takes charge of the 2’s, both teams playing over the weekend of 21st – 22nd October. It is hoped that the Veterans 1 regain their place in the Premier Division. TC will be running what he considers to be a good third team with Sarah Hilditch returning to the Veterans teams.

8.5 Coaching Secretary/Development. MH reported the following points;

§  A lot of this season’s programme has been covered by the County Plan

§  Sessions are being planned in accordance with the County Coaching Strategy agreed at the AGM

§  A “Performance & Development” squad session is planned for 30th September with players identified in the Invitation Tournament and trials being invited to participate

§  Future sessions are being designed to facilitate 11 – 12 players

§  Dates of 11th/25th/26th November are being considered for preparation of Premier Division Cadet & Junior teams

§  Prior to Christmas the focus of coaching and training sessions will be on County Squads

§  After Christmas, and for the remainder of the season, focus will shift to bringing through new players

8.5i MH has knowledge of Weald TTC and considers that, far from being a threat to the County Plan, they could prove a useful source of expertise and knowledge.

8.6 Umpires Secretary. No report but in general discussion the question was asked if it would be possible to encourage young umpires.

Action; MH to make enquiries.

8.7 Calendar/Tournaments.

       i.          Invitation tournaments: PB reported that, potentially, for the first time in many years, both the Cadet and Junior competitions will be fully covered. MH had taken on the role of organising the Senior event and had experienced great difficulty in getting players. With only three women players confirmed, with a reply awaited from a fourth, and five men, replies awaited from others, it was requested that this should be an item for the agenda for the next Management Council meeting. PB also reported that the 60th Anniversary of the Seaman-Nicholls competition arrives in two years’ time.

     ii.          Trials for the County Cadet and Junior teams were taking place on 16th September at the K2 Leisure Centre, Crawley starting at 10.00 a.m. The cost of facility hire would be £215.00 for one third of the hall. Tables were being loaned by the Crawley & Horsham Table Tennis League, no fee had been requested.  JS proposed that a sum of £50.00 be paid to the host league as a token of appreciation. This was seconded by TC and approved by the committee.

    iii.          The date of Sunday, 18th February 2018 was proposed for holding the Sussex Closed tournament. This was agreed but a venue needs to be found.

    iv.          Proposals for Junior Circuit discussed. JS produced a document outlining his ideas on objectives and format. Following discussion the following points were agreed;

a.     Focus on high density areas of known Junior participation, as identified by affiliation returns.

b.     Organise a “trial” tournament. Hastings area was deemed to meet point a.

c.      Bexhillians TTC would provide an accessible venue as it is in close proximity to the Railway Station and may encourage players from the Eastbourne area.

d.     Aim for holding tournament 18th November.

e.     This should be a novice event.

f.       A morning session, perhaps “Top table” to establish playing strength, followed by banded competition in the afternoon.

Proposed; AG, seconded; TC. Agreed by committee to proceed on this basis.

Action; KL to contact Bexhillians TTC and arrange meeting between them and JS.

8.8 Communications. JS reported that SCTTA website had been updated. GG requested that Management Council minutes go on the website. JS further reported that first newsletter had gone out.

9 – League Reports

9.1 Hastings: Written report produced with following points;

§  AGM has now been held and amendments to Hastings Association Rules agreed.

§  League season due to commence 2nd October with three divisions and thirty-three teams.

§  Junior League likely to have similar number of players to previous two seasons.

§  Application for grant – TTE Development Officer has requested discussing a joint application with TT Rother. Meeting yet to happen.

§  Bat testing session, run by Bribar, to take place at Hastings Academy Sports Hall 26th September.

9.2 South West Sussex: No report. Season starts October.

TC indicated that Storrington TTC had successfully applied for a Sport England grant.

9.3 Crawley & Horsham: League season starting this coming Thursday with 14 teams competing in the Premier Division, 11 in Division 1 and 10 in Division2.

9.4 Horsham Central: Starts October with six teams.

9.5 Worthing: Starts next week consisting of four divisions of seven teams.

9.6 Eastbourne: League now has a new Committee. Season starts 18th September. The league is now on TT365 and has re-structured to three divisions of 9/10 teams.

9.7 East Grinstead: The league find themselves in the happy position of being likely to have a second division for the first time in five years.

9.8 Brighton: League season starts 18th September. The league no longer has a central venue as the two clubs that have teams competing in the Premier Division have their own venues. The Premier Division is made up of nine teams from the Brighton City and Hollingbury clubs. Divisions 1 and 2 will each have 11 teams while a fourth division will be made up of 4 – 6 teams of new/developing players.

10 - Dates of future Management Council meetings

KL to propose future meeting dates, in consultation with JS, and circulate. Next meeting to be arranged for late October.

11 – Any other business

11.1 PB proposed that a replacement trophy, for the lost Jackson Trophy, be purchased. This was seconded by AG.

Meeting closed

There being no other business, JS declared the meeting “closed” at 9.58 p.m.

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