Senior County Championships Premier Division


Weekend 1 Day 1 (28-10-17)         David Arrowsmith, Tim Denby, Ronan Kelly and Penny May


It was a struggle for our senior side with only 4 players against last years winners


Sussex 8-2 Derbyshire

Ronan vs Mark Scutts -7,-6,-9

Tim vs Lewis Mahew 10,12,-3,-4,-8

Penny vs Rose Rainton -2,-4,-3

David vs Josh Bennett -2,5,-7,-8

Ronan vs Lewis -7,-11,-3

Penny vs Lois Peake -5,-5,-6

Tim vs Josh -1,3,-7,-5

David vs Mark 7,7,-7,-2,5


Weekend 1 Day 2 (29-10-17)        David Arrowsmith, Tim Denby, Ronan Kelly, Diana Rusinova and Penny May


The team played well but faced two of the toughest sides in the division with a few of our key players unavailable. Hopefully we can avoid relegation second on the second weekend


Derbyshire 2-8 Berkshire 

Tim vs David Barr -5,-5,-9

Ronan vs Andrew Smith 8,-11,-7,-6

Diana vs Elodie Ho 9,9,3

David vs Hari Gehlot 7,8,-8,7

Penny vs Anaya Patel -3,-8,-6

Tim vs Andrew -10,-7,5,6,-3

Penny vs Elodie -10,13,-7,-8

David vs David 2,6,-5,-7,-6

Diana vs Anaya -8,-6,-3

Ronan vs Hari -7,-4,-7


Derbyshire 2-8 Yorkshire

David vs Richard Lighthowler -3,-7,-6

Ronan vs Simon Noutch -3,-6,-9

Penny vs Gauri Duhan -5,-3,-6

Tim vs James Hobson -8,7,-6,-7

Diana vs Zoe Cheesman 4,6,9

Ronan vs Richard -3,-9,-7

Penny vs Zoe 9,-6,8,-3,-6

David vs James -9,-5,10,-6

Diana vs Gauri 4,7,7

Tim vs Simon -9,-7,-4


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