Corrections to the details in the Handbook

At the Delegates meeting on Thursday 25th September a number of corrections to the details in the handbook.

1. Amendments to the hand book

At the delegates meeting on Thursday 25 September the following corrections were identified:

Page 8 – Clubs and Venues

Littleover          Broadway Baptist Church, Broadway, Derby DE22 1BP

Melbourne Swifts TTC      Melbourne Assembly Rooms, High Street, Melbourne DE73 8GF

Page 10 - 11 Team Contact Details

Prem 10

  Jacksdale 1

Paul Linfield

 07815 714369

  Thu 7:30

Div1  2

Castle Donington 1

Tony Parker

 01332 855297

 Mon 7:15

Div1  3

Waingroves  2

Simon Bentley

  01773 521759

Tue 7:30

Div3  1

Rolls Royce 5

Roy Croft

01332 665461

Wed 7:00

Page 14 – Club Contact Details

Castle Donington       Peter Hamshaw        01773 882403

The following clubs (all have a start time of 19:00) would appreciate a prompt (or early, if possible) start, as their venue has to be vacated by 22:00 :-

Burton Uxbridge TTC, Littleover TTC, Spondon TTC, *Rolls Royce TTC

* For those of you that are not aware, Rolls Royce TTC will be playing their fixtures in the Rolls Royce Leisure Fitness Centre ( not the table tennis club room used in past seasons ). The Leisure Fitness Centre has a strict ‘Under 16’ policy ( which could affect some of our teams with juniors ), Barry Baynes is trying to clarify the situation. I would suggest that teams with U16 players, travelling to Rolls Royce, check with Barry (well in advance).

The following change occurred AFTER the delegates meeting.

Ian Jones has stepped down from his role as General Secretary ( page 2 ). Aubrey Henry has agreed to step in, all queries re teams/player registrations should now be directed to Aubrey ( details on page 4 of the hand book ).

Aubrey Henry, 39 Lancelot Drive, Stretton, DE13 0GJ  tel: 01283 547939, email:

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