Daventry and District Table Tennis League


Minutes of the AGM held at The George, Kilsby, on 22nd June 2016


Present: James Robertson, Tim Pollard, Alan Pope, Peter Ratcliffe, Jo Outhwaite, Bob Read, Geoff Sage, Kal Singh, Dave Cox, Sandy Tocher, Rod Barr (Towcester League Secretary)


1.       Apologies: Peter Wood, Peter Kneeshaw, Alan Thompson, Bob Harness, Mike Willis, Ian Webb


2.       Minutes of the previous meeting

The previous minutes were read and agreed as true.

3.       Election of Officers

The current committee agreed to continue for the 2016-17 season.

Chair: James Robertson (proposed by Tim Pollard, seconded by Alan Tocher)

Treasurer: Tim Pollard (proposed by Geoff Sage, seconded by James Robertson)

Match Secretary: Alan Pope (proposed by James Robertson, seconded by Peter Ratcliffe)

Secretary: Peter Ratcliffe (proposed by Tim Pollard, seconded by James Robertson)

Webmaster: Ian Webb (proposed by Alan Pope, seconded by Sandy Tocher)


4.       Chairman’s Report

4.1   The Chair welcomed all attendees, and thanked committee members for their efforts through the season

4.2 It was stated that the end of season tournament had been a success, although hoping for more support from division 2 players in future years

4.3   It was noted that this was the first year of ‘re-newed’ affiliation to the County, and that the Secretary would be attending County meetings throughout next season. Value for money was questioned, and some clarification of any benefits to the league would be welcomed.

4.4   The frequent incidence match postponements and concessions was still an issue, together with the non-playing of the divisional playoff for the second promotion place. It was noted that this match has yet to be played since its introduction.

4.5   The meeting was asked if individuals or clubs could identify ways to reverse dwindling league membership.

4.6   Since the last meeting, Barby TTC and the League have mourned the passing of Malc Jessop. Attendees at the meeting recalled his contributions to the league (a past match secretary), and remembered his enthusiasm for the sport, and his spirit of ‘fair play’ that was a feature of his participation


5.       Match Secretary Report

5.1   The match secretary  noted that he needs early notifications of registrations of players for 2016-17 from the clubs asap. Table Tennis England are requiring this information by the end of July.

5.2   It was stated that there must also be a minimum of 3 days notice for registration of new players during the season.

5.3   Match cards MUST be filled in clearly.

5.4   A total of 7 matches were conceded in season 2015-16. It was noted that the potential for ‘skewing’ the final league positions was considerable, and that all efforts should be made to ensure all fixtures are completed.

5.5   The handicap cup featured ‘reasonably close’ results for the most part. Winners were Rugby Buccaneers, who beat West Haddon Spinners by 47 points. In general, Alan created the rankings for the handicaps, which worked well in the vast majority of cases.

5.6   The league website now features individual’s rankings. This is a sub-set of Table Tennis England’s new national rating system, in which all competitive results from around the country contribute to the national rankings. It was noted that this is a new initiative, and will take some time to ‘settle down’ to properly represent individual’s true ranking. It was also noted that players who participate in other leagues and tournaments will have their ranking in DTTL affected by all their results.

5.7   The new ‘Top 8’ tournament was held at the end of the season at Barby Club, and thanks were given for their hospitality. The 1st Division section was well supported, with all invitees attending. Oleg Plugaru won the final against Robert George in a close fought encounter. The secretary reported that he had found it impossible to recruit 8 players from the second division, despite contacting over 20 players. In a reduced field, Bradley Matthews beat Jack Evans in the final, with many fine points showcasing the promise of these two young players.



6.       General Secretary’ Report

6.1   The Secretary thanked the meeting for electing him to the role, in his absence from last year’s AGM

6.2   It was indicated that the Secretary would continue to attend Northamptonshire County committee meetings in Wellingborough. There was little to report from his first meeting, other than to note the primary focus appears to be running the county teams and tha annual County Tournament

6.3   The Secretary would endeavour to ensure that the league and clubs were kept up to date with any County and Regional activities and initiatives during the year


7.       Treasurer’s Report

7.1   The Treasurer noted that all monies collected from the clubs (£20 per team) went directly to the County, and that the league was not levying any fees as per agreement at previous AGMs

7.2   As the only money collected had been paid to the County Association, the Treasurer hadn’t prepared a set of accounts for the meeting, but stated that there was no change from last year, with ‘around a thousand pounds in the bank’.



8.       Any Other Business

8.1   The Secretary of Rugby TTC  announced that the club was holding a bat-testing day on Saturday 6th August.

8.2   There was a brief discussion regarding the possibility of an Inter-league match with Towcester TTL. Further investigation by the Secretaries of both Leagues (after the meeting) indicated that the key challenge would be finding an appropriate venue. It is proposed to gauge support for such an event with a view to developing a firm proposal.

8.3   It was noted that the need for Daventry TTC to use orange balls would continue, and as there were no signs of a commercially available plastic ball, they would continue to use the celluloid ball. This was agreed by the meeting as a necessary solution.


9.       Date of Next AGM          Wednesday 21st June 2017 at The George, Kilsby


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