British Leaqgue - First Weekend for C - 3 Division

C - 3 Rounds 1 to 4 on 10th September 2016.

Rounds 1

Home TeamScore-ScoreAway Team
Bromley TTC5-5XLNT Sports DRaycott V
Drumchapel Glasgow II10-0Wood Green I
Halton III6-4Ormesby IV
Lillington7-3Mount TTC

Round 2

Home TeamScore-ScoreAway Team
Ormesby IV5-5Drumchapel Glasgow III
Mount TTC1-9Halton III
XLNT Sports Draycott V3-7Lillington
Wood Green II2-8Bromley TTC

Round 3

Home TeamScore-ScoreAway Team
Drumchapel Glasgow III9-1Mount TTC
Bromley TTC2-8Ormesby I
XLNT Sports Draycott V10-0Wood Green II
Halton III6-4Lillington

Round 4

Home TeamScore-ScoreAway Team
Halton III6-4XLNT Sports Draycott V
Lillington6-4Drumchapel Glasgow III
Mount TTC9-1Bromley TTC
Ormesby IV9-1Wood Green II

League Table

Halton III14008
Drumchapel Glasgow III23107
Ormesby IV32115
XLNT Sports Draycott V51123
Bromley TTC61123
Mount TTC71032
Wood Green II800410
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