Diss and District Table Tennis League 

Honours List for Season 2016-2017

Presentation Evening 8:00pm,  Brome Swan on Saturday 20th May 2017


Open Singles Champion            :                         James Skilleter

Runner up                                      :                        Stephen Stolworthy

Handicap singles Champion         :                     Dan Taylor

Runner up                                       :                       Scott Boast

Open Doubles Champion              :                     Trevor Cottee & Stephen Stolworthy

Runner up                                       :                        Lewis Taylor & James Skilleter

Div 1 singles Champion                    :                   Alan Worthington

Runner Up                                     :                         Pat West

Ladies Singles Champion             :                       Pat West

Runner Up                                        :                      Booan Temple

U/40 singles Champion                  :                     Lewis Taylor

Runner up                                     :                         Scott Boast

 O/40 but U/50 singles Champion    :                Stephen Stolworthy  

Runner up                                     :                         James Skilleter

O/50 but U/60  singles Champion  :                  John Monk

Runner UP                                         :                    Chris Jones

 O/60 singles Champion                 :                    Ian Brown

Runner up                                      :                        Francis Webb

Pot Luck Doubles                           :                      Alan Worthington & Stephen Stolworthy

Runners up                                  :                          David Mortlock & Terry Doyle

Premier Div winners                       :                     Palgrave Tornadoes A

Runner up                                       :                        Shotguns A

First Div winners                            :                        Palgrave Stars

Runner up                                       :                        Shotguns C

Most Improved Player                    :                      Thomas Bloomfield

Sports personality of the year           :                  DC3

Handicap Competition Winner          :                 Palgrave Tornadoes B

Runner up                                            :                    Roydon Rebels B

Junior Champion under 14  years     :                  James Taylor     

Runner Up                                        :                       Toby Johnson        

Junior Champion under 18years       :                 Thomas Bloomfield    

Runner up                                        :                        Marcus Cooper 

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