Diss and District Table Tennis League 

Honours List 2014-2015

 Presentation Evening 8:00pm,  Brome Swan on Saturday 16th May 2015

Open Singles Champion                     :                      Chris Jones

Runner up                                         :                       Francis Webb 

Handicap singles  Champion              :                      Scott Boast

Runner up                                         :                       Stuart Filmer

Open Doubles Champion                   :                      Chris Jones / David Mortlock

Runner up                                         :                       Francis Webb / Phil Waity

Div 1 singles Champion                     :                       Scott Boast        

Runner Up                                        :                        John Williams

Div 1 Doubles Champion                   :                       Scott Boast / Martin Lainsbury

Runner up                                        :                        Stuart Filmer / Marcus Cooper

Ladies Singles Champion                  :                        Pat West

Runner Up                                        :                        Claire Williams

U/40 singles Champion                     :                       Lewis Taylor 

Runner up                                        :                         Paul Mortlock

 O/40 but under 60 singles Champion:                     Chris Jones

Runner up                                         :                       Trevor Cottee  

 O/60 singles Champion                     :                      Francis Webb

Runner up                                         :                       Adrian Key

Pot Luck Doubles                               :                      Chris Jones and Tim Clarke

Runners up                                        :                      Graham Blake + Tim Simms-Baalham.

Premier Div winners                           :                     Shotguns A

Runner up                                          :                      Aslacton

First Div winners                                :                      Palgrave Stars

Runner up                                          :                      Shotguns D

Most Improved Player                         :                     Tim Simms-Baalham

Sports person of the year                   :                      Jonathan Mortlock

Handicap Competition Winner          :                       Shotguns E

Runner up                                         :                       Dickleburgh B

Junior Champion under  11years      :                       Benji Filmer           

Runner up                                         :                       Joe Crosby 

Junior Champion under 14  years     :                       James Taylor

Runner Up                                                     :                            Thomas Bloomfield

Junior Champion under 18years       :                       Richard Chenery-Woods

Runner up                                                     :                             Nathaniel Strange

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