Club Rules


Original new 2008 DraycottLogo-RedThe aim of the Club is to provide a safe, friendly and enjoyable experience to

all participants; all members are expected to  behave in a manner that

contributes to this positive atmosphere. The club believes that it is important

that everyone associated with it should, at all times, show respect and

understanding for the safety and welfare of others and understand other

peoples point of view.

Members are encouraged to be open at all timesand share any concerns that

they may have about any aspect of the club with the Chairperson, Secretary or


A first aid kit is available at the club (kept in the Kitchen area) but there may not be a qualified first aider present at all club activities.

  • Play within the spirit as well as within the letter of the laws of Table Tennis and respect opponents, officials and their decisions

  • Recognise fair play and acknowledge good performances as well as good results

  • Use appropriate language at all times – bad or offensive language is not to be used in the Club’s premises

  •  Keep to scheduled timings or inform organiser as soon as possible of late arrival

  • Wear suitable non-marking indoor sports footwear, sports shirt, shorts/skirt/tracksuit bottoms – for playing sessions, as agreed with the               coach/team captain

  • Pay all fees for training, matches or events promptly when due
  • Members are not allowed to smoke on club premises.

  • Members under 18 years old are not allowed to consume alcohol on club premises or whilst representing the club

  • The use of illegal/prohibited substances is not allowed on club premises, nor are members permitted to participate in club activities whilst under the influence of illegal/prohibited substances

  • During open club sessions all members are encouraged to act as a 'practice partner' for the benefit of not so strong players and at ‘Coaching sessions children are to listen to instructions and carry them out diligently

  • Report to the Duty Officer or Welfare Officer incidents of abuse (including harassment, bullying, discrimination, assault or violence). Serious incidents may be reported to the English Table Tennis Association for consideration of disciplinary action.

Accident / Incident Report Form is available from the Kitchen Area

  • Bring any medication that may be required and notify the person in charge of the session (Duty Officer) of any specific requirements

  • The Kitchen, Toilets and showers must be kept clean and tidy after use.


  • Children must not leave the premises until they are collected by an adult, unless permission is given


  • Abide by club codes of conduct, equity and child protection policies – which are displayed on the Club Notice Boards


  • Members who fail to abide by the rules of the club may have their membership suspended or in serious cases rescinded.

                                                         Table Tennis England

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