Junior County Championships Division 2a


Weekend 1 (21-10-17)        Jack Finney, Rowan Jones, Daniel Allen, Helena Dicken and Lauren Thirlwell


The Juniors played very well throughout and managed to win all their games 7-3 putting them in a good position to win the division.


Derbyshire 7-3 Leicestershire

Rowan vs Jack Rogers -5,-7,6,14,-6

Daniel vs Daniel Andrews 1,-9,2,6

Helena vs Roma Morjaria 4,1,6

Jack vs Rayan Kotecha -6,4,-7,-9

Lauren vs Frankie Hallam -10,8,-9,5,-8

Rowan vs Dan 4,2,10

Lauren vs Roma 4,5,3

Jack vs Jack 8,11,-2,9

Helena vs Frankie 7,2,1

Daniel vs Rayan -9,6,-7,9,8


Derbyshire 7-3 Northamptonshire

Jack vs Shay Graham -11,-10,10,-8

Daniel vs Abin Islam 12,5,-9,7

Lauren vs Evie Elliott 8,4,7

Rowan vs Sam Wilson -9,-8,-7

Helena vs Anna Wilson 6,5,6

Daniel vs Shay 8,8,-13,9

Lauren vs Anna 8,7,4

Jack vs Sam -8,-6,-9

Helena vs Evie 11,7,7

Rowan vs Abin 3,5,7


Derbyshire 7-3 Durham 2nds

Rowan vs Lee Tinkler 7,7,6

Daniel vs Sam Hume -4,7,8,10

Helena vs Katie Wray 8,-8,-8,7,9

Jack vs Callum McRae 8,5,-5,-8,0

Lauren vs Katie Peacock -7,-3,-10

Rowan vs Sam -8,3,9,10

Lauren vs Katie Wray -8,-6,-5

Jack vs Lee -11,4,7,6

Helena vs Katie Peacock -7,10,7,-6,7

Daniel vs Callum -7,-0,9,-11


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