1. Club Constitution

2. Governance and Management.

3. Junior Membership Form

4. Adult Membership Form

5. Crewe Central Membership Policy Statement.

6. Child Protection Policy.

7. Equity Action Plan.

8. Equity Policy Statement.

8a. Equal Opportunities Policy.

9.   Role Outline Chairperson.

10. Role Outline Vice Chairperson.

11. Role Outline- Development Manager.

12. Role Outline Treasurer.

13. Role Outline Secretary.

14. Role Outline Team Manager.

15. Role Outline- Welfare Officer.

16. Role Outline Volunteer Coordinator.

17. Role outline- Head Junior Coach.

18. Role Outline Media and Marketing Manager

19. Role Outline- Coach.

20. Health And Safety.

21. Guidelines For Dealing With An Accident

22. Accident Report Form.

23. Risk Assessment Form.

24. Code of Conduct For Adult Members.

25. Code of Conduct For Parents Carers .

26. Code of Conduct For Junior Members.

27. Code of Conduct Officials and Volunteers .

28. Code of Conduct - Coach.

29. Introductory Letter To Parents/Carers .

30. Volunteer Agreement Form .

31. Volunteer Coordinator Welcome Letter .

32. Notice of AGM.

33. Sample AGM Agenda.

34. Sample AGM minutes.

35. Sample Exec Com Agenda

36. Sample Exec Com Notes.

37. Sample Fixtures and team

38. Sample Weekly fixtures.

39. Sample Players Required.

40. Sample Media Release.

41. Sample Partnership Agreement Form.

42. Sample Media Release.pdf

43. Event Task Sheet Template.

44. Sponsorship Letter .

45. Action Plan For Fundraising.

46. School And College - Club Links Agreement .

47. Coaching Attendance Register.

48. Coaching and Playing Schedule.

49. Clubmark Annual Health Check.

50.Pathways to Sustainability.

51. Web Content Process 


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