Welcome to our Clubs Summer Newsletter lots going on now that the season approaches. Thursday Club Night continues to go well and we are seeing some new players, hope they all stay with us.

1. Teams for 2017/18

We are fielding 6 teams this coming season, 2 in the Premier, 1 in Div1 & 3 in Div2 for team members click CLUB TEAMS The Premier will play all matches at the K2 Leisure. We have changed our home night for our Div1 & 2 teams to Monday Night in the Dance Hall at Holy Trinity, we will have three tables available so will play two teams each Monday with a catch up table. Playing in the Dance Hall will improve the quality of play for our home teams as well as for our guests. 

Please note that all players must be affiliated and paid up members of Table Tennis England if you are unsure about what this entails please come along to Club Night and someone will explain it all.

2. 3rd Division

At the recent CHDTTL meeting a third Division was discussed for this coming season, after some challenging discussion it was agreed by 7 - 1 that a third Division would be implemented for next season ie 2018/19.


Table Replacement at Holy Trinity

The Tables at Holy Trinity are showing their age and some are actually of poor quality, the club wishes to provide a good playing environment for its members so we agreed to contact the Business Manager at Holy Trinity and see if / how, we can initiate a Table replacement program.


Club Shirts

We hope that Club Members will identify with the Club by purchasing the Club Shirt, we do currently have a Club Shirt with its own design, however it is not now available from mainstream suppliers, however we are very pleased to announce that a company has been identified "CHO" which will recreate the existing design on an equivalent quality shirt. The cost is £26.99 per shirt, £25.00 for 10 shirts or more, this includes the Club Name and the Player Name, please let me know if you are interested, by the end of August please.


Club Nights

We now have a Roboteer who will be operating the Club Robot every other Thursday starting from Thursday the 17th August. We will also be running our popular Club Competitions this season these will be open to everybody especially new members and those who are not competing in the main league.

Also please be aware of other players, especially if they are on their own and if you can spend a little time with them that will be great..


Keep up to date with Club activities by checking out the Club Web Site www.tabletennis365.com/crawleyttc

The Club Twitter account @crawleyttc, Facebook Become a Friend of Crawley Community TTC

As always we are on the lookout for new members so if you can give the Club a Plug that will be great.

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