The Diss and District Closed Championship took place on Sunday 23rd February 2020 at the Dance Studio, Hartismere High School.

26 people took part, which is approx 38% of league membership, which is good and this year there was a much higher contingent representing the first division.

For those of you who are interested you can check the results below.

Handicap Singles 2020 up to semi final.doc

First Div Doubles 2020 results up semi finals.docx

First Division Singles results up to semi finals.docx

Open Doubles 8 results.docx

Open Singles result to semi final.docx

Senior Singles 2020 results up to Semi finals.docx

Veterans Event 2020 Result to semi finals.docx

Hard Bat Competition Result to semi finals.docx


Final night is on Monday 30th March 2020


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