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1. Name

The League shall be called the Crewe and District Table Tennis League, preceded, when appropriate, by the name of a Sponsor.

2. Objects

To promote the playing of League table tennis in Crewe and district and to act as the controlling body.

3. Constitution

The League shall consist of President, Vice-Presidents, elected Officers, and member clubs.

4. Membership

Membership of  the League shall be open to all clubs in Crewe and district and must have approval of the Executive Committee.

5. Officers

The Officers of the League shall be a President, Vice-Presidents, Chairman,. League Secretary, Results Secretary, Tournament Secretary, Finance Manager, and any other Officers duly elected by a League General Meeting. All Officers shall retire bi-annually, but be eligible for re-election.

6. Executive Committee

The affairs of the League shall be controlled by an Executive Committee consisting of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Immediate Past Chairman, League Secretary, Results Secretary, Finance Manager, Tournament Secretary, Sport Development Manager and other appointed members. The Committee have power to co-opt any further members.

Roles &Responsibilities


Will be responsible for the overall direction of the league and will ensure that an agreed annual business process plan is produced and actioned to allow the league to continue and develop. . He/She will chair all meetings and act as the official spokesperson for the league whilst providing support to the other League Officials in their roles.

Vice Chairman

Will deputise in the absence of the Chairman as required as well as working with the Finance Manager on Fund Raising and  Sponsorship and assist the Tournaments Organiser to arrange competitions.He/She will also assist the Chairman with the Annual Business Process Plan.

Immediate past Chairman

Will liaise and build relationships with other Table Tennis Leagues as well as assisting with Marketing and Communications. He/She will assist the Chairman with the Modernisation Programme and work with the Sports Development Manager to increase league participation.

League Secretary

Will carryout the administrative processes of the League including maintaining all records and archives and will act as the main contact for the Table Tennis England and Cheshire Table Tennis Association.

Results Secretary

Will set up the league on the website. Will receive scorecards and enter results onto the website. Check players are not contravening rules regarding registration. Check validity of players in the various teams. Will be responsible for handling the postponement of matches in accordance with the league rules.

Tournament Secretary

Will be responsible for organising league and cup competitions and providing first line management in the day to day running of these competitions. Where required they will produce a documented assessment that will demonstrate the judgement making process in order to support decisions made that could effect competition and communicate these to those impacted by such decisions and the executive committee. They will also provide reports for various media including press and internet and shall maintain the leagues own website.

Finance Manager

Will manage the financial transactions of the League, maintain appropriate records and provide financial reports as required. They will also lead on Fund Raising and Sponsorships to support the league.

Tournaments & Trophy Organiser

Will organise the Divisional Championships and Town Championships along with any other special competitions sanctioned by the Executive Committee. They will also be responsible for the purchase and awarding of trophy’s and maintain a current list of all trophy holders.

Sports Development Manager

Will In conjunction with the Chairman, formulate and excute a Table Tennis Development Plan that will:

·         encourage player  improvement

·         seek to enhance the levels of competition within the league

·         promote Table Tennis in the Locality


7. Bank Account

The League bank account shall be kept at a financial institution as from time to time agreed by the Executive Committee.  The signatories to be any two of Chairman, Secretary, Finance Manager, and one other selected member of the Committee. Additional accounts may be opened at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

8. Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than the 30th June and shall be open to all League Officers, Committee members, League registered players, and others desirous of becoming members of the League (but not entitled to a vote until they become members). Team Secretaries of all clubs to be notified of the date of the A.G.M. at least 14 days prior to the meeting. Any team not represented at the meeting will be fined £5.Each team must be represented by at least one individual.

9. Special General Meetings

A Special General Meeting of the League may be convened on a resolution of the Executive Committee or within one month of receipt by the General Secretary of a resolution signed by the authorised representatives of at least one third of the League teams.

10. Alteration to Rules

Only at an Annual General Meeting may Rules be altered. Notice of rule amendments by the Executive Committee will be circulated to all clubs by the end of the third week in May. Any amendments proposed by member clubs must be submitted in writing to the General Secretary by 31st. May, and these will be circulated to all clubs along with the notification of the date of the A.G.M. Amendments of Rules passed at the A.G.M. to come into effect immediately.

11. League Formation

Clubs entering the League may be permitted to play any number of teams. The number of Divisions and the allocation of teams to respective Divisions for each season shall be decided by the Executive Committee.

12. Subscriptions

An annual subscription shall be paid by each team plus the ETTA affiliation fee applicable for the season, and should be paid by 31st. October. Failure to comply will result in an additional £1.00 per team per month or part thereof. Monies not paid by 31st. December will result in expulsion from the League and deletion of all playing records.


13. Registrations

        (a)   Each team entry must state a fixed match night and be accompanied by the names of at least three  players. Players registrations shall be free, and each player shall gain automatic entry to the  Divisional Championship (singles and doubles) . New players must state previous competitive playing  experience. The Executive Committee reserves the right to cancel the registration of any player.

        (b)   Additional players must be registered with the Results Secretary before playing. Only in exceptional    cases will registrations be accepted after December 31st.Players approved for registration after 31st  December may only play for the team they are registered with. Should the Executive Committee  disapprove of the registration, all winning sets will be awarded to the opposing teams.

        (c)   Each club must grade its teams in order of merit i.e. the "A" team must be the clubs strongest team.     No player may play for a team graded lower than the team they are registered with, A player may  play as a reserve for a team of higher grade but only for a maximum of 5 times. Should the player  play for a higher graded team after that they will then be considered as being promoted to that  team.They will then NOT be allowed to play as a reserve for any other team. If a player represents  more than one team in the same week each of the teams must be in a different Division.

        (d)   Any player who plays in any three matches for a higher graded team will automatically become a registered player for that team. They will then NOT be allowed to play as a reserve for any other team.

        (e)   Any club which wishes to transfer a player to a lower team must first have the sanction of the Results Secretary. No such re-registration will be permitted where the team has fewer than 5 matches to  play. Once such a re-registration has occurred the player may not play any games as a reserve for a  higher graded team.

        (f)   A registered player may only play for the club for which he or she is registered. Application for transfer should be made to the Results Secretary for consideration.


  14. Match Procedure

        (a)   All games shall be played according to the Table Tennis England Rules of Table Tennis. Players must                    wear pumps and dark coloured clothing, light coloured shirts not being allowed.

        (b)   A match to be decided on the result of 10 sets, nine singles and one double. Each singles player to      play all of the opposing singles players one set each. Each set will comprise the best of five games, with each game ending when the first player reaches 11 points or, if the score reaches 10 - 10, when a player establishes a 2-point margin.

Handicap Competitions (exceptions to rule 14(b)

The Victory Cup and Benoy Shield will be played by two straight games, of 21-up with each player(s) having five services each. If the score reaches 20 - 20, then the game will end when a player establishes a 2-point margin.

        (c)   Points to be awarded as follows: One point for each set won or claimed.

        (d)   At the end of the season, teams being equal on points and concerned in promotion or relegation, the  winning team will be decided on the number matches won. Should the teams still be equal,the decision will be reached by means of a play-off on a neutral table.

        (e)   Unless agreed to by opposing captains, matches must commence not later than 7.30 p.m., at least       two players from each team to be present at that time. After the commencement of a match, no knocking up will be allowed except for the preliminary knock up between players opposed to each other during the match. Any player who has not arrived up to 8.30 p.m. and unless agreed by both team captains, shall forfeit his or her games to the opposing team.

        (f)   On the match night, both team captains must exchange the names of the players before any event      takes place. The home team shall have the choice of first set only and thereafter each team shall have                alternate choice of sets.

        (g)  The score card MUST be signed by both team captains at the completion of the match. The HOME        team is then responsible for ensuring that the result of the match is communicated to the Results Secretary. A scanned copy of the scorecard can be emailed to the results secretary. Failure to deliver results within 1 week of the match without a valid reason , will result in the match being awarded to the away team.

        (h)   Umpires, if possible, to be neutral, otherwise the games to be umpired alternately by a member of      each team. The decision of the umpire on all points shall be final, except on appeal to the Executive  Committee.

         (j)   Score cards must be completed clearly and accurately. If a player is incorrectly or inadequately             identified, his or her winning sets may be forfeited at the discretion of the Results Secretary. The result of any set or match where the score card is unclear will be determined by the Results  Secretary. Teams affected by such decisions may appeal to the Executive Committee.

15. Match Night Rearrangement

        (a)   All matches should be played during the week scheduled in the fixture list. The absence of regular    players or their inability to play shall not be deemed a reason for non-fulfilment of the fixture- reserves must be played.

        (b)   Any permanent change of match night must be reported immediately to the Results Secretary. The    team secretary concerned should also arrange to circularise all other teams in the same Division as  soon as the change is made.

        (c)   All matches should be played on the scheduled fixture date except as follows:-

               i)   Unavailability of the venue, which is to be confirmed in writing to the Results Secretary by the person responsible for the premises;

              ii)   Match night coinciding with a Crewe Town Team match or Crewe Table  Tennis League Competition in which one or more participating players are  involved;

               iii)   Match played in advance of the scheduled fixture date, in which case the  scorecard to be in the hands of the Results Secretary at least 2 hours before the match was originally scheduled;

               iv)   Match re-arranged later in the same fixture week, in which case the score  card must be submitted in accordance with the normal procedure;

                v)    Match re-arranged in agreement with both teams and the Results  Secretary. The re -arranged match must be played within a reasonable timescale determined by the Results Secretary failure to do so will result in the match being void.  

Where re-arrangement as above is necessary, the team requesting re- arrangement to notify the opposing team not later than 48 hours before the scheduled match night.

        (d)   Failure to comply with Rule 15(c) will incur loss of points from the offending team.

16. Tournaments

        (a)   All competitors in the League Annual Closed Championships must be registered players of the League.

        (b)   To qualify for entry into individual tournaments, players must have played at least one match (not doubles) by the date of the tournament. If there are special circumstances, e.g. attendance at University, illness, or injury, this rule may be waived at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

        (c)   Age limits for entry in the Town Championships will be as follows :

                                            Youths                                 Under 21 years

                                            Junior Ladies                       21 years and under

                                            Juniors                                  Under 18 years

                                            Under 15's                            Under 15 years

                                            Veterans                                Over 40 years

                                            Super veterans                     Over 60 years

               The ages quoted are those applicable on the date of the Championships. Events with less than six                        entries may not be held.

        (d)   Entry fees for all League tournaments will be held by the Executive Committee.

        (e)   The Executive Committee may, at their sole discretion, add a new tournament, remove an existing tournament or change the details of any tournament.


17. League Trophies

Any person(s) or team winning a League trophy must have that trophy engraved and bear the cost.

18. Complaints

Complaints regarding matches must be forwarded to the Resultsl Secretary in writing within 48 hours of the match having been played. The opposing team secretary must be notified of the intention to lodge a complaint.

Where a player, team secretary or club wishes to dispute any decision made by the Results Secretary they must do so within 14 days of receiving such a decision in writing to the General Secretary.  The matter will then be escalated to the Executive Committee within a further 14 days who’s decision shall be binding but the complainant may challenge the decision by escalating the matter to the Cheshire Table Tennis Association..

19. Disciplinary Procedures

Any breach of the foregoing Rules renders the offending player or team liable to suspension, loss of points, or a fine, as decided by the Executive Committee. All fines shall be paid to the Finance Manager within 21 days of default. Applications will not be accepted from any club which has outstanding monies from the previous season.


20. Personal Information.

        (a)   Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of League Officials and team secretaries may be held in a computer database. This information will be printed in the fixture lists and may be given to any person or organisation having good cause to request it. It will not be published elsewhere without the permission of the individual(s) concerned.

        (b)   The name and, where appropriate, date of birth, of each registered player, together with his/her playing record, may be held in a computer database. This information will be used to calculate players’ averages and determine eligibility for League tournaments and competitions where restrictions apply.

        (c)   Reports and results of League matches and tournaments, League tables, players’ averages, and the names of award winners may be published in any public medium, including, but not limited to, the press and the Internet.

21. League Dissolution

Should at any time the League be dissolved, all League monies shall be given to a charity decided upon by the Executive Committee.

22. Other Matters

In the event of any matters arising which are not provided for in these Rules, it shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee, whose decision shall be final.


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