As Robin has now left the area for pastures new (a pub in North Wales!), all scorecards should be sent to Tricia Brookes by email at: or by post to: Tricia Brookes, 14 Hunters Close, Biddulph, Stoke-On-Trent, ST8 6SY.

It has been mentioned that some results are not shown on the website, although it is know they have been played. If you have a scorecard somewhere, please check if the result has been entered and if not, please send it to Tricia asap. All scorecards recceived up to today (14/3) have been entered.

If the card is simply missing/mislaid/ lost, then if you can remember who won (and possibly who played) a result can be entered on the website, but without the correct game scores (it would be entered 11-5; 5-11 etc.). Please speak to your fellow teammates and perhaps the opposition and do the best you can.

If a card cannot be entered for any reason, then the Management Committee may decide to delcare the match void - this would affect your league position, whether you go up or down and even your own average.

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