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This is the place where athletes can find out everything they need to know about anti-doping and clean sport.

Clean sport is our mission. Athletes have the right to compete in sport knowing that they, and their competitors, are clean.

100% me is here to help you throughout your sporting journey. 100% me supports, informs and educates athletes throughout their careers by providing anti-doping advice and guidance. It is your guide to ensure you can ‘be clean and stay clean’.

Aspects of the 100% me programme include interactive workshops, sprint sessions - which cover key anti-doping topics - webinars, sports events education, athlete inductions, a support phone line and Facebook community. 

All are supported with educational resources to help you.

In the Athlete Zone you will find all the resources you need about anti-doping relevant to your level in sport. 100% me supports athletes from beginner to elite level.

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