Cadets County Championships Division 2a


Weekend 1 (11-11-17)    Sam Cooper, Joseph Cooper, Bradley Tomlinson, Helena Dicken and Lucy Vernon


Despite a difficult start, with some very close matches the cadets managed to put out a strong performance and finish the day 3rd in the table.


Derbyshire 4-6 Cheshire

Sam vs James Courtney -6,-8,10,11,-8

Bradley vs Liam Murphy -6,-4,-5

Lucy vs Niamh Scarborough 4,-6,8,8

Joesph vs Liam Bibby -2,-7,-1

Helena vs Ruby Bennett 6,6,-9,6

Bradley vs James -3,-3,-6

Lucy vs Ruby 8,6,4

Sam vs Liam Bibby -7,-11,-7

Helena vs Niamh 6,5,8

Joseph vs Liam Murphy -8,-9,-10


Derbyshire 5-5 Durham 2nds

Joesph vs Hayden 5,9,1

Bradley vs Adam Hanby -5,8,-11,-5

Helena vs Amy Mold 2,4,3

Lucy vs Reem Raseem 5,9,12

Sam vs Jamie Peacock -3,6,-3,6,-9

Bradley vs Hayden 7,-7,-10,-9

Lucy vs Amy 8,6,3

Helena vs Reem 10,5,9

Sam vs Adam -10,-13,4,-11

Joseph vs Jamie -9,-7,-4



Derbyshire 6-4 Norfolk

Joesph vs Finlay Hewson 6,2,11

Bradley vs Archie Rayner -1,-2,-7

Helena vs Darcy Brewer 2,2,5

Lucy vs Ella Barnard -6,-7,11,6,6

Sam vs Alex McRobie -6,-7,-8

Bradley vs Finlay 4,6,-5,8

Lucy vs Darcy 6,4,4

Helena vs Ella 3,8,-7,3

Sam vs Archie 8,-11,-5,-8

Joseph vs Alex -10,-4,-4



Worcestershire 4-6 Derbyshire

Sam vs Jesse Bunn 1,-8,-6,6,-8

Bradley vs Alex Emms -7,10,8,-11,-7

Lucy vs Evie Ellicott 3,-10,-9,11,5

Joesph vs Ben Rycroft-Stanley 2,5,-5,-8,-6

Helena vs Abi Ingles 3,3,6

Bradley vs Jesse 3,4,7

Lucy vs Abi 3,6,5

Sam vs Ben 8,8,-6,-10,-8

Helena vs Evie 5,6,6

Joseph vs Alex 8,-5,5,9


Weekend 2 (16-12-17)    Sam Cooper, Joseph Cooper, Bradley Tomlinson, Helena Dicken and Lucy Vernon


A very solid performance, securing that third place Finish for Derbyshire, behind winners Durham 2nds and Runners up Cheshire.


Lancaster 2nds 4-6 Derbyshire

Sam vs Ben Strapps 4,7,9

Bradley vs Rashad Al Daihari -3,-8,-3

Lucy vs Bethany Ellis 4,8,6

Joseph vs Matthew Westworth 4,-9,6,8

Helena vs Genevieve Holchaks 5,9,5

Bradley vs Ben -8,-12,-3

Lucy vs Genevieve 4,6,7

Sam vs Matthew -17,-7,-6

Helena vs Bethany 2,5,10

Joseph vs Rashad -9,-7,7,-7


Northamptonshire 5-5 Derbyshire

Sam vs Jacob Tattersall 5,9,7

Bradley vs Daniel Mann -0,-7,12,-3

Lucy vs Bipasha Ganatra 3,5,7

Joseph vs Shay Graham -9,-6,9,-14

Helena vs Swati Jethwa 1,3,2

Bradley vs Jacob 10,-6,-7,-9

Lucy vs Swati 0,0,2

Sam vs Shay -8,-8,10,-10

Helena vs Bipasha 5,2,3

Joseph vs Daniel -3,9,-8,12,-13



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