Hi all. Thanks to everyone who attended the tournament this year in Scunthorpe. There were lots of good games in all the competitions and I think everyone enjoyed it. The main winners on the day were Dave Marsh + Jamie Rusling (Draw Doubles), Ben France (Juniors), Dave Marsh (Super Vets), Dave Marsh + Mick Thornley (League Doubles), and myself (League, Veterans & Handicap). I'd like to thank Andy Dibdin to host the event, Andy Kelly & Ken Ford for running the tournament
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Good luck to everyone who has entered the Doncaster Table Tennis Championships 2017.
The day starts at 9:45 at Scunthorpe with the games starting at 10am.
I hope everyone enjoys the day and does their best and that the tournament will be a success.
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Hi all.

If anyone wants to share any news or information then if you email pkfrance@hotmail then I can upload it to the website for all to see.    



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