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Derby & District Table Tennis League

The Draycott & Long Eaton Table Tennis Club runs a number of teams in the Derby League with home matches (from 7.30pm) on either Tuesday or Wednesday night. Players are selected by the Club Committee based on the individual player’s standard of play and selected for an appropriate League division. Players are required to be a full member of the Club and extra League fees are charged. Away matches are played at opposing Clubs and are generally within an 18 mile radius of the Derby City Centre.

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Teams 2016 / 2017 Season

Long Eaton 1    Div. PREMIER   Wednesday                      

Jane Vickers  (c)

Jon Bayliss

Paul Jennings

Stuart McIntyre

Tony Smith

Colin Ambrose


Long Eaton 2    Div. PREMIER     Wednesday

Anthony Brown  (c)

Gareth Hickling

Dave Greaves

Nick Heaps

Steve Gillott


Long Eaton 3      Div. PREMIER     Wednesday

Jack Finney  (c)

Naphat Boonyaprapa

Andy Portlock

Diana Rusinova

Naphong Boonyaprapa


Long Eaton 4       Division 1    Wednesday

Austin Garwood-Gowers  (c)

Cliff Richards

Viv Rayson

Zia Kashefi

Malcolm Allsop


Long Eaton 5        Division 2    Wednesday

Paul Chadwick  (c)

Kevin Shakesheff

Richard Morton

Dave Wilson

James Durham


Long Eaton 5.5     Division 2     Tuesday

Gary Holyoak  (c)

Paul Chappell

Simon Varley

William Taylor


Long Eaton 6       Division 3      Tuesday

Graham Shaw  (c)

Shaun Merrick

Robert Rudd

Bob Higgins


Long Eaton 7     Division 3    Wednesday

Philip Clarke  (c)

Ged Durnley

Philip Foulds

Betty Godfrey

Eileen Cheetham


Long Eaton 8      Division 3     Tuesday

Richard McCristal

Gary Beaumont

Roy Greenhalgh

Martin Shaw


Long Eaton 9      Division 4      Tuesday

Sue Gooch  (c)

 John Outram

Graham Whittaker

 Cliff Winfield

 Tony Deegan


Long Eaton 10       Division 4      Tuesday

Melanie Devlin  (c)

Graham Gobey

Dave Peacock

Stuart Levine

Sai Giddu





























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